Something Is In The Air

The sights and sounds of Christmas are all around us.  Since mid-October our senses have been assaulted by all that comes with the holiday season.  Music, decorations, trees, tinsel, presents, gift cards, wrapping paper, the lovely sound of UPS trucks—it’s all there!  But there are some other signs that there is something in the air.

Last week I started the Christmas baking.  I forgot, just for a second, that I was not Heat Resistant Woman with the super power of not feeling hot items and in a moment of insanity tried to take a baking sheet out of a 450 degree oven without potholders.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I guess I wasn’t and that is the point.  Sigh.  I lived through it and am almost healed up thanks to some great antibiotic cream but it was the start of weird things afoot.

Commence with gift wrapping. Since we do not live close to any family it necessitates some logistics to get gifts sent out in a timely manner.  I spent an afternoon organizing and sorting in one of our spare bedrooms in the basement.  The cats were my excited helpers, as always.  They have a ribbon fetish.bhribbon

Then it was time to get the holiday cards ready to address and mail out.  The stack of photo cards laid on my table waiting for me to get started.  Who would have known that Holly had a photo fetish also?hollycards

Notice the nice fanning effect that she achieved by gently licking each corner just so…..I apologize ahead of time to anyone who gets a pre-loved card.

This morning as I was reading emails and having my first cup of coffee Buddy proceeded to come in and LICK the nightstand.  By the time I got a picture he had moved to my coffee mug which, by the way, was clean —fresh from the dishwasher and no residue on the outside at all.  buddylicking

I am thinking maybe it is because it is my Australia mug and he was trying to get close and personal with the koala bear on that spot.  Notice Holly is waiting to move in on the licking extravaganza.

I don’t know what is happening here but it involves a lot of licking.  Something is in the air and is weirdness!!!  How about in your neck of the woods?  Have you noticed anything odd????  Just wondering if I have the corner on it here.



  1. My cat Atticus has to sniff everything I eat or drink. No licking yet, unless it’s butter. He loves butter. I’m glad you are healing. May I suggest that you always wear oven mits.

    • Cats and butter is a pretty funny thought to me!!!! And it isn’t that I don’t have oven gloves—–I just find them cumbersome and use potholders. Sometimes. The hubby is going to custom make some silicone gloves that go to my shoulders…or so he says….

  2. McGuffyAnn says:

    I don’t know what it is about photos, but I have had a few cats into that odd habit. Currently, Chloe Jo is our only naughty cat. She is extremely oral, from “kissing” to biting…nothing, no one is off limits to her. Hugs.

  3. I am trying to think of a witty answer, but have none.

    However, I have just begun my cookie baking and will be certain to use potholders. Burns are so painful and I do feel for you. At least you know what Chris is giving you for Christmas.

  4. No weirdness other than what’s normal around here!!! 😉 Our Finn comes running when she smells breakfast. She likes to get some leftover eggs to nibble on!

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    Oh yes Beth Ann….I have cats that lick odd things. They sometimes lick and then bite the object such as the artificial pine on the Christmas tree and centerpiece on my table! Seems like sometimes they lick more if they are nervous…aka if I am packing up my suitcase….have you noticed that happening to you? Then because they are nervous they usually lick and eat things they shouldn’t and then they puke! CATS! I was ready to give my Kitkat away yesterday..I finished decorating the tree and he has just been ornary ever since…..standing up under the tree and batting ornaments off the branches and rumpling the tree skirt constantly! I even left most of my bottom branches empty (just like when I had my toddler aged kids)…just like having a toddler in my house again:)

  6. Joanna graham says:

    Well you got me beat with weirdness. Have a good weekend

  7. If only you could get them to lick the envelopes…..LOL

  8. That is truly odd! I have one of our cats that will come and snuggle at night and start liking, then she nibbles, I tell her we are not dead in our sleep and it’s not okay to sample. 😉 Cats (and dogs) do the weirdest stuff!

    • My Buddy does the lick lick nibble nibble when we have been gone for awhile. His way of getting reacquainted I guess but gets a little rough for me. Holly is just weird. But right now they are both sacked out next to me and not licking or nibbling so that is good!

  9. My daughter had a cat that would lick and try to nurse on one’s forearm. Even as an adult. I think it’s a cat conspiracy.

    • Haha! Cat conspiracy!! That made me laugh. I had one cat that loved a chenille bathrobe I had and every time I had it on he would knead and nurse. No other time. I suspect his mom was a blue nubby type…..let’s face it–cats can be weird.

  10. Being allergic to cats I’ve never had one or spent any time around them without wheezing & hacking & itching. I know very well dogs can be super cute! Happy holidays Beth Ann!


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