Wordless Wednesday




  1. travelwyse says:

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  2. beautiful!

  3. Now that’s peaceful

  4. Wow…that’s beautiful

  5. Beautiful. I love how the trees stand out along the top and the colours reflected in the water.
    looks like a lovely spot for a spot of tea!

  6. Kind of wish I was there now instead of in cold and dreary Minnesota. But we’re heading toward spring, right?

  7. Just gorgeous. Love the colors.

  8. My comments keep disappearing on WP lately. So weird. Love this shot. Such pretty colors.

  9. With no sign of man made objects, it makes me think, “this is how it must have looked to the first people who sailed there.. “

  10. Are you California Dreaming your way through the ironing? 🙂

  11. Beautiful! I love the reflection in the water.

  12. That just has to be one of the most beautiful pictures. It looks like a painter’s favorite place to paint.

  13. Ohhh that is so pretty. Would love to use it on El Morno with a link, of-course. Love the subtle touches of color…and so peaceful.

  14. What a perfect picture!!

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