Such Is Life


I love the beach.  I love the smell.  I love the sounds.  I love to watch the birds and pick up shells.  We had a short time when we actually rented a house on the beach of the Coral Sea and it was wonderful.  I sleep so well when we are at a beach house.  There is just something that speaks to me in that environment.

I doubt that I will ever live on a beach again but then I never thought I would live in Australia either so it could happen.  With the beach life come a lot of things that are not so great—ask Hilary at Feeling Beachie who is still cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy.  Some of the things that I remember the most about living on the beach was the endless cleaning…..sea spray is very harsh and I was always washing windows and swabbing the deck aka veranda.  Then there was the rust—-even stuff inside the house showed signs of the sea after 6 months time.

The water washes up some marvelous gems on beaches and I love to find that perfect shell.  I have quite a collection that I have collected over the years from all of the beaches that we have visited.  Shells from the east coast, the west coast, beaches in Canada and the Bahamas—they all share one thing in common—they are all part of this great thing called an ecosystem.  As I look at each treasured find I can not help to think that I am kind of like that seashell.  The waves have tossed them around and taken them on a journey that they had really not planned.  When I pick them up so many have been broken beyond recognition.  The force of the water reshapes the shell and makes so many of them almost unrecognizable.   Some are so smooth and almost soft to the touch.

Such is life, isn’t it?

We go through each day and continue on our journey and sometimes get sidetracked and blown off track.  The experiences that we have sometimes crack us and leave us a little bit broken.  My experiences have been similar.  I have been tossed by waves that I was not sure I would come out of.  I have felt the wind whipping through my planned out life –forcing an unplanned change of course .  I have felt the pressure of this thing that we call life more times than I can count.  Through it all I have maintained that it is my faith that has allowed me to come out of those waves and stand stronger on the other side.  I am who I am today because of  the things that I have lived through.  I am a product of my ever changing environment.

My prayer is that as the storms of life come I can accept them gracefully and come out the other side like one of those shells that I have found on the beach—worn smooth by the battering of the waves and water and full of beauty.  Each one is unique in how it has reacted to the water that has been its home and I, too, am unique as a child of God.  May you embrace the uniqueness of you today as you journey on in this thing we call life.



  1. Beth Ann – Beautiful post… well, you know I can relate…. You are so right… we wake up each day and really never know what life has in store for us. We get spoiled when we have too many good days, and then find out what we are really made of when life gets harder… while I wish Sandy never happened, and that my home, life and so many others wasn’t destructed, I can’t say I am 100% angry… A part of me is thankful for the storm. It really helped me put some things into perspective… and I needed that…. Love ya!

    • I think there are lessons in every thing in life if we pay attention. We can choose to be drug down in the bad things and allow them to define us or we can look at them and decide what the take away is. I know the phrase “that that does not kill us makes us stronger” is overused and not all that helpful when trials come but there is some element of truth in it. I am sure you wish Sandy had never happened –who would want such devastation? But hopefully over time you will figure out some good that you can take away from it…..but I suspect it will take a loooonnngggg time! Hugs.

  2. Another great devotional, Beth Ann. I hope you are compiling these in that devotional book you’re going to submit to a Christian publisher. Hint. Hint.

  3. Wonderfully written, Beth Ann. It’s always been said that you can’t have the good without the bad. It’s true for most things in life, that’s for sure.

  4. Joanna graham says:

    Fantastic, well said. You are such an inspiration to many I’m sure. I am going to pass this on to my nephew who has made some life changing decisions recently in the hope it will encourage him to embrace all life had to offer
    Thanks Beth for all you write

    • Finally getting to comments!!! Happy that you could pass this on to your nephew—it is just what I have learned from 52 years of life!! Used to worry so much more about things—I think that is part of getting older—you decide to let some of those things go and go with the flow a little bit more. Plus I certainly have different stresses than when the kids were young and we were on the go all the time. Life is a little less frantic I guess. I am so happy that you come here and read my little blog! It makes me smile to know that, Joanna!

  5. I think what you wrote today is so true. You have a way of sharing your own faith with others that can help others as they go through some hard times.

  6. Great post, Beth Ann. Those shells do get their rough edges smoothed. 🙂

  7. This is an interesting lesson for us Beth Ann, maybe Hilary needed to clean out things she has been holding onto for too long. I would not wish a hurricane on anyone, but maybe this is the good that came out of it.
    I love shells, but I have to say I love being at the beach even more. I can feel the tension leaving my body the closer I get to the beach & I sleep so much better. It’s almost a cure for my insommnia (almost).

    • I feel the same way about the beach—-there is just something so relaxing and soothing to me. I love to sleep with the doors open so I can hear the waves. It sure beats the trains that I hear all night here. Ugh.

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