A Chicken Purse, A Transporter and A Long Awaited Meeting

What a day!!!!   It is Wednesday night when I write this and I am recovering resting easily in my hotel room after a fun filled evening with Bernie of One Mixed Bag fame.  I “met” Bernie awhile ago through a blog hop and have followed her blog religiously ever since I found her.  She is funny and witty, gifted and creative, open and sincere and has the biggest heart of anyone I have met recently.

When Bernie told me she was coming to visit her awesome friends in Duluth and beyond I was hoping beyond hope that I could actually arrange to meet her in person.  Our mutual blogger friend, Audrey from Minnesota Prairie Roots, hoped to join in the fun also and many emails went back and forth from Iowa to Minnesota to Montana in anticipation of Bernie’s arrival.

My sweet husband suggested I just get a room in Minneapolis so I didn’t have to drive back at night and I took him up on that generous offer since I was to meet Bernie when her flight got in this afternoon and we were to have dinner before she headed to Duluth.  Unfortunately it did not work out for Audrey to make it this time but next time we will make sure it happens.

My youngest son questioned if I really “knew” her and I assured him that she was a good person and I would be fine.  He said that it probably wasn’t much different than online dating which he does all the time and I told him that I bet I knew more about her than he knew about any of his dates!!!   i think I am right.

The flight was early (thank you Delta app for telling me the new arrival time) so I hustled to the airport and waited patiently.  Well, maybe a little impatiently if truth be known but there she came!!!  What I neglected to do was take her picture with her tiara and great glasses on —-I totally forgot to do that but I did make her a sign so that she knew who I was!Bernie

We got her luggage and headed out of the airport where we chilled out at the hotel and had dinner and talked and talked and talked.  So here’s the thing—Bernie is even better in person than she is in writing!  Not that I really had any doubts but when you meet someone for the first time it is sometimes awkward.  None of that with us!  We have a ton in common including the gift of having people just tell us their life stories without prompting which happened at dinner with the hostess.

A nice dinner, about 5 hours of non stop conversation and I am hooked.  I am a number one Bernie fan and so glad that I had the chance to meet her and one of her unique purses….



Oh and did I mention she gave me presents??? Wonderful presents!!!!P1120371

Bernie was catching a ride with the brother of a friend whom I named “The Transporter” to Duluth and he doesn’t get the whole blogger scene and was a little concerned for her safety.  I, on the other hand, was a little worried about sending her with The Transporter but when he showed up all was well.  He even snapped a picture of us before they left (can you tell tomorrow is haircut and color day for me??? Not a moment too soon!  Of course the 100 mile winds today did not help me any.).


So that, my friends, is my story of my meeting with Bernie. The time went much too quickly but it was wonderful to actually meet in person. Life is so short and I have realized that if I have the chance to do something that I want to do I just need to do it. Today was the perfect example of that.  Being able to actually meet Bernie in person was the best thing that I could have done today.  I am blessed.   And Bernie—Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time in Minnesota with your friends!!!!




  1. Miranda Gargasz says:

    Good for you! Actually meeting a blogging friend is so exciting. Where oh where did she get that awesome purse?!?!?

    • Not sure where she got the purse—she has a collection and several very unique ones like this one!!! Isn’t it great? I wish I had taken a picture of her walking down the terminal to meet me with her crown and glasses on….I was hysterical !!!! Should have done a reenactment!

  2. That’s great that you had the opportunity to meet. And how’s the tea?

  3. OMG! what an amazing post… I am so jealous… i want to meet bernie… I want to meet you…. you guys got to met each other… WOW!! and I love that chicken purse!

  4. McGuffyAnn says:

    This is wonderful! I hope to meet up with you if I ever get the chance!

  5. I didn’t even want to read your post this morning because I knew you would be “reporting” on how much fun you and Bernie had together. So sorry I missed being with you guys. Next time.

    • Definitely next time and there will be one!!! I do know that!!!! You were missed. And Bernie is exactly as I thought she would be. Exactly. Which was pretty wonderful! Have a good day, friend!

  6. Sue Kaney says:

    Hey Beth Ann!
    I got my morning chuckle today after reading about your experience. I think you are the most “fun” person I know! Life is certainly an adventure for you 🙂 So glad you got to meet your friend-now that is one amazing purse! Stay warm out there!

    • Oh Sue—i am so glad you got a chuckle or maybe a “cluckle” this morning! I take that as high praise that I am a “fun” person!!! Life is an adventure and I totally am trying to experience it!!! The purse pretty much sums up Bernie! Love it! It is FREEZING here–how bout in IL???? I am ready for more warm stuff, that is for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Love this! Took me back to when we first met at Conway UMC – a friend for life, that’s what you are!!

  8. So happy for you and Bernie! Sounds like you two had a great visit. Love the bag. xoxo

  9. Thank you! Thank you!! I had such a wonderful time meeting you. I can’t believe how much we talked. It was non-stop! I love all my treasures, thank you. The best treasure was getting to meet you in person. I told Mr. Bernie that I want you to move closer to us so we can get together more often. Thank you for getting my trip started out on such a wonderful note!

  10. I see a new blog on the horizon, “teabags and handbags.” Good for both of you and a rarity to be sure..

  11. I am so glad to hear that you both had such a good time. You can’t have too many friends.

  12. She is definitely a special person – glad you two had a great time!

  13. I so enjoy stories of bloggers meeting other bloggers. Good for you for going out and meeting Bernie, Beth Ann. You saw a chance and you took it. Well done! Glad you gals had a lovely time. The purse is hilarious!

  14. I knew you two would have a great time! I was more surprised “The Transporter” was able to seperate you two. 😉 Next time Bernie comes to town Jen and I should come pick her up and then I could meet you and maybe Audry too. So glad neither of you needed bail money!

  15. So glad you had such a wonderful time! I just love meeting new people.

  16. I’m so happy that you and Bernie had a wonderful time. Like I said before I love meeting blog friends, in some instances I feel they know me better than some of my real friends. We bloggers are an odd bunch! 🙂

  17. Loved your comment about the 100 mile winds. What, were you driving with the window down? lol So glad you and Bernie got to meet!

  18. I love her chicken purse and am off to visit her blog. I think it would be fun to meet my blogger friends too!

    • She is really a fun person, Karen, and just exactly like I imagined she would be so I think her writing is pretty true to her personality!!!! Funny and witty and with a big heart!

  19. it is wonderful to meet a blogger friend. I met a blogger friend from England last summer and it was so much fun. Perhaps I wll meet you one day!

  20. How wonderful for you! I wish I could meet some of my fellow bloggers, especially someone like you or Bernie!

  21. Over from SITS. That was lovely you got to meet your blogger buddy! I have lots I’d like to meet in person. Even without meeting face to face you build many wonderful friendships don’t you.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful day 🙂


    • Kate, Thanks for stopping by! I just thought that was an appropriate post to share this week since it was all about the bloggy world!!!! I agree that there are so many great relationships that come about because of bloggers !!! Have a fabulous day!

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