Finally Friday!

It’s Friday at last!  Seems like it has been a long week this week for some reason and I am glad it is here!   Joining with Hilary from Feeling Beachie for her Friday blog hop.  Show her some love and go to her blog to join in the fun!  If you have some great ideas of statements let her know and she will include you as a co host if she uses them!  Make sure you show her some love!

This week’s statements:
1. I have always dreamed of ____
2. My ___ is my ____
3. I love to ____ when I ____
4. I will never forget ____ with ____

My answers::
1. I have always dreamed of traveling to foreign countries to do mission work.  So far….I haven’t.   Better get on that one!
2. My  husband is my my best friend and biggest cheerleader.  Awwwww.
3. I love to  bake Christmas cookies when I I have time and am not overly stressed by doing things to get ready for the holidays!
4. I will never forget standing in the back yard watching The Challenger plummet to the ground  with Micah in my arms. Some things you never forget.

That’s all, folks!! Make sure you visit Hilary and join in.  Comments for a Cause for November and Relief for Hurricane Sandy is coming to an end—tune in tomorrow for the new charity and the results of this past month!!!

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  1. You were in your back yard in Orlando! I was in Newport News with baby Mitchell and remember that too – all too well.

  2. I fully expect you to accomplish #1. Ditto on #2 for me. I’ll skip #3 as my brain apparently is not fully functioning right now. As for #4, I’m so sorry you had to witness that; how awful.

  3. I knew what your # 2 would be but the others I was not so sure. I agree # 4 was just terrible and I just saw it on TV.

  4. I too have a hubby who is my best friend. He plans great trips for us.

  5. That is a not so good memory of mine too. I was in Public School at the time, and we all stayed in our classrooms for lunch so that we could watch the event on a TV the teacher brought in. I just remember it falling out of the sky and the teacher racing from the back of the room to try and turn the TV off. but we all saw. it was horrible.
    I’ve often thought of doing a mission trip too. I believe our church is having one to El Salvador in the upcoming year. And I sponsor a little girl there, so it would be really special to go.

  6. That must have been a scary sight. I couldn’t even imagine… I remember when we heard about Columbia… I can see clearly where we were and what we were doing. I love baking Christmas cookies with the girls. This year I want to get a cookie press and make German cookies!

    • Oh you so need to make German cookies with a press! I have one that finally works well–the one I used early marriage was a pain but just never felt like I should spend the money to upgrade. Now I can make spritz like a pro!!!!

  7. Amy Prentice says:

    Oh wow Beth Ann…I had forgotten you were in Florida for the Challenger launch…I was sitting in my family doctor’s office, pregnant with Seth, and miserable from a very bad cold and cough waiting to see what the doctor could do for it since I was pregnant. They had one of those old time console stereos in the waiting room and the music interrupted for that horrific news! I am not surprised at all by answer #2 🙂 My hubby has always been my cheerleader and best friend too! Can’t wait to bake this year when Tara arrives….we get to bake in my new double oven in my new kitchen…exciting! I can definitely picture you traveling and doing mission work as you have always been a warm, giving person….you would be such an angel at that job!

    • Everyone our age remembers where they were that day–that is for sure. I think our hubbies have a lot in common in that regard! I am jealous of your double oven–had one in Monaca and LOVED it–maybe our next house wherever it is–I would love to have that again! Happy baking with Tara!!

  8. John W. Kennedy says:

    Beth, as long as I have known you I just realized that I never met your husband. He must be a remarkable guy since he married you but maybe you can visit our church sometime in the future and we can meet this guy. Always enjoy your posts – thanks for being my friend. John

    • Aw John!!! That is sweet! He is an amazing guy–that is for sure since he puts up with me!!! Make sure you check out tomorrow’s post—I already have it written and it will be of interest to you and yours!

  9. I didn’t realize you witnessed the Challenger from your yard. That was so unexpected and a sad day.

  10. I would love to do short term missions trips as well. Maybe one day we’ll do one together 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend.

  11. I can’t believe you saw that… I can’t imagine how horrible that was. I remember seeing it on TV. One of my teachers was a finalist to be the teacher on board. It was very strange… .she died the same year unexpectedly….

    • We were in the Navy at the time and we always went outside to watch the launches in Orlando because at a certain point you could see them. We would watch on tv until it lifted off and then go outside. It was immediately apparent that something had gone horribly wrong. Strange about your teacher also!

  12. Here by way of Karen Zemek’s recommendation 🙂 That last one…wow. Happy for both you and your husband 🙂

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