Fabulous Friday Fill In’s and More

It’s Friday and I am joining up with Hilary over at Feeling Beachie for her weekly blog hop!  Check out her blog by clicking here and join in the fun!  Add your name to the linky and meet other bloggers!!!  Plus Hilary is one cool lady!!!

This Week’s Statements:

This week’s statements:
1. I am a ____
2. Sometimes I don’t know when to ____
1. My two favorite words lately are ___________ and ____________
2. I would like ____________ if ____________ didn’t happen

My Answers:

This week’s statements:
1. I am a dork.  Just ask my husband.  I am often referred to as Dorkette and I wear the title proudly.  Is there a Dorks Anonymous because I could be the president.
2. Sometimes I don’t know when to give up on someone.
1. My two favorite words lately are gorgeous (thanks to my brother in law, Carlton)  and synergy.
2. I would like winter weather  if bad roads and travel delays didn’t happen.

I also wanted to give you a quick update on Tom Hedin—the husband of blogger Nina who I spread the word about almost 2 weeks ago.  You can read the original post by clicking here.  In a nutshell Tom was in a horrible snowmobiling accident and suffered unbelievable injuries. The great news is that as of Thursday of this week he was moved  from Hennepin Medical to Glencoe Regional where he will be spending his time with all the rehab specialists for the next 6 weeks or so.  It was a huge decision as to where he would be placed with a long list of pros and cons for each option but fortunately upon arrival Nina felt that this was a great placement close to home and that he would get the excellent care that he needed.  The great thing is that his children, Jack and June, were able to see him for the first time in 12 days.  Nina’s words are below about this visit:

But the big news is that he was able to see Jack and June for the first time in 12 long days.   Both HCMC and Glencoe hospitals have notices posted that they don’t want young children to visit, due to the flu outbreak. I asked our Glencoe nurse for an exception.  She had to get the ‘ok’ from the Infectious Disease nurse and the kids were allowed to visit with clean hands and face masks.  Jack thought it was great fun to ‘look like a doctor’ and was excited to see Daddy, but he was a little unsure of what to make of everything (the arm casts, the leg braces, the room, the bed with all the buttons).  June’s face lit with pure joy when she saw Tom and she reached out to squeeze his face. It warmed my heart

Wonderful news to have him close to their actual home and to have this next step done.  He has a long way to go but with prayers he will flourish and do well.  They will have unbelievable medical bills so if you have some loose change to donate to the cause it all adds up.  Just hop over to the Give Forward website and enter Thomas Hedin in the search bar and it will let you make a secure online donation.  If you would like to give but don’t want to do it that way just email me and I will take care of it for you.

Oh and guess what—-it snowed in Raleigh last night!   I thought coming to visit Aaron would exempt me from the white stuff but OH NO!!!!  Fortunately I did my travels before it got bad yesterday but driving close to 6 hours in driving rain was NOT relaxing.   Here is a view this morning out the front door of my rental car!snow

followfriday_edited-2-1 (2)



  1. It’s snowing here! Good news about Tom. My thoughts are with them during this time. He has a very long road ahead but he has the loving support of his family. I wish him well.

    And I’m the official nerd of my family. I get that look, the one that says, ‘Just when I thought you couldn’t’ get any nerdier you did.’

  2. Well I am a nerd and I love that about myself.

  3. My family would tell you I am gullible and they would be right. Just like my mom.

    Like you, I’m excited to hear that Tom is now “home” in Glencoe. Prayers answered for sure, but yet a long way to go in his recovery.

    • Gullible—raising my hand here, too!!! I would rather be gullible than distrusting I guess! I know Tom has a long way to go but hopefully the weeks will fly by and they will settle into a new normal. Gotta be hard, though. Hospital time is a time all unto its own but one day they will be able to look back and say….”hey—look how we made it through all of that!”.

  4. Hubby says I’m turning into a nerd more and more every day. It’s what blogging and living with him is doing to me!!! 🙂 I’m the same as you with number 2. I give the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn’t anymore and in the end get burned by it. It’s not always an easy thing!

  5. I’m tired of the snow already.

  6. Great news about Tom.
    also, I could vice president of your Dork Club. Oh so easily….

  7. Thanks for the update about Tom. I am just forgetful and hubby worries about me.

  8. My daughter was expecting 6-12″ of the white stuff–got none. Boy is she mad! LOL We didn’t get any either. I guess you’ll have to start Dorks Anonymous, and I’ll be the secretary/treasurer. Good news about Thomas! So glad they made the exception for his children to visit.

  9. I also was glad to hear that Tom is getting good care and that we are praying for him. By the way, you got more snow than we did. I heard on the news the Carolinas were getting snow and I thought of you right away and how you would feel about it.

  10. Great news about tom… so sad….
    as for being a dork – i think that is fun!

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