The Road Ahead


The road that stretches before the feet of a man is a challenge to his heart long before it tests the strength of his legs. Our destiny is to run to the edge of the world and beyond, off into the darkness, sure for all our blindness, secure for all our helplessness, strong for all our weakness, gaily in love for all the pressure on our hearts.  Saint Thomas in My Way of Life

One of the treasures I found when cleaning out my father in law’s home was a great little book that belonged to Chris’s Grandpa Ralph–the quote above came from the very first chapter of it.  It is an itty bitty book but I love to keep it in my tote bag and pull it out and read random selections from it from time to time.

It always inspires me to read the words of others.  There are so many wise people in the world and so many people have just the way with words that I long for.  I can read something like this and then try to expound upon what it means to me but the usual case is that it leaves me feeling inadequate .

Today’s selection talks about the road that is ahead of each of us.  It is indeed a challenge. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the not knowing where that road will lead.  I have been led down many roads over the years.

  •  I have done things I never dreamed I would do.
  • I have been places I only dreamed about.
  • I have made friends with people that are unlike me.
  •  I have felt the warmth of a smile when I most needed one and the touch of a hand when I longed for the warmth of that touch.
  • I have done things that make me proud but I have also done things that make me ashamed.
  • I have loved more than I ever imagined possible.

The road ahead is unsure—the blind corners and edges exist.  It takes faith and discipline to go on that road.  It is an incredible road this road called life.  I wonder where it will lead me tomorrow.





  1. Maybe to London. I never thought I would end up here. I love that photo.

  2. McGuffyAnn says:


  3. that picture is amazing…
    we never know where the road will take us or how long we have to travel… we have to try to make the most of our journey…

  4. What a beautiful post (ahem, devotional for your book). For sure the road of life will lead you to publication of your devotionals.

    That photo is stunning not only for the location, but also for the composition, the light, the shadows, the colors and the way one’s eye is led to the water by those steps. I expect the “drawing you in aspect” is the reason you chose this image for this post. It’s a perfect match.

    • Wow—i take that as high praise from you! Thank you! That was the Point Reyes Lighthouse in California that we stopped at. Going down wasn’t bad —the coming back up was a killer!

  5. The road ahead is not always good but as we go along that road, we grow and hopefully we learn how to accept the journey and remember the good times.

  6. And isn’t it wondrous to imagine what comes next, what lays around that next curve or corner? I think so. I’d much rather imagine what’s next than know ahead of time.

  7. I was thinking of that road ahead–looking UP those steps rather than down. I’m surprise your legs didn’t fall off! That is a great quote from your book. I don’t know where the road leads, but we are on our way!

    • We are definitely on our way!!!! I could not get a shot going up without a ton of people in it!!! This one worked out better but yes—the up picture would have been perfect!

  8. Unfortunately I had to skip the beautiful photo (at least I think it was beautiful because I had to skip over it so quickly because of my strong vertigo). My vertigo rears it’s ugly head even in pictures like this.

  9. The photo and quote are perfect. I feel the same as you in yoru final statement. It can be a scary road but it is worth it!

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