Meow….It’s Teapot Tuesday

How about this purrfect pot?????  Evidently this one has seen some love over the years and now that it is in my hands and my collection I promise to care for it as well as I care for my own felines!  How about a pot of catnip tea?????



  1. Feline fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving, Beth Ann.

  2. Catnip tea? Will I case my own tail for hours?

  3. This one is definitely my favorite! My parents had a cat tea pot in their “junk room.” I donated it to kitten Krazy’s auction to raise money for their shelter.

  4. That’s too adorable. Makes a nice Halloween decoration… 🙂

  5. so cute!

  6. Do you know anything about the history of this teapot. It’s so unusual. And I agree that it would make a great Halloween decoration.

  7. Isn’t that fun?? So do you brew catnip tea in it?

  8. oh! it’s so unique! love it.

  9. I really like this teapot as I am a cat lover.

  10. I’ll take a “cuppa” catnip tea if you please.. But, I’d be afraid to walk across it’s path.

  11. I love how the spout looks like its tail. I think I’ll pass on the catnip. I need no help making a fool of myself!

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