From Storms to Orphanages—Comments for a Cause Continues!

If I have said it once I have said it a million times. Comments for a Cause has been THE best thing I have done on this blog.  Who would have thought I would get so excited every month to reveal how much money we are donating to that cause and how excited I get when I find a new perfect cause!!!  I have a list that keeps growing of suggestions that people have given me but sometimes something just pops up that seems right and timely. WCAU-TV's_NBC_10_News'_Hurricane_Sandy_Video_Open_From_Late_October_2012 That was the case with the cause for November.  Hurricane Sandy touched so many lives and there are so many people who have suffered in ways that I can not even imagine.  Hilary, one of my blogging buddies from Feeling Beachie took a direct hit from the storm and it made it so much more real to me to know someone who was affected.  Many organizations have stepped up as always to help the victims and I am happy to announce that because of your comments this month I will be sending  $173 to help with hurricane recovery efforts.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I read every single comment and try to respond to all of them.

When I was in North Carolina I had the great pleasure to work at a church with a great congregation of loving individuals.  They taught me more than I can tell about unconditional love and compassion.  Their impact has ripples and I carry the love that I received from them with me years later.  One of these members, John Kennedy,  posted on his Facebook page the other day about a project that his 17 year old grandson , Josh, has undertaken  and it touched my heart.  I knew immediately that this was a perfect Comments for a Cause.  Josh's Yolka Project

Josh was adopted when he was 4 1/2 from Kirov Baby Home Orphanage in Kirov, Russia.  He has come up with a charity that helps the orphanages in Russia directly called Josh’s Yolka Project that has already raised over $35,000 for the orphanages !!! All this from a 17 year old boy!!  His goal for this year is as follows:

This year, my goal is to do even more.  Through the help of the Frank Foundation, I have identified two extremely poor orphanages in other Russian regions with significant needs:

  • Archangelsk Baby House:  This orphanage has never had an outdoor playground.  Playgrounds are critical for helping these children develop motor skills as well as provide joy and an escape from their daily reality.
  • Murmansk Orphanage for the Deaf and Blind:  This orphange is lacking a safe play area for these special children and needs our help in building an indoor playroom.
  • Yolka “Christmas” Gifts:  Christmas should be a very special time for all children.  Once again, I would like to provide gifts for kids at these two orphanages, as well as my orphange in Kirov, for their annual Yolka celebration.

So here we go, folks!!  Your chance to join in and make a difference!!!  Comment like crazy even if I have nothing of worth to comment on !   Hats off to Josh!  Please go to his website at Josh’s Yolka Project to read all about him and his efforts and make a donation of your own if you feel so led!!!  Thanks, Grandpa John, for sharing this with me!!! VERY excited!!

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  1. I always love reading your tally for comments for a cause, and am always impressed by your generosity… But this time it really hit home…. There are so many people who lost everything during this storm and your contribution will help so much….


  2. Beth Ann – Yay for November’s Comments donation!
    I love Josh’s orphanage project and will certainly check out his website to see how I can help in his efforts.
    The Yolka Project (did you know Yolka is the Russian word for Christmas Tree?) is one very near and dear to my heart as the momma of three kiddos adopted from Russia through the Frank Foundation.
    Thanks for choosing Josh’s work as December’s Comments for a Cause. Great work and many thanks to Josh as well.
    Now, off to share your blog.
    Xoxo Diane

    • i thought of you when I chose this one! What I did not know was that you adopted through the Frank Foundation so it makes it even better for me to know that!!! Spread the word in your adoption circles and help make a great contribution in December!!!

  3. I just received your blog info from Diane. This December cause is near & dear to my heart too since we have 2 adopted children from Russia. I wish I would of known last month since I am from NY & we had family and friends affected by Sandy. I am now following your blog. Keep up the good work. Marie

    • Marie,Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I thought of Diane when I decided on this for the month but did not know if there was any real connection and it sounds like there is!!! I am so happy!!! You all have done a wonderful thing by reaching across borders and adopting those children—what a blessing you are! Thanks for stopping by!! Come back anytime and comment!

  4. This is awesome! It’s always amazing to hear when people are trying to help different causes and charities. I do it as much as I possibly can, and it’s great to know others who have big hearts too 🙂

  5. Joanna graham says:

    Wow what a great cause to help with. I am there with you. I wish there was a home for every child that loses parents or is just not wanted but for them not to have a play area is very sad to me. Beth you are doing a fantastic thing with this. Bless you a hundred times over

  6. What a wonderful idea. I too am an adoptive parent of a child born in Russia, and know Diane and Marie. Thank you for highlighting this cause, and I will pass it on.~Anita

    • Thanks, Anita! Please do pass it along. I would love to meet all those who have adopted from Russia!!! I am pretty excited and would love for this month to top all others!!! Spread the word—all comments on any post in December count!!!

  7. I agree that this is a great place to give our money. Children need to know they are special and loved and cared for. Let the comments continue to help these children.

  8. Your generosity is exceeded only by the size of your heart.. Way to go Beth Ann.

  9. John W. Kennedy says:

    Beth Ann, just a note to thank you and all the others for their enthusiasm of Josh’s Yolka Project. This is the third year he has been promoting this project and spends much of his time in November and December raising money for these children. He is the oldest of three children that my daughter adpoted from Russia and we’re extremely proud of the entire family. God bless you and years!

    • I am so excited about this and as you can tell from the comments a lot of other people are too! We just need to get the word out there for folks to come by and comment this month on any post!! The more the merrier. That means the pressure is on me to step up my game and write some decent posts!

  10. Thank you so much for helping out Mrs. Chiles! I really appreciate it.

  11. Josh is a great kid and is doing wonderful work. I had the honor of knowing him and being his teammate.

  12. Go Josh!

  13. This, too, sounds like a great cause. Thanks for sharing it, Beth Ann. Isn’t it great to see the teen generation with hearts so big they want to bless the whole world?

  14. This sounds like an awesome cause! Hope you get lots of comments this month!

  15. Sounds like a great cause for December & I’m glad we were able to help you with a good total for Sandy relief!

  16. Hi – I’ve been off blogging for a bit. What is comments for a cause? Is it just something you do or a program/app I can use too? Thanks and be blessed!

    • I started doing Comments for a Cause in April 2011 and it has been the best thing ever! Got the idea from Karen and Gerard over at and have had such a great response to it! I just pick a charity each month and write about it the first day of the month and then add up the comments at the end. I do 50 cents per comment but I don’t get tons so I can do that at this point. If I had a huge following I would most likely have to change how much I donate. I have done a different cause every month—my October 1st post shows all the ones I have done since I started. let me know if you decide to do this —I would love to comment and help out!

      • Beth Ann – this sounds crazy good. Yep – I’ll do it. Gotta go write something quick before I’m too late. One date late won’t hurt for a newbie. 🙂 Thanks for sharing – not sure how I missed it!!! Be blessed!

  17. Beth Ann – I’m all in!! Writing today to get started, even if I am a day late. Keep your eyes out and come on over and comment. If you don’t mind – please ask your friends to join in as well. Thanks for the Mighty Inspiration! Be blessed!

  18. You always have something worth commenting on and I love your compassion and your goodness and how you do all you can to live out your faith.

  19. It’s always different when you find a cause that hits close to home. I know, we did a lot more than usual for Hurricane Sandy. The kids’ school filled a big 18 wheeler with supplies. It was awesome to see. I also like you new comments for a cause. Where I grew up we had very close ties to Russia and many Russian families in our area.

  20. Thank you for what you’re doing. We’re looking forward to donating to Josh’s Yolka Project this year! Happy holidays!

  21. This is a great thing!

  22. what a great blog!!!

  23. Crystal Davis says:

    Great work.

  24. Josh you have grown into such an amazing young man. I am so happy you are continuing the support for your home country. You make me so proud! Xoxo

  25. Carla Atwell says:

    This is great! I am so proud of my cousin Josh. What a great blog!

  26. Wow. Great blog!

  27. This is really great work you and Josh doing! Happy Holidays!

  28. I like the blog!!


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