Happy Australia Day!

I have a heart for the Australians and for their beautiful country since we lived there for a short time.  Today (or yesterday if you are in Australia) is their day to celebrate Australia Day!!!!   I am thankful for the folks Down Under who helped make my adventure there pretty wonderful!!!


  1. It’s pretty cool that you were able to live in Australia for a while. It’s somewhere I’d like to visit some day!

    • You definitely should ! It was a really fun time and we have a lot of great memories. That is why I started blogging—to keep the fam and friends updated. I was using Blogger then and so when I migrated all those posts the formatting is all wacko but at least I still have them!

  2. Americans have a natural kinship with Australians, we are two peoples who are joined by the same basic principles, the same (basic) language, with an adventurous, self-sufficient spirit and the inherent need for freedom. God Bless Australia and God Help America.. Beautiful, beautiful, video by the way.. Thanks Beth Ann.

  3. Happy Australian Day! I Hope to go down under some day! Such a beautiful country but I admit I was a little disappointed when I learned Melbourne didn’t have kangaroo car parks.

    • Hahaha! We saw wallabies all the time but not the big kangaroos—–unfortunately a lot were dead ones on the road kind of like deer here in the US.

  4. my dream vacation is Australia!

  5. Wow, I cannot imagine fireworks that incredible. And what an experience for you to live in Australia for a year.

  6. Great video, what an amazing country and people. How blessed that you were able to live there.

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