Friday Fun Finally

Has it been a long week for you?  Even though it was a short week due to the  New Year holiday it sure seems like a long one!!!  I am joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her Friday Fill in Fun –hop on over there and join in if you want to.  Great way to meet new bloggers and make new friends!

This week’s statements:
1. Every time I see a ____ I oh an ah…

2. I don’t have a  bone in my body

3. I like ___ on my burgers

4. If I had one more hour in the day I would _________

My answers:

This week’s statements:
1. Every time I see a baby I oh and ah… (Someday I hope to be a grandma but until that day comes I have to be contact with my great niece!)P11109042. I don’t have a disciplined bone in my body which explains why one of my words for 2013 is discipline!
3. I like mayo, lettuce and tomato on my burgers
4. If I had one more hour in the day I would probably not even realize it and waste it.

Go on over and see what Hilary has to say!!!!followfriday_edited-2-1 (2)



  1. I bet “baby” is the number one answer to number one. I, too, am excited to become a grandma. Someday.

    Now here’s the big surprise: I don’t eat burgers. Yes, I know, weird. But my mom always fried burgers into “hockey pucks,” so I grew to dislike them and rarely will ever eat a burger.

    • I would imagine you are right about number 1! I am not a huge hamburger fan but there are times……there are times when one is just what I want!

  2. Hey! That’s my kid!

  3. I would probably do the same with an extra hour. But I’d really love to use it to read more! And I still oh and ah over babies but I think, I’m pretty much over wanting another one for myself. 😉

  4. Well guess what Beth Ann? I have a poem already written for if and when my daughter and son-in-law decide to make me a grandpa.. Someday. LOL

  5. I confess, I still do oh and ah over babies too. Even though I know for sure I am done having more myself.
    Discipline is a good word for 2013…..just after I finish this box of chocolates I got for Christmas. And the shortbread cookies. But then: Discipline!

  6. Most days I get done what I planned to do so an extra hour in my day may be spent working on more listmania lists on Amazon, listening to music and relaxing with my pets and hubby, cleaning out a drawer or closet (nah, probably not). Perhaps reading, playing video games, getting in an extra walk outside or just getting an extra hour of sleep. There are so many possibilities.

  7. Who wouldn’t oh and ah over a baby? A baby is so sweet and innocent you just want to love them to pieces. Of coarse my great granddaughter is a cutie. A very good picture of her.

  8. it is so easy to waste time… I am a little too disciplined sometimes though

  9. Now you say you would waste the hour, but I don’t think relaxing or enjoying whatever you do is wasting.

  10. You’re going to make a wonderful grandmother one day. I imagine lots of tea parties. 🙂

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