There Are No Words

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I have no words today.  Sadness is all around.  Tears are flowing.  Lives are forever changed.  Our hearts are broken.  But God can heal.  Prayers for all.


  1. McGuffyAnn says:


  2. Because we are mothers and because most of the victims were primarily young children is why this seems to affect us so deeply.

    Did you see the interview with the teacher who hid her 16 students in a tiny bathroom? That interview had me sobbing as the teacher shared how she told her students “I love you all” because she thought they were going to die and she wanted “I love you” to be the final words they heard. Breaks your heart. Just breaks your heart.

    Joining you in prayer…

    • It is because we are mothers I am sure. I did not see that interview and I am sure I would have been sobbing even harder. I had to stop watching. It just upsets me so much to think about saying goodbye to your child in the morning and that being the last time you see them alive. Heartbreaking.

  3. I just read Audrey’s comment about the teacher in the bathroom with her kids. I hadn’t heard that yet. It’s all so incredibly sad.

  4. Like you, I just have no words. There are so many things going through my mind and yet, I can’t seem to find the words to say or write out loud. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. :`(

  5. Joanna graham says:


  6. There is a hole in our heart for those victims today.
    But, there is a scar on that place, that forever will stay.

  7. I am so dreadfully sad.

  8. I also,had to turn off the TV as I just could not get those wonderful children off my mind. Even the ones that were not killed, they will never forget it I am afraid. We must all pray for them and the familes that lost their children.

  9. There is just no safe place on earth–it only takes one crazy person to destroy lives with one gun anywhere. I couldn’t even watch the news coverage about this until last night, I finally watched the 60 minutes segment. This is HORRIBLE. The nurse said she was in the closet 4 hours before the cops came in to take her out and told her to keep her eyes closed until she got to the parking lot.

    • I think the news media jumped the gun to get the scoop on the story early on and some of the news they reported as fact was totally wrong. I think that it will take awhile to get the whole story and truth is we may never know what the true story was. It is heartbreaking and sad and I can not imagine the lingering effects that living through something like that will have. All we can do is keep praying and loving each other.

  10. What a sweet post, Beth Ann. I’m trying to get caught up on commenting for all the days I got behind with Christmas preparations.

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