Shameless Request??? Yes!

Is that not about one of the cutest little guys you have ever seen????  I think so, too!  That is our youngest son, Aaron, when he was about 3.  What a cutie.  He has come a long way and today I am making a little bit of a plug for something that he is a part of during this month.  Many of you have seen a lot of men sporting facial hair in November and the reason is it is commonly called Movember. It is a movement to raise awareness and money for awareness and education and research  of men’s health issues including prostate cancer.  Having just lost my father in law last year to prostate cancer it takes on perhaps a more intense meaning for me.

I am pretty proud of Aaron because he has joined with his employer Cisco for another year to be a part of Movember.  I was a little less than thrilled that our Thanksgiving pictures would feature a furry Aaron but I figured it was for a good cause.  A couple weeks ago he made a mistake and used the wrong guard on his beard trimmer which led to taking off a good portion of his beard growth. I will not lie—-I was happy!   I told him I would tell all my bloggy friends about what he was doing so that they would have the opportunity to join in and support him!   So here you go—if you feel so led to make a donation for men’s health you can go to the link below and make any kind of donation.  He is linked up with the UK site so it is a little confusing since it is in pounds but the conversion rate is 1 US dollar = 0.6245 British pounds sterling.  

The link to take you to Aaron’s donation page is here.  Just click and see what it is all about. Thanks!  (The following picture is of him last week…..still pretty darn cute!)



  1. I have Movember TOMS! They are my favorite:) They have a little mustache on the side of them. Great cause!

  2. Oh, Beth Ann, I so wish I could afford to make a donation. I can’t right now. Funds are insanely tight. Thanks for sharing this info, link, etc. You must be so proud of your son! That picture of him at 3 is priceless!

    • It is the thought that counts, Kathy, and I know that you and Sara have done so much more for humanity than money can even show!!! Thanks for the sweet thoughts!!! And yes—I am proud of both of my guys—-over the top, actually—the oldest just got accepted to the Columbia MBA program!

  3. What a nice looking young man, then and now. My Caleb started participating, too, but then along came a job interview and he pulled out the shaver.

  4. It is a great cause. Middle made hubby grow out his beard and mustache for the month. He’s about to go crazy as it’s really itchy and he just wants to shave it!!!

  5. He is quite a handsome fellow. Thanks for sharing this info!

  6. It’s a great cause and I’m enjoying all the different takes on mustaches.

  7. As you probably remember I am not a lover of beards, it made my husband look older I thought and they scratch. It is a good cause thought.

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