Wordless Wednesday



  1. This is just kind of creepy. What exactly is this scene and where did you photograph it?

    Gretchen over at A Fine Day for an Epiphany wrote about octopus today too, except she ate it. Great minds…

  2. Sometimes I wonder what goes through the display designer’s mind when they dream up a window display. This does not make me want to go in an buy a bag…

  3. Interesting indeed.
    LOVE the yellow purse though!

  4. Dude, you have to expect anything at anytime in today’s world. Be vigilant. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I wonderd what it was but I kind of liked it. I know, I am a bit weird at times.

  6. It’s a real eye-catcher. I suppose that was the point. Good shot.

  7. I never quite expected them to look like this. 🙂

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