Wordless Wednesday

cat cubes


Of course I got these Christmas presents made for the pleasure of my cats.  Who would have known that they would have become an obstacle course on my dining room table and provide so much enjoyment for them?   Silly me.  (Cubes by So She Sews)

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  1. Cats and “their” boxes!!! 🙂

  2. I can hear buddy & holly now “seriously mom – how could you NOT know how fun this is? Thanks you are the coolest!”

  3. Cats will play. What playful photos, which are making me smile on this Wednesday morning.

  4. Go Buck! As an Ohio girl. That “jumped” right out at me:)

    • I am an Ohio girl too but not a huge Ohio State fan…I know that is blasphemy, right??? That cube was for my brother in law who loves all things OSU! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Looks like a carnival train and Holly went from being the conductor to the engineer, and Buddy’s just along for the ride. lol

  6. Those are cute cubes. I suppose “contents not included.” 🙂

    • I put other things in them after I booted the cats out!!! They are very cute, aren’t they?? The ladies that make them are fabulous! I am going to have a give away of one when they get their website going!!!

  7. I almost missed this one in my email. Good thing I didn’t. Now Atticus wants to play.

  8. Glad you cats got some cool boxes there that they like!

  9. Miranda Gargasz says:

    LOVE those cubes! I simply must find out how they are made and make myself some!

    • These ladies who make them worked a long time to get these just right—they are really well made and sturdy and the large ones like these are large enough for file folders. The beauty was they let me choose the fabrics and personalized them exactly like I wanted and the new owners love them!

      • Miranda Gargasz says:

        I’m on their site at etsy right now and cannot find them! I’m not a big fan of etsy’s not so user friendly style. Grrr.

  10. I love the picture of Buddy and Holly. They look so happy with their new boxes . I don’t know why, but cats just love anything they can crawl in and be so happy.

  11. silly cats…I remember when in High school our cat would always love to get into the paper bags from the grocery store. They are wonderful creatures of God.

  12. Looks like a kitty box hop!

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