Giveaway with an Ulterior Motive

It’s time for a giveaway here at It’s Just Life but I have to be honest.  I have an ulterior motive.  I am fully disclosing this up front.  You see—the month is almost half over and my comments are not where I would like them to be.  If you have followed me for any time you know that I have a Comments for a Cause on my blog and for each legitimate comment during that month on any post (heck–it could be on a post from 2008 for all I care!) I will donate 50 cents to my cause. This month I am hoping to make a nice donation to the Tom Hedin Medical Expense fund.  If you want to read more about Tom and why he has a medical fund you can click right here and a new window will open up with a link to my first post about Tom and his wife– my blogger friend Nina. (The short story was that he was in a very bad snowmobiling accident.)

Tom is on a long journey to recovery.  On Thursday of last week he moved to another facility for more intensive rehab.  The move was not easy as he was feeling pretty comfortable with the care and routine he had gotten into at the Glencoe facility but it is what the “team” thought was best for him.  Nina, his wife, posted the following on his CaringBridge site:

I won’t sugar coat it; the past two days have been a struggle.

New faces, new routines, new expectations, new challenges. The Courage Center is nothing like our sleepy little hospital in Glencoe. This place is BUSY. Tom has a roommate, every meal is scheduled and you have to eat in the cafeteria, and therapy sessions start right when they are supposed to. They run a tight ship!
Although Tom has some major misgivings about being placed there, I am still pretty confident that this was a good choice. The staff at the Courage Center contacted the Dr’s at HCMC immediately after our admissions interviews with questions about his care; questions that mainly went unanswered before. Yesterday morning they took off his knee brace and bandages (for the first time since surgery), cleaned his leg up and removed the sutures. They also removed every other brace (which hasn’t happened since they were put on) to give him a good scrubbing. He really appreciated that! Sounds like they will be getting him into a shower soon, too.
They are still formulating his care plan and goals. Things should settle into a routine once the week starts. Monday we have a followup appointment with his orthopedic Dr; let’s hope that all those fractures are healing up speedily.
So for now, Tom is ‘giving it a few days’. We made a deal and if he is REALLY that miserable there, we will apply to other rehab programs. Of course I hope that he can tolerate his new surroundings, heck, even learn to appreciate the opportunity. Time will tell.
Now on to the Giveaway!   Below is a picture of all of the lovely surprises that could come your way if you are the lucky randomly chosen winner.
So far the contents are as follows:
  1. a delightful Deep Vanilla scented candle from Soyphisticated Candles 
  2. a new favorite of ours—a container of Livia’s Season Salt ( a nice blend of kosher salt, coarse black pepper and garlic salt)
  3. a box of a variety of Harney and Sons teabags
  4. a set of 4 binder clips from WakuWaku (great little artistic clips to hold your important papers together)
  5. a set of 4 coasters (may be different from above picture in colors)
  6. 6 handmade greeting cards
  7. an It’s Just Life limited edition mug
  8. a Monkey Farts lotion bar from SoapArt,LLC (Yes–you read it correctly–smells like bananas!!!)

So far that is what is in it but by the time the Giveaway is over on February 28th there might be more goodies added to it!!!! All sent to the lucky winner for just commenting on THIS post.  A lot of you are great commenters and for that I thank you.  What I would love would be if you guys would share this post via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so that I can get a lot of comments for Tom and Nina!!!!  Let’s push this over the top, people, and in the process have a great prize at the end!!!  I am counting on you to share!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and remember that the comments that will qualify have to be on this post —otherwise I will get too confused and you know it doesn’t take much to get me confused these days!!!


  1. Okie dokie–I tweeted for you! I hope you raise a ton of money!

  2. you are such a wonderful person – I will share on FB & Twitter

  3. How generous. All the best to the Courage Center …. and YOU!

  4. I found your blog on Facebook. I reposted it there. You have a wonderful blog and it is good to see people giving and not just taking. You are doing a wonderful job.

  5. You know how I love a good giveaway and especially when it can help someone too! Tweeting, Facebooking and Pinteresting now. Hope the comments soar! xoxo

  6. You have a kind heart….and a great blog!

  7. I think it’s wonderful that you are doing the Comments for a Cause! I tweeted, shared on Facebook, Google+ and StumbleUpon!

  8. Good luck to Tom and Nina. I am sure Tom’s recovery is made a little easier by knowing that people like you reach out to the community to bring back both good thoughts and practical financial support to his family.

  9. Stephanie Hancock says:

    Praying for Tom, that he feels more and more confident with his care there! Just the scrubbing part sounds good, LOL! What a beautiful thing, this comment program! I will definitely share on FB. 🙂

  10. I hope Tom settles in and doesn’t require being moved again. I’ll try to drum up some extra support, February is a short month!

  11. Reblogged this on A New Day Dawns and commented:
    Comments needed on Beth Ann’s blog post “Giveaway with an Ulterior Motive!” She donates fifty cents per comment to a good cause. February is a short month, and she’d like to make a nice donation toward the medical bills of Tom Hedin. Her post gives the details. She’s also giving away a great prize package to someone who leaves a comment on her post for February 11. Please follow the link and leave a comment–it’s for a good cause! Thanks!

  12. What a wonderful way to help raise money and attention to your cause. I wish Thomas and his family all the best. And I hope the new rehab program works out well for him; sounds like they not only run a tight ship, but care deeply about helping their patients achieve their goals.

    • Thanks, Dana!!! I really appreciate all the attention we can get for them—Tom has a long road ahead of him but he is doing amazingly well in my humble opinion.

  13. Beth Ann, I will gladly share all over the blogosphere and social media to get Tom some extra funds. You are just too sweet to have a giveaway for more comments!!! I for one would love to sip my morning coffee or afternoon tea out of your It’s Just Life mug!!! 🙂

  14. It’s a beautiful thing to come together for one another. Isn’t that what community is? Taking care of one another, physically yes, but spiritually, emotionally too. Here’s hoping for a good recovery for him!

    • It is EXACTLY what community is about!!! I totally agree! I just had to come up with the right idea that would lure people in!!! Please come back anytime!!! And thanks so much for the kind comments!

  15. I shared this in my FB mom’s group- they’re a great group of women and I am sure will be stopping in. I am truly hoping for a speedy recovery!

    • Farrah, Thank you so much for sharing it with your mom’s group!!! That is a great idea and I am looking forward to “meeting” them via this post!!! Please accept my sincere thanks for what you are doing to help Tom out!

  16. I’ll accept this ulterior motive for sure. You have such a good heart, Beth Ann, and never cease to amaze me with how you show God’s love. I’m not on Twitter or FB, but perhaps an update (and then a link back) on Tom’s recovery is due later this week.

    • Audrey, Thank YOU for all that you have done for them! I was emailing back and forth with Nina yesterday and she really could use some prayers. I will forward those to you in a bit so you can get the whole picture—it is hard on her as well as Tom, obviously. Thanks for all that you are doing for them also!

  17. The courage center is wonderful!

    • Oh that is great to hear!!! Thanks Diane for stopping by and commenting!!! I am hoping all continues to go well for him there and that he can feel settled in and do what he needs to do to get better! Thanks again for stopping by!

  18. Your Comments for a Cause already speaks volumes to your generosity, Beth Ann. The fact that you add something for the commenter, well – truly, you lead by example. Thank you.

  19. I’ll post to FB and twitter too!

  20. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, but I will post for you on my blog.

  21. Posting to Facebook and to God.

  22. I just read Nina’s story. What a hard journey for this little family, but I am so glad to see of Tom’s improvement. I hope Nina is getting some caretaking as well. This must be so hard on all of them, and often the strong mom is the one who cares for everyone else at her own expense.

  23. Angie Madore says:

    I was sent over by my friend Farrah. Comments for a Cause, what a nice concept! I’m so sorry to learn about Tom. I will keep him and his wife in my thoughts and prayers.

  24. Some of the best rehab facilities are the toughest.. The ones that don’t molly coddle the patient, instead give them the tough love that is needed to keep them improving and keep the patients mind on moving forward.. This place sounds like that type of facility. Tom, if he stays there will head and progress at a quicker pace. All of that being said, it still comes down to two things; The staff at the rehab and Tom himself.. Check out comments from former patients on their website or Google and listen to Tom about individuals who are professional and those who are not.. I have seen some excellent rehab facilities and some poor rehab facilities. It is important to investigate as they can do more damage than good, physically and emotionally.. Good Luck Tom…

  25. You are a true angel to others. Prayers to Tom and his family. My husband dealt with a broken foot and staph infection for over 18 months so I understand a hard road. God will provide….especially with the help of angels like you.

  26. Beth Ann, I’m sorry your comments are down, especially when you have such a worthy cause! I will re-blog this on my site to see if we can’t get your numbers up a bit. Hope Tom & family are doing well!

  27. Reblogged this on benzeknees and commented:
    Please comment on Beth Ann’s blog so her comment count goes up – the donation she makes is such a worthy cause.

  28. I certainly hope that Tom has a speedy recovery and that he is in a good challenging place. He will definitely be on my mind and in my thoughts.

  29. What a wonderful cause to raise money for! Tweeting it ASAP!

  30. came from bs.

  31. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I am one of those people who is usually so into reading, but feel like my comments are lacking so I never post any. That being said, I am going to go back and post what I thought and didn’t at the time since it is making a difference in such a big way! What a wonderful idea!! 😀
    All the best!
    xo – S.

    • Well I am so happy to meet you!!! I have a lot of new blogs to check out after today!!!! Gee whiz!!! I am very happy and very excited, don’t get me wrong!!! Please comment anytime!!! 🙂

  32. Ok, have followed you on twitter, retweeted your post, and hit the like button. Hope it helps!

  33. Keeping Tom and his family in our prayers.

  34. Came over by way of Patti’s reblog! I am going to try to tweet for you too but I just opened my Twitter account today and I’m pretty befuddled by it yet.. 🙂

  35. I think your comments for a cause is great! =) And hope the best for Tom and Nina. Lunar Euphoria sent me!

  36. I would love to win the goodie package. I love Harney & Sons Teas! I will spread the word. Hope you collect many comments. Thanks for the update. I wish Tom and his family all the best. XO to all.

  37. McGuffyAnn says:

    Please count me in! You are such a special person!

  38. You are an amazing generous person. Thank you for being that kind of person.

  39. I am late in giving my comment today but was glad to hear how Tom is doing. He has a long way to go but with our prayers I am sure he will continue to heal.

  40. I will share this everywhere I can Beth Ann! You have such a kind heart and it would be a pleasure to spread your story and kindness to others!

  41. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Reblogged this on scatteringmoments and commented:
    Help Beth Ann help the Hedin Family! Not only can you help by sharing this story, if you comment on this post (at HER website not here!), you can enter a chance to win some mighty fine products!

  42. Hi, I came here from the reblog on Patti’s blog (A New Day Dawns.) I just wanted to support you and let you know that I think what your doing is so generous. I think it’s cool that you are giving 50 cents for every comment. Good luck!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Patti was very sweet to reblog this post for me and I am happy to meet you all!! Thanks again and good luck!

  43. Best luck at Courage Center. They’re good folks there and once the team gets going he should be in good hands. Of course I’ve never done resident care there but plenty of physical therapy over the years.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I am really happy to hear that Courage Center is so well thought of and I am sure that Tom is going to do great there. Thanks again and good luck on the giveaway!!!

  44. everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile. if all it takes is a comment and a share it would be selfish of me not to lend a helping hand. sending prayers that your goals are met.

    • Shirley, Thanks so much for coming by and commenting on this post!!! I rally appreciate the support and am hoping that my Feb donation will be able to be a sizable one!!Good luck on the giveaway, too1

  45. I would be happy to comment for a cause! And the giveaway ends on my daughter’s birthday so maybe it will be good luck for me? I’m going to retweet as well! Thanks!

    • Shana, Thanks so much for taking the time and stopping by and commenting. I am amazed at how many folks are coming over from other folk’s blogs and it is great!!! Thanks again and good luck on the giveaway!

  46. Aren’t blogger friends wonderful?! Lunar Euphoria sent me over. This is a very generous… and genius–idea. I hope Tom and Nina’s struggles get easier.

  47. Becky Miracle says:

    Looks like this post has been very successful. I am sure it will be so appreciated. You are a blessing to so many.

    • Thanks for the comment, Becky! I am happy the word is getting out. And the good news is that I just found out that Tom is going home in a couple of days!!!! Amazing. God is good.

  48. I remember when you first posted this story, Beth Ann. It sounds like he is doing well. I know change and challenge can be scary, but sometimes we need to be pushed out of our comfort zones to grow. I wish you success on raising money to support them.

  49. Wow, Beth Ann, looks like you’ve gotten quite a few comments so far. That’s terrific. As ususal, I’m behind due to our upcoming move and home sale, but Miranda reminded me about this post. Blessings to Tom and Nina–and to you, as well. Would be happy to share your post!

  50. That’s a wonderful thing you’re doing!
    Do you have a direct link for donations?

  51. Comments for a Cause is a great thing to do. Will be thinking about Tom and Nina as Tom goes through rehab.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I am so excited about how many people are coming and not just for the giveaway but who are interested and concerned about Tom! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and for your good thoughts for Tom and Nina!!! Good luck on the giveaway!

  52. OMG! You already have a million comments! I hope you get to give a nice contribution to Tom and his family.

  53. A comment is a comment is a comment. Best of luck, both for hubby, and the charity.

  54. Great idea and wonderful cause! I stopped by via Lunar Euphoria (My Little Spacebook). I hope that you generate a ton of comments and are able to pay the good vibrations forward in honor of Tom’s recovery. Best of luck!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!!! I am pretty excited about the way people have commented and with a week still left to go I hope to get a few more. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment—please spread the word!! And good luck on the giveaway!!!

  55. Jo Major Ciolino says:

    You had me at “Monkey Fart” ! Okay, seriously, I had a cousin with a similar injury and the brain rehab alone was devastating. My heart aches for them, and I marvel at how life can take such a dramatic twist in the blink of an eye. I will keep them close in my prayers, and bless you, too, for your “Comments for a Cause”.

  56. Such a great cause by such caring friends. Commenting from MN Prairie Roots’ update. Prayers are out for all.

  57. SO GREAT that you’re doing this for them – you’re awesome. On another note, I made some ginger/lemon tea the other day and brought it to two friends who needed cheering up…I know you know how wonderful tea is – and it worked! They smiled!

    • Oh Gretchen—I am so happy to do it!!! Thank you for the sweet words. And I love that you took tea to friends who needed cheering up—perfect pick me up!

  58. You are so kind to do this for this family! Good for you! Thanks for supporting them!

  59. What a great cause! You are a shining example of humanity, Beth Ann. *hugs* I hope you get a million more comments!

  60. Julie Hunt says:

    Hey BethAnn….What a great cause. It sounds like he is on the road to recovery, altho a long road. We have a friend who fell backwards down a flight of stairs. She lives alone so she laid at the bottom of her steps for about 15 hours. She broke her neck and of course had many bruises, among other things. So I can relate to the long recovery and also how fast life can change….when you least expect it!

    • Julie–thanks for taking the time to comment!!! Tom is home now but yes—it will be a long recovery –no doubt about it!!!! Sounds like your friend had quite a time of it!!! Hopefully she is all healed up by now!

  61. Becky McClamrock says:

    Beth Ann,
    I love your Comments for a Cause! You are so great! Prayers for Tom, Nina, and their little kids on this journey. Thanks for sharing a little bit of their story…I think I will follow him on Caringbridge.

    • Thanks, Becky!!! I really appreciate your comment and the support for The Hedin family. He is home and doing pretty well considering all that he has been through1!!

  62. I love the coffee mug with your logo! That is so cute!


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