The Ripple Effect

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On Thursday this week I wrote a post about the Hedin family—you can read the original post by clicking right here.  It will take you to the post in a new window and then you can come right back if you missed it.  In a nutshell, Tom, husband and father was in a horrible snowmobiling accident.   He was taken by medical helicopter 50 miles to the Hennepin Community Hospital in Minneapolis where he remains in ICU as I write this.  The details are up on his CaringBridge page  as to the extent of his injuries which are many.

The most wonderful thing has happened in our little blogging community.  A bunch of us knew Nina, Tom’s wife, from her blog The Adventures of Artsy Nina. The word is being spread near and far and people are responding.  Several of us posted similar stories and although we all have different writing styles the word is getting out and people are rallying behind the Hedin family with prayers and monetary donations through the Give Forward website.  It is the ripple effect.   From our posts other people are reposting or putting our posts on Facebook and Twitter.  The more attention we can bring to this family the better.

Friday morning I got an email from Audrey at Minnesota Prairie Roots with the great news that her blog post was picked up as the number 4 story on Minnesota Public Radio Online News written by Bob Collins!!!!!   How wonderful is that?  More attention given to the Hedins!   If you click here it will take you to the page and you can scroll down to read the article number 4.

When I found out about Tom I was overwhelmed and even though I have never met Nina in person I felt like I just needed to do something.  Our church has a prayer shawl ministry where a bunch of dedicated ladies crochet or knit (not really sure which!)  prayer shawls that we can take and give to people we believe could use a little extra hug and prayers.  On Monday I went and picked one up and it was quite a decision which one to get to send to Nina and Tom because they are all so beautiful.  I packed it up and sent it along with a note to Nina’s mom’s address as that is where it was suggested mail be sent as the kids are there and Nina is spending time there when she is not at the hospital.  I sent it with prayers and love and hoped that somehow it would let Nina and Tom know that people that did not even know them were thinking about them and praying for them.  I was surprised when I got an email from Nina after she received it.  I don’t think she will mind that I share her words with you.

Thank you so much for all that you have done. I opened your care package when I got home from the hospital tonight.  The shawl is beautiful.  And I recognize the yarn; it’s Lyon Brand Homespun in a color that I really love. I actually bought six skeins of it a few years ago with the intent to knit an afghan!!  But I never finished it and passed along the project to another knitter.  So funny how it seems to have found it’s way back to me.

Now I don’t know about you but that gave me goosebumps!!!!  It was as if my hands were guided to pick out the very color that Nina loves and if she had had her choice this would have been the exact one she would have chosen.  That, my friends, is what is called serendipity or dare I say it—-God’s Hand?  I believe the latter is very true.  That is the only explanation I have for it.

Today Tom’s Caring Bridge report is that he is still in ICU but they hope to move him out soon.  He has started physical therapy by having his fingers bent and his feet flexed as those are the only parts of him that can be attended to that way since the rest of him is in a cast or brace of some kind.  His memory is a little shaky but from all reports this man is a fighter and he is strong and that will work for him.

The ripple effect is so evident.  As I was writing this post I was going back and forth from blog to blog to put in links and it hit me how we are all interconnected.  When one part of us hurts the rest of us hurt right along with that part.   We are indeed experiencing the ripple effect and what a glorious thing that is.  Please continue to keep Tom and Nina and their little ones, Jack and June, in your prayers and if you feel led to donate hop over to their Give Forward page and click on that GIVE button.  Thank you.


  1. I know just how much those prayer shawls mean and am so happy Nina has the exact one meant for her during this time . Yes, the ripple effect is in full force and what a blessing it is. Continuing to lift the Hedin family up in prayer . xoxo

  2. When you shared that yarn story with me yesterday, I had the same reaction of goosebumps and of fully understanding this was of God’s doing. There is simply no other explanation. More great devotional material, Beth Ann.

    This week I have realized, more than ever, how bloggers, together, can support, encourage and help one another. I am blessed, so blessed by those, like you, whom I’ve come to know in this caring blogging community.

    • Amen, Audrey. I know that the same people who are making such an effort to help them are the same folks who would not hesitate to step in for any of us who had a need. It just reaffirms that there is goodness in the world. We focus too often on the negative and the bad things going on and there is so much more going on in our world that is positive and uplifting. That is OUR job–to promote that!!! Thanks again, my friend, for all that you have done and continue to do for this family.

  3. Oh, Beth Ann, this is such a wonderful story coming out of this tragedy. Your prayer shawls sure make a big difference to the people you have sent them too and I love that. I will continue to keep Nina and Tom and the family in my thoughts.

  4. I am the person who passes the prayer chain here at Copeland Oaks and have been happy to do so as prayer does help. I will continue to include the Hedin family in my prayers.

  5. Don’t you just love when something so special happens that it gives you goose bumps?!? I love the bloggers I have met and am so glad that I decided to get “back to it” at the start of the New Year, I am happy to be able to do something, no matter how small for this family. Thank you for making them your cause for the next couple of months.

    • Thank you! Every little bit will add up!!!! With a helicopter ride that cost over $20K it will take all of us!!!

    • Glad you are back, too!!!! If I don’t always make it over to comment it doesn’t mean I don’ t want to!!!! ANd yes—I do love the relationships with all the bloggers I have met. They are very special.

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    Thanks for remembering Dad. 🙂

    I am sorry to hear about Tom. My prayers are with them as well.

  7. Definitely the Hand of God on the prayer shawl selection. I LOVE seeing His fingerprints, don’t you? Congrats to Audrey for her post being chosen.

  8. Thanks for posting this & keeping it fresh in our minds BethAnn.


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