Picture Perfect Part 2

On our early morning beach walk this morning I took these shots.  Can never take too many beach and bird pictures in  my humble opinion.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love the beach – so glad to know that we are in the same state this week! Love you!

  2. Amy Prentice says:

    Great beach pics Beth Ann…..are you using a camera or your phone camera? Please send some the sun up to us also…..it has been so rainy and dreary here!

    • Thanks! My point and shoot Lumix—didn’t bring the big one along but this one does pretty well. It is 60 degrees in Mason City today—Chris wonders why we left …..I KNOW why we left for the week—no beach there!!! Can’t believe you have dreary weather.

  3. Oh, Beth Ann, these are such lovely and peaceful photos. What I wouldn’t do to be there! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as you enjoy the beach and time together. What a picture-people-perfect combination!

  4. OK, I’m just going to say it. Even though southeastern Minnesota is sunny and warm today, this beach looks even more inviting. Thanks for taking me here today.

  5. Sigh, wish I was there.

  6. Love the pelican shots. Brenda will go gaga over them!!! I just love the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico!!! 🙂 Enjoy…

  7. Love the pictures and the beach, glad I live in SW Florida!

  8. You have some nice pictures. The shore looks great but I was glad I was in Ohio. We have had some sunny and fairly warm days with cool nights. Also I got to see some of my family, including my one and only great grandchild. She is a cutey.

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely environment with us. I agree with the beach and birds comment, totally!
    We’re still being buffeted by a nor’easter. It was around 50, but so was the wind. I intended to pot some coleus I rooted for next year, but had second thoughts! Skipping town, so have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Lovely shots! I espectially love the birds!

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