To Post or Not to Post

The question today was “Do I do a serious post or lighten it up?” .  We have all been affected by the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT and quite frankly I have had to limit my viewing of television that is focusing on the coverage.  I was just getting overwhelmed with sadness as I am sure many of you are.  So instead I offer a couple of things—first this link to a blog that is so well written and is about mental illness and the writer’s connection to the shooter’s mom.  If you have a minute to read it I would recommend clicking this link-–don’t worry–it will open in a new tab and you can come right back here to finish reading.

The second thing that I would suggest is that we all do something.  Of course many are praying but Huffington Post had a great article on ways that people can help. Most involve making donations to organizations already in place in the town that do counseling and treatment of folks in need of a little extra help.  Click here to read the article and find out a tangible way that you can get plugged in.

For most of us life goes on.  For my friend Hilary who writes over at Feeling Beachie life after Hurricane Sandy has continued to go on.  She is still in the throes of the aftermath after  2 months and an incredible opportunity to live blog and tweet from Katie Couric’s show came up and she jumped at the chance.  She will also have a blog post on Katie’s website so stay tuned . I had a preview and it is fabulous.  Out of bad comes something good.

Christmas is still coming for most of us.  Time with family and friends will still go as planned and we will celebrate whatever the holidays mean to us.

Drat it all—I wanted this post to be one of a happier tone!!!  What can I write that will leave you with a smile instead of the sad heart???  Oh I know!!! Last week I was watching the local news in the morning. One of the news guys looks like he is about 14.  He is always smiling and does a fairly good job for a young pup.  Until that day. He was talking about movies that were opening soon in the theaters and referred to “Les Miserables” but instead of saying it correctly he said  “less miserables” like I “feel less miserable today than I did yesterday”.   I was dumbstruck.  He had no clue. When they cut back to the anchor desk one of the older guys commented on it and said he was going to make sure he would go see “less miserables” and the kid was still clueless.  I suspect they “counseled” him after they went off air.

So please, whatever your day brings, enjoy your day and I hope it is “less miserable” than you thought it might be.

And one parting photo of a ladylike cat position….




  1. I still can’t believe the news Beth Ann. I woke up on Saturday morning and saw it first thing. My heart aches for the families and friends. Thanks for the Les Miserables story–reminds me of my French class days–yikes over 20 years ago!

    • I know. It is just so horrible and sad. My heart aches also. And I am glad you enjoyed Les Miserables. I never took French but even “I” knew that that was just not right! 🙂

  2. Thank you for pointing out that article from BlueReview. It’s terrifying to think of how many mothers are dealing with this. I read all of the comments too; there are some very good points in there about how to help kids/adults that struggle with problems like that.

    • There are some very good points—I agree. I am well aware that sometimes the mental illness that goes untreated or ignored is the larger issue and until we take that seriously we will continue to have problems. 😦

  3. McGuffyAnn says:

    Thank you. We have to try to be a light, to show others the way. Peace.

    • Very well said, McGuffy Ann. Out of darkness I can see light already as parents tell of the joy their child brought them and others. I have to think that out of bad some good will come—-maybe not today but someday. Blessings and peace to you.

  4. I’m with everyone else who has been sharing this same expression..”there are no words”. We want answers but, in all honesty, will it bring any sense of closure to this nightmare?

    During the time I cared for my late mother, through her battle with Alzheimer’s, I quickly learned that the medical profession is quick to treat a disorder and sometimes fails to realize the individual battling the offending illness. The strongest of medications used in treating mental disorders often exacerbate the underlying symptoms and fail to harness what might trigger explosive, sometimes tragic, behaviors. And, as you stated, Beth Ann, there is too much that is untreated and, sadly, ignored.

    As news of the shooting unfolded on Friday, I rushed to call a relative who has a young son in a nearby school district in Connecticut…not far from Newtown. Along with his wife, he was already at his sons’ school along with scores of other parents who were lining up to sign their children out and take them home. All week-end long, we’ve been discussing a more pro-active approach in forming a parental task force to work with school districts in helping to refine emergency procedures. What is currently in place, especially here in Putnam County, New York…well, it barely scratches the surface of what needs to become an aggressive plan of defense for the children, faculty and staff of our local schools.

    Districts in Westchester County, New York, have been reporting only a few calls from concerned parents….a few; Sadly, some schools in the county currently do not have any security measures in place and are now scrambling to formulate emergency procedures.

    We live in troubled times. I don’t know the answers and tend to act, not react, in situations such as this. That’s all this one mother and grandmother can do.

    Right now, I cry when something comes over the radio or pops-up on my computer screen. And, I run to hug my grandkids. Because I can….

    • Patty Ann, Thank you for your wise words and thoughts. It is just so hard. So hard. We do live in troubled times and it is hard to make sense of things like this—-I do not worship a God who “causes” these things—I worship a loving God who is putting His arms around these people and who is sending his Comforter. There are things that we will never understand and this is one of them. I have no solution and I doubt that there is one that will be the total answer to all of the events in the world that seem unfair . I have limited understanding, that is for sure, but I have hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a little bit easier and a little less sad. All we can do is love each other and do the best that we can to make our corner of the world good. Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  5. I, too, have been wondering, what can I do besides pray and tell my own grown children how very much I love them? I, too, have been overcome with overwhelming sadness at the loss of these dear children in Ct. I learned just last night when watching a Twin Cities television station newscast that the grandmother of Charlotte, one of the victims, lives in Minnesota. That makes it hit even closer to home for me.

  6. Thanks for reposting ways to help. Leslie is running her Christmas dance camp at our church and is looking for ways to reach out to the kids in Connecticut.
    Love you friend.

  7. If nothing else, the picture of the kitty put a smile on my face!!! I could watch our Finn sleep forever and ever. It’s too cute. And yay for Hilary, so psyched for her! I read the article (I am Adam Lanza’s Mom) on her blog before it hit the Huffington Post or other sites (found it through a friend) and it just made me stop. It’s sad when you think that in order to get help for these kids they have to be arrested… where does that make sense???

  8. Beth Ann – I love you -I couldn’t have done my post without you – and just know, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote about how many people blew me away!

  9. As a former teacher, I can say that there are too many parents that will not let the school help their child if they have problems in school. I agree that we need to help the child and the entire family so they and everyone else can live a normal and happy life. I read the blogs you suggested and I think they do help us understand what must be done. I pray that nothing like this will ever happen again!

  10. What can be added Beth Ann? We have all watched with horror the unfolding story, the heartache and the questions raised. It has been the main topic of conversation wherever I have been over the past few days here in NZ.

  11. I used to think it was pronounced that way when I first saw it on a reading list in school. Thankfully, I never made it to the airwaves. 🙂

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