Friday Friday Friday and Comments for a Cause

It’s Friday and that means it is blog hop time over at Feeling Beachie!!!  Hilary lists 4 statements for the rest of us to fill in the blanks!   It is fun and a great way to get to know more about folks so join up and hop over there to join the fun.   If you want to leave your answers in the comments below I would love to read them!

This week’s statements:
1. I was probably the only kid in the world who ____
2. ____ is my favorite juice
3. I never thought I would____until I___
4. I have always wanted to_____ but_____

My Answers:

1. I was probably the only kid in the world who didn’t have a Barbie doll growing up—at least the only girl!
2. Blueberry pomegranate  is my favorite juice
3. I never thought I would like writing a blog until I jumped in and just did it!
4. I have always wanted to be a grandma but it really isn’t up to me!!!  🙂

I also wanted to update you all a bit on Tom Hedin who I blogged about here.  Tom was in a horrible snowmobiling accident and suffered multiple  debilitating injuries.  A few of the bloggers who follow his wife, Nina’s blog over at The Adventures of Artsy Nina  have been trying to raise awareness about their situation and get some prayer and financial support going.  I promised that I would donate my Comments for a Cause for January and February to their Give Forward medical fund. For every comment on my blog I donate 50 cents to the cause.   This month I am happy to say that with comments I will be making a donation of  $176.50    for Tom’s medical bills. Thank you for all who have taken the time to comment.  I will continue the Comments for a Cause for February for the Hedins.

Tom’s condition is improving steadily and he is pretty amazing with his determination and perserverance.  He is doing physical therapy and is actually able to walk with the help of the therapists.  It is amazing how the human spirit can rally and do amazing and incredible things.  Nina and the kids have all been sick and it has been a challenge for them and for Tom who misses being with them, I am sure.  There was a great article in a local paper about them and if you would like to read it please click here and it will open in a new window.  Please continue to keep them all in your prayers as they continue on the recovery journey.





  1. I think I had ALL the Barbie dolls as a little girl. at least it seemed that way between me and my best friend.
    Great news about Tom! Thanks for keeping us up to date, and continuing to support them with you Comments for Cause.

    • Wow. I would have been your best friend!!!! Don’t know why I never ever asked for any but I guess it was just not something that I wanted that badly or something. Maybe one day I will have a granddaughter and buy some for her!!!
      And it is good news about Tom—he is progressing even if it is slow at least he is progressing. Amazing story of strength and perseverance.

  2. Beth Ann, so happy to hear about the comments for a cause monies you raised for Tom and Nina. You have such a good heart to do this each month. Thank you.

    Also, I’ll answer one of your questions: Cranberry juice is my fav even though I don’t eat just plain cranberries. Figure that one out.

    • i was happy to see the total last night—at least it will help a little bit. It must be so overwhelming.
      Cranberry juice is pretty good but I also like cranberries. I especially like dried cranberries on my oatmeal….yum!

  3. I didn’t think my kids would ever cooperate and make me a grandma but they did!

  4. I never had a Barbie either because I was too old by the time they were on the market. My youngest sister whose name is Barbara had lots of them.

  5. I’m looking forward to being a grandma one day too, but I’m not rushing my kids. In due time, God willing, I will be able to spoil a few little darlings.

  6. It is good to hear that Tom is slowiy getting better. I read what the newspaper printed and thought how long it may take him to heal. His family certainly needs help. The family needs our money and our prayers.

  7. Looks like a few of us had Barbie’s come to mind instantly. Who knew? 🙂 Your charity work is admirable!

  8. Thanks for the update on Tom. So happy to read he’s on the road to recovery. I didn’t have a Barbie until I was 10 or 11. I got one when I was 6 or 7 but was not allowed to unpack it. It sat in a China cabinet. Growing up in East-Germany we didn’t have many of the modern toys or conveniences.

  9. So happy to learn Tom is improving! Continuing to keep family in prayer. Also, great job on Comments! I’m sure every penny helps. Xoxo

  10. No Barbie?? I had and loved my Barbie and friends. My nieces both got them but weren’t interested in playing with them. (It saved a lot of money; Barbie is a shopaholic!) 🙂

  11. Seems there are many people who didn’t have / like barbies -i wasn’t one of them!

  12. Blueberry Pomegranate is wonderful! Thanks for the update on Tom. I’m not sure if I had a real Barbie, possibly one. I had Tammy and Pepper, and a couple other “fashion” dolls. I preferred my baby dolls mostly. I did have Skipper, Barbie’s sister. I gave her a hair cut! And regretted it.

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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