A Foggy Beach and A Heap of Shrimp

Chris had a business trip to Houston and so I got to tag along and spend the weekend before the work began with him. We chose to stay in Galveston, thinking the beach would be nice and even if it was cool at least we would be able to walk on it and enjoy the scenery.  What we did not count on was the rain and fog.  The entire weekend was pretty miserable weather wise but we muddled through and made our way about town.  The first night there we feasted on shrimp at a local restaurant—Willie G’s —and enjoyed the sights outside.

Texas Shrimp Cocktail

Texas Shrimp Cocktail


Shrimp 4 ways--unfortunately most of it was fried.

Shrimp 4 ways–unfortunately most of it was fried.


Lights in Willie G's were works of art!

Lights in Willie G’s were works of art!


Lots of boats, oil rigs and cruise ships in Galveston

Lots of boats, oil rigs and cruise ships in Galveston


Memorial to victims of the 1900 storm

Memorial to victims of the 1900 storm



This man was feeding the seagulls and had quite a crowd around him.

This man was feeding the seagulls and had quite a crowd around him.


You can see how foggy it was from this picture of a little guy playing.

You can see how foggy it was from this picture of a little guy playing.


Perhaps my favorite picture of the day--two boys who gave up fishing and were going home.

Perhaps my favorite picture of the day–two boys who gave up fishing and were going home.


Birds on a fence

Birds on a fence

More delicious shrimp!

More delicious shrimp!


Even if the weather was miserable it was still a nice getaway and much needed after a frazzling Christmas travel schedule where weather did not cooperate with our plans.  I ate shrimp for almost every meal while we were there and basically was in a shrimp coma the entire weekend.

The thing that I wanted to leave you with was what Chris sang to me all weekend…..you are welcome.  Enjoy the song headache.  With my love.






  1. There’s a Willy G’s in Denver. Do you know if it’s a chain or a coincidence. I love foggy days at the beach. They mystery and true power of the ocean comes forward.

    • Pretty sure it is a chain and that there are several in Texas at least. It was delicious!!!!! Simply delicious!!!! And the beach was fabulous even if it was so foggy!

  2. McGuffyAnn says:

    This reminds me of growing up there. When I was 11, I found a dead shark. I used to play in coves, and we would go down and greet the shrimp boats. Awesome place.

    • Oh wow!!! I did not know you grew up there. It was a lovely time but I suspect a little bit different from when you grew up there. We had a great time and ate LOTS of shrimp!!! Lots of it. I kind of OD’ed on it.

  3. Okay, I am the biggest beach lover I know.. but there is something so beautiful about the beach any weather – although i really wish you had warm sunny days… Dinner looks amazing!

  4. The pictures are fantastic. That might have to be you “other” hobby besides what you already do….

  5. First, love the boys walking away from fishing photo. A great moody and well-composed photo that tells the weather story of the day. Second, I love shrimp, too.

    Third, be glad you were not in Iowa. Major ice problems here in southeastern Minnesota. I-35 from the Northfield exit south had difficult travel on Sunday. My brother, who traveled 35 from Ames back to southwestern Minnesota said the trip took them 3 1/2 hours longer than normal. That included waiting one hour and 45 minutes for a sanding truck to come so a semi could get up a small incline. I hope you get home without too much difficulty.

    • Thanks, Audrey! But I am home actually enjoying the lovely ice here in Iowa right now along with you! This was from 2 weeks ago! 🙂 We went nowhere yesterday and it is looking like today is not too great out there yet so my plan is to stay home and inside as long as I can!!! It is horrible out there!

      • Ah, and here I was thinking you avoided all of the bad weather. Randy advised me not to go out today as he is worried I will fall on the ice. I am heeding his warning. He is loading up on ice biter before driving home from Northfield this evening.

        • I want to go out and put ice melt stuff down but I am waiting—knowing me I would break a hip and I have too many things coming up that I want to do in one piece!!!

  6. I was in Galveston for a day a dozen years ago and remember it being just like your pics – grey and foggy. All that shrimp looks delicious!

    • Really?? Maybe it is how it is most of the time!!!! The shrimp was fabulous…all of it….Hope June is feeling better !!!!! You and Tom and the kids are in my thoughts all the time and my prayers, of course!

  7. Great pictures, Beth Ann!

  8. the birds on the wire with the fog covering the house in the background —- you could sell that print!! stunning. absolute perfection.
    Looks like a fun trip and I am hungry for shrimp now too 🙂

    • Aw thanks, Les!!! I was afraid to get any closer or they would all fly away!!! And the larger shot I could get the more I could get in!!! I am on a shrimp hiatus for awhile after that weekend!

  9. Middle would have been in shrimp heaven. Love the shot of the seagull. I have yet to be able to get that close. I cannot wait to get my hands on a zoom lens.

    • Middle can hang out with me anytime and eat shrimp!!!! I was just using my Lumix point and shoot and not my bigger camera but it has a pretty good zoom on it so I was able to get that little buddy close up!

  10. I really enjoyed your pictures. My favorites are the boys and the other all the birds sitting just like they had planned it for a picture.

  11. Sounds like a great get away in spite of the weather. I love shrimp too! Some great photos.

  12. Gee, didn’t they have any shrimp there? lol It’s a wonder the guy feeding the seagulls wasn’t wearing their “thank you” card! Great, but sad, memorial. The fog adds atmosphere to your photos. Nice touch.

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