Teapot Tuesday

This cute little pot holds just enough tea for a couple of cups but it is such a cute one that it is one of my favorites in my collection.  Another Ebay find and if the pattern looks familiar it is because it is part of the popular Debbie Mumm collection.  



  1. Any animal teapot has got my vote! Cute!

  2. what a cute pot – love it!

  3. That’s a cute one. What do Buddy and Holly think of their tea companion? I love the little mouse in the pocket!

  4. Does it have a doggie companion?

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    Another adoreable teapot Beth Ann! It has to be one of my favorites…..just because it is a kitty cat!!! I would love a cup of tea from it this morning:)

  6. Except for the mouse (because I do not like mouse even one teeny bit), this rates as an adorable tea pot. Do your kitties like it?

  7. Does it pour nicely. I love a good teapot but it must pour without dripping. I imagine that such a cute teapot surely must pour just beautifully.. c

    • Ack! “stutter” If truth be told (and I am all about the truth) I have not brewed a pot of tea in this lovely one yet. Perhaps today! But I am so with you on the pouring thing! I have my one favorite brewing pot that never drips! And for the others I have little drip catchers! 🙂

      • Drip catchers.. wow. I have been know to demand a test pour before I purchase.. the same with milk jugs! Aren’t we funny.. yes a cup of tea in on order I think!! maybe i will have one too.. c

  8. Oh, this is cute, even has its own little mouse!

  9. I must admit I like this one as I like cats a lot.

  10. Cute pot…and usually a couple of cups of tea is all I need.

  11. I like that tea pot! I love the little mouse hiding on the cat! Cute!!

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