Coasters Everywhere!

I have been making coasters like crazy lately!  I need to find some people to give them to!!!  Any takers out there????  I first saw the idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a go.  I have been using the ones I made first for awhile now and they are holding up just fine so I think the process is pretty good and the adjustments I have made to make them a bit better seems to be working.  How about a step by step for those of you crafters out there who want to try?

Your shopping list includes the following items:

  1. 4 x 4 ceramic tiles available at your local home improvement store—the cheap ones work fine—only around 10 cents each
  2. ModPodge –available at any craft store
  3. Scrapbook paper or any kind of paper or photo that you would like to use—-the paper does need to be fairly heavy weight—the thin stuff crinkles up when the ModPodge is applied and wrinkles.
  4. Rubber cement–also at craft store
  5. Cork for backs—can use felt but I found the cork is more durable and just looks nicer.  You can get precut cork at places like Hobby Lobby or cut your own from a roll.
  6. Brushes for applying ModPodge.
  7. Heat resistant clear coat paint if you want to be able to use them for hot beverages.  I went to my auto store and got clear engine paint.  None of my drinks get up to 500 degrees so I think I am safe!

Assemble all your items and get ready to have fun!!!  I use wax paper on the table surface to protect from my messiness!!!

Cut your papers into 4 by 4 inch squares for the tiles.  If you decide to make trivets and use larger tiles just adjust your measurements to fit those! I also used a corner punch to round out some of the corners on a few of the coasters for a different look.

Coat each tile with a nice coat of ModPodge, place paper on and proceed to ModPodge the top of the coaster.  I usually do 3 coats, allowing time to fully dry between the coats.  It will dry clear so don’t worry—I did not have a problem with brush strokes but I imagine it depends upon what type of brush you use and how heavy you slather on the ModPodge.

Make sure you allow the ModPodge to fully dry before doing the next step.  I usually allow them to dry at least a day before applying the clear coat.

Very important—USE THE CLEAR COAT IN A VENTILATED AREA!!!!!!   Outdoors is best!   Spray each coaster thoroughly and allow to dry for at least a day before putting the backing on the coasters.  I placed mine on a covered cookie sheet to allow for easy transport!

When the tops have dried thoroughly coat the back of each coaster with rubber cement and affix backing (cork) for a finished product!  If you plan to use for hot beverages make sure to let them “cure” for a week or so—that allows the sealant to really dry completely and you won’t have issues with your hot cup sticking to the coaster!!!

The most important thing is to use engine paint and let it “cure” for as long as possible.  If you don’t your hot cups will stick to the coaster.  I have not had any problems with any that I have made and I use them every day ,



You can also use larger tiles and make hot pads—choose some holiday paper and you have a great hostess gift!!!  Easy DIY present that can be personalized for each recipient by choosing paper that coordinates with their decor or their hobbies.  I have gotten so many compliments on these and love that they are so easy to make.

Hope you enjoy making them.  I would love to hear how they work for you!




  1. I never considered this. We collect a lot of postcards and beer labels–now that’s an idea

  2. Me, me, me. I’m raising my hand. Guess what is on my Christmas list? Coasters. I have needed some for years, but have never found any I really like or that are affordable. Yours are super cute. So if I don’t sound too greedy, I’d sure welcome your crafty goodness into my home.

    • I would love to send you some!!!!! What colors do you like???? I can make them all!!! I have a ton of paper!!! Let me know —after Thanksgiving I can send some pics of the ones I have and you can pick from those OR I can make some just for you with your colors you want. I am happy someone took me up on it!!! 🙂

      • You have such a generous heart. Thank you. My favorite color is green and yellow likely comes second, although not necessarily together as then people might think “John Deere tractor.” (Nothing against John Deere; my dad owned one). But, really, I am not picky and liked so many of those you made.

  3. what a fantastic idea! they look really great. would definitely make a nice Christmas, or even hostess gift for all those holiday parties that happen this time of year.

  4. Oh, Beth Ann, I love these!! Would you sell some to me?

  5. The coasters are really very nice that you have made. It sounds easy but I am way behind with my card making the last couplle of weeks so I don’t think I will even try making any.

  6. so cute! I might be interested in buying some as well!

  7. I loveeeeee this idea. What a great homemade Christmas present that would make. I may just have to dig down and let my crafty side appear to make some of these. I wonder if it would work with photographs???

    • I think they would work with photos quite well! I have yet to try that but will do some after Thanksgiving and get back to you. The thicker paper works best so I think if you used photos the paper would be about perfect.

  8. Thanks for showing us the step-by-step process, and the products you used. They are all so pretty!

  9. Amy Prentice says:

    Great craft idea Beth Ann……love the instructions and step by step pictures!!!! I will definitely be trying this craft! Let us know how the photos go….that would be fun too! Meanwhile, enjoy the beach and turkey holiday!

  10. Becky Miracle says:

    Love these! I have seen them before and even pulled a “how to” from a magazine once, but never tried it. Your instructions were a lot better. I’ll add these to my already growing pile of craft things I have NOT gotten done! LOL Anxious to hear how the pictures work. I think those would be a big hit with the newest Grandpa in the family if they had Macy’s pictures on them!

  11. This is a great idea for christmas gifts! I will try to grab some of the materials later and i’ll make my own paper coasters!!! I’m excited!!! 🙂

  12. I just found your site while looking for ideas to make these coasters heat proof… How often do you use yours and how have they held up? I’m wanting to make these for Christmas gifts but I don’t want them to get ruined when they get used…that would be so awful! I appreciate your help and absolutely love your step by step tutorial!! 🙂

    • Great question and that was exactly what I was worried about when I made them—-I looked around a bit before i made them to get ideas. The engine paint (Clear) that I used has worked really well. I use the coasters almost every day and they show no signs of getting ruined. I think the secret is to let them “cure” long enough before using them. I made sure the ModPodge dried thoroughly and then when I sprayed the clear coat I let them dry for about a week before I even used them.They have held up just fine ! Hope you have good luck with yours!!! Let me know how yours turn out!!! And thanks for stopping by!

  13. This is fabulous! I really love DIY stuffs and those coeasters are just wonderful! I will try if i can make my own. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! They turned out really well and I have even made some more and used some larger tiles to make Christmas trivets!!!

  14. Hi! I just made one and the mug stuck to the coaster….. any thoughts why?
    How long did you let the top coat dry before you put a hot mug on it?

    • Oh dear!! I am sorry! I let the mod piffle dry overnight but the clear coat I let dry at least a week before using. The longer the better. I have been using mine over and over with no sticking. How long did you let the top coat dry?

      • I let the top coat (spray) dry overnight….. that might be the problem :/…. Ill wait a week to dry! 🙂
        Thanks! 🙂
        I have made so many coasters with so many different top coats and they all stick so I am praying this works! 🙂

  15. You are awesome! I went to auto zone tonight and found a different brand of the High-Temp engine enamel and just tried it, cant wait to see how it works! I was having issues with the coffe mug leaving a ring and sticking, and i REALLY want to give these to my mom for Christmas, as i used photographs 🙂 Thank you for the tips!

  16. Janice Riley says:

    How much do u charge? I would love some

  17. I love these and the ones you made for Patti! Thanks for sharing how to do it!

  18. TexWisGirl says:

    hi. came over from patti’s place to say hello. lovely gift you gave her. 🙂 you are a good soul, sharing blessings…

  19. These are adorable…you may have inspired me to get busy making these for next Christmas…

    • They are super easy and you can make so many different ones with all the great papers out there. THe trick is to really allow them plenty of time to dry between the modpodge and the clear coat sealant. I usually try to let the final ones sit a couple weeks before putting any hot cups on them. Let me know if you make some!

  20. You have wonderful ideas. I can’t wait to make these!!

  21. Do you think these will be heat resistant for trivets for the kitchen? Want to use same concept but larger for hot pots in the kitchen. Have been struggling to find a product that will work.

    • I think it will! I made a couple of trivets with larger tiles at Christmas and they seemed to be okay for hot pans. Just make sure you let them “cure” for a good long time before using them! Let me know!

  22. Jeni Wewer says:

    I love these and have tried them… I followed the directions on the can of engine sealer…. it said to bake to cure. Unfortunately when I baked them, the paper burned and the hand painted tiles changed colors. What am I doing wrong?

    • Oh my!!! I did not bake mine at all. I just let them “cure” naturally by letting them sit on a cookie sheet (without stacking them on top of each other) for about 2 weeks to let the sealant coat them. I have been using mine for months now and have not had any issues with the hot mugs sticking to them or any other problems. I think the secret is to let the ModPodge fully dry before using the engine paint and then to let the engine paint really have time to dry before putting any hot mug on them. I am so sorry that yours got ruined…all that work…..let me know if you try again and if it works better for you.

      • Jeni Wewer says:

        I used 2 coats of modge podge… 1 coat each way… I like the crisscross stroke look.
        I did let each coat dry over night, then let those cure for another night before adding the sealant.
        I will try again without the baking.
        Did you use only 1 coat of sealant?

      • Jeni Wewer says:

        Btw, I love your instructions, so easy to understand and follow.
        Thank you for the quick response.

      • I used one coat, I guess–just did the whole spray thing outside with all of them on the cookie sheet and it worked well. I think the key is to just let them dry naturally —not bake them. I know that probably works for engines but probably not for coasters that have gluey stuff on them. Hope it works this time! They are such a great gift!

  23. I tried the trivet idea at Thanksgiving, using an acrylic sealer like I saw on another post, and let the Mod Podge cure for 30 days before that, but the hot pans still stuck.Thanks for the idea of the engine paint – I have been looking for anything that might work. Will definitely try that!

    • I have had nothing but success with the engine paint. Just make sure you let it cure, too, and you should be fine. I read a lot of blogs before finding this idea and so far I have kad 100%success. Good luck!

  24. Beth Ann, thank you so much for posting your step by step instructions with pictures on how to make tile coasters. I actually started making some a couple of days ago before stumbling onto your website. I wish I had your info earlier about the heat resistant sealer. I made mine with acrylic sealer. Do you know if I can still save my coasters or do I need to start over? I’m trying to figure out if I can spray the engine enamel over the acrylic.

    • I am afraid the acrylic sealer will make the coasters stick to the mug if you have a hot liquid……I would go ahead and try to spray the engine enamel over the sealer—it might just work. Just make sure to let them “cure” for a good long time. I have not had any issues with them sticking but you have to let them cure . I have had several people make them and say that they stuck but it was because they did not let them sit without using them for long enough (in my humble opinion). Good luck. I hate for you to have to start over!!! Let me know how it works out for you!

      • Thanks for your quick reply! I’m actually still waiting for the acrylic to cure still. I’ll try spraying them with the engine enamel as soon as they are ready. I really do hope they work out! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again!

  25. Denise French says:

    I have been searching everywhere online for a sealant for trivets that was heat-proof and wouldn’t be sticky! What an awesome idea! Thank you!!! Your trivets and coasters are gorgeous.

  26. I am so glad I found this blog. =) I also have been having a hard time finding a heat resistant sealer, i have tried everything!!. The closest I have come to prefection was 2 part Resin mix, but it’s costly. I can’t wait to try the engine enamel. Just wanted to see if you ever have any issues with rings being left behind from condensation? I’m assuming since it’s made to repel oil and engine liquid it should be fine, but, better to ask someone who has used it for our purpose and not an engine purpose. One more question, did you have any issues with it discoloring your white tiles, I tried clear polyurethane on white tiles and within 2 mins it turned into a cream color

    • Chrissy, I hope it works out for you as well as it has worked for me. I have had no issue with rings or discoloration or sticking or any of the things that others have indicated. I think the key is really to let them cure for as long as you can before using them. The longer the better. In other words if you want to use them for gifts don’t do them the night before! 🙂 I used the really cheap tiles from Menards and had no issues at all but maybe I just got lucky??? Let me know how they turn out. I do think the engine paint is the key here—obviously the modpodge is sticky so the more you coat them with the heat spray the better. Then let them dry dry dry dry dry as long as you can. Good luck!

  27. So – from reading your comments – i think the problem on mine was that I used an acrylic sealer and only let them “cure” over the weekend before stacking them…so now they are all stuck together and once you pull them apart they have bits of felt stuck to them too 😦

    Any suggestions besides the automotive sealer…and leave them out as long as possible?

    • Huge bummer. I am sorry but I think the heat resistant engine spray is the answer here. Not sure if you can peel them all apart and start over. Key is the heat resistant spray and let them cure as long as possible before stacking or using for hot beverages. Good luck!

  28. OMG what a great idea. I am so doing this for gifts this year. I’ll post pics. Thank you for the idea!

    • It is a great gift idea. I have made a ton. Just make sure you use the heat resistant clear coat and let them cure. Many folks have had issues when they did not do that!!

  29. I have a question, can you use fabric instead of paper? I have some awesome leftover fabric.

    • I bet you could use fabric. The trick would be to make sure it laid flat but could use one of those scraper things to smooth out wrinkles. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t work!

  30. Thank you for your generosity! What a wonderful step by step gift idea! I’m getting right on it. Christmas gifts for all.

  31. I didn’t know you made the lovely coasters you included in our welcome basket. Jake uses his manly stainless steel coasters, but I use your colorful coasters every single day! Thanks for sharing how you made them. Have you ever thought of selling them somewhere like Market 124?

    • Aw…thanks, Jeni!! That makes me smile!!! They are not good enough to sell, I don’t think, but they are a fun and easy gift to make to give to folks. Glad you like yours!

  32. Those are adorable! We made them with our MOPS group and just used mod podge (no heat resistant paint) and they’ve held up to my coffee cups for several months, too.

    • It is such a great idea, isn’t it? Some of the comments of folks who tried them who did not let them dry long enough had some issues with cups sticking but honestly—I have had no issues and I am using one as I type this for my coffee mug so I obviously use them all the time. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Katie! Great to meet you through Iowa bloggers!!!

  33. Hi Beth Ann – Lovely holiday gifts and many thanks for the thorough instructions. I painted some larger trivet-sized tiles using Krylon spray paint and a stencil. I planned to use the Engine paint to seal them but some bloggers indicate that no sealer is required. I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t crack under high heat pots from the oven. Can you offer and expert opionon/help?
    Frazzled Xmas Elf,

    • Denise—thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I don’t know about not sealing them with the heat resistant paint. I have found from the many comments of others that without some kind of heat resistant type of spray they deteriorate over time and things start sticking to them. I agree it would be hard to believe it would not crack. I have never done them without it so I do not have any first hand experience. All I know is that mine have held up very well and I have been using them every day for almost a year now. HOt cups and hot pans on trivets. Good luck. Let me know how it works out.

      • Many thanks Beth Ann! I just bought my engine spray and can’t wait to try this out. My coasters are simply spray-painted without any Mod Podge or paper so I’m especially hopeful that they will last for years to come. Great idea.

  34. Donna Taylor says:

    Thank you for the tip about the clear engine sealer. Will the coasters also be waterproof so they can be used with iced beverages? Thanks!

  35. I just can’t wait to start making some have all the supplies will try to start after the holidays . Can’t wait to give for gifts with the embroidery towels, tissue , and candles this will be a great gift basket. Thanks for all your comments and help.

  36. Thank you so much for the wonderful step-by-step instructions and pictures. I just started making these lovely coasters, and like many of the other people who have posted, I didn’t let mine cure long enough before using them and my hot coffee mugs stuck and left a small ring on the surface of the coaster. Thanks to you, I know how to correct that issue! I used scrapbooking paper and a couple of them ripped while I was trying to smooth out potential air bubbles. I’m so new at this that maybe it’s just a matter of getting a feel for how much mod podge to use when I’m attaching the paper to the ceramic tile coaster and not being so aggressive in smoothing out the air bubbles. I tried using a credit card, small glass bottle (to roll over the paper), and also simply using my fingers to smooth out the paper. Mine worked better just using my fingers…at least my paper didn’t rip when I did it that way. If you can offer any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing all of your wisdom so we can learn through your experience.

    • Well thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Yes–if your scrapbook paper is the thinner kind it is easy to tear it once you put the mod lodge on. I think I just have gotten lucky with the application process because I have not had any issues with them sticking or tearing or anything. I used my fingers, too, to smooth them out and some of mine are not perfect but then—that is okay! 🙂 I seriously use mine multiple times a day—-I have them all over the house and they have worked just fine for me . I do think the “curing” part is key. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on the redo!

  37. Can you please give me some advice? I was so excited to read you instructions because I had trouble with my trivets and coasters sticking too. I bought the engine paint and made several for Christmas gifts. I also made myself some. I let them cure for at least a couple of weeks. They are STILL sticking to everything. In fact, I had a trivet stick so bad to a pan that I had to bang it on the table to break it loose! Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? One of the people I gave one too said they had the same problem!

    • Well, Denise, I am so very sorry that you had issues with your coasters and I am not sure what went wrong with them. How awful that they stuff that badly!!!!! Obviously I am clueless as to what happened since you followed the directions that I suggested. I have only made a couple of trivets and don’t use them ever single day like the coasters so I wonder if the heat from a pan straight out of the oven is maybe too much?? That is the only thing I can imagine—it would be hotter than a mug of coffee or tea and I am wondering if that would be the issue with the trivets. With that being said—-I would think the engine paint sealant would solve that since it is good up to some crazy temperatures. I wish I could help but since I have not had this problem with mine I can’t really speak to it. I am very sorry, though, because that is VERY frustrating!!! Very. I am no help, I know. 😦

  38. martiwrites says:

    I’m going to try this for family Christmas gifts (starting it now), using photographs. Mentioned it to my Aunt, who said she’d feel funny putting a class on our faces, so I decided to do familiar scenes instead of people – grandparents’ farm shots, etc. I can’t wait. Thank you.

    • Good luck! I have not had any issues with any that I have made and use on a daily basis but others have said they sometimes stick. Just give them a lot of time to cure and you should be fin. I love the photograph idea but I can see who it might creep someone out to put a hot cup on a pic of good ole’ grandma!!!

  39. I hope this gets through, since this is a rather old blog, but I am going to make coasters to sell at our Relay for Life night. I bought a clear engine paint at Auto Zone. I tried one…this morning after it cured, I used it. It worked well. Then I tried “spilling” my coffee and let it sit for a couple of minutes, and It was not waterproof! Is the product you purchased heatproof AND waterproof? This is my 5th attempt, and I now have 5 cans of different spray sealers. I guess I can just forget this beautiful project and just donate the money (as it is getting expensive)! Thank you!

    • Fran, I am sorry that you have had such a problem with this project which turned out so well for me.. I honestly do not know what to tell you about what you encountered. I have dripped liquids on my coasters and not had any issue at all. I doubt that the engine paint is waterproof (I don’t remember seeing that on the can) but I suspect that the Mod Podge coating would help seal the paper and then the engine paint adds the heat resistant layer. I am sorry you have had such issues and you certainly have been very persistent in trying to get them made. My method was applying a nice coating of Mod Podge, letting that dry completely before applying the engine clear coat and then letting that seal as I imagine you did also. I wish I could help you make this a successful project but it appears it is frustrating. 😦 Keeping my fingers crossed that it works the next time.

  40. Jennifer says:

    I’m sooooooooooooo happy to find this blog. I’ve tried a million things for sealing coasters due to hot mugs sticking. I’ve tried plain ModPodge, polyurethane, polyacrylic, acrylic, EasyCast, Envirotex Light, floor wax, stone tile sealer…I can’t believe all the money I’ve spent and now I have a million crappy products I’ll never use again. Very frustrating and bad for the environment! I bought some high heat engine paint and will try that next, but I have a question on exactly how you used it. My can says that I should spray a few coats in a short time frame to each other, and then bake the sprayed parts at 200 degrees for one hour, because it’s the baking that adds the real heat and chemical resistance. Did you bake yours? Thank you!!!

    • Hey Jennifer!!! Thanks for dropping by! I did not bake mine but did do several coats of the engine paint. I do not know if the Mod Podge would continue to hold up in the oven but I suspect that it would at that low temp. If you try it let me know how it works out. I don’t think my engine paint had any instructions like that on the can but I will check. I know a lot of people have gotten really frustrated with this project and I honestly don’t know how mine turned out okay but they did. Let me know what works/ or doesn ‘t work for you!

  41. Hi! This is a great post! I tried making coasters too and haven’t really tried applying the engine paint, how many coats of engine paint did you apply? and how many hours gap for every coat? Thank you! 😀

    • Hi Iris, I put a couple of coats of engine paint on the coasters and allowed them to dry several hours in between coats but then allowed the coasters to “cure” without putting anything on top of them for at least a week before using them. The longer you have is better, I I think, in this case. Good luck!

  42. Jessie Andrews-Gill says:

    Hello! Beth Ann.
    I ran across your blog when I was looking for a heat resistant product to put on trivets I decided to make. A number of years ago my late husband bought bu cu boxes of terracotta 4×4 floor tiles. I decided I could make something out of them to help subsidize my income (social security).. I have probably 200 tiles. I was amazed to find a craft idea that has been hot for such a long time. I want to thank you for your step by step instructions. I read all of the blog comments and gained a wealth of information. I can’t wait to try some of the things I have learned from you all. The main thing that I know for sure is “cure,cure,cure” lol.

    • I hope that this works for you! Like I said—I use mine every day and they still are working great. I think some people have not read the instructions all the way and perhaps different climates might have different results? I don’t know. I just know that they have worked for me. Good luck!!! Let me know how it works out for you!

  43. Thank you so much for your tips! I’ve been making “mod podge-scrapbook paper-ceramic tile” trivets and coasters, and was looking for a sealer solution for over top of the mod podge that could withstand the heat. I was happy to find your suggestion and reading all of the comments has certinaly been very educational. The take away I get is to use multiple coats of the engine paint (several hour dry time between) over the mod podge, and then let the final coat cure for several days (weeks) before using or stacking them. Thank you again. This was exactly the information I set out to find! Blessings to you! 🙂

  44. Hi Beth,
    I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect sealant for my tiles. I’ve made bunches but it always ends the same….with sticky coasters. Have just sprayed my first tile with engine paint and can’t wait to see how it works out. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions. Your blog entry is the best one hands down. 🙂

  45. DoubleEspresso says:

    i am so glad i found this post! i was trying to make my coasters heat resistant. right now i’ve only used enamel spray and my hot cups make a ring everytime!!! no one has time for that!! thank you

  46. Marilyn says:

    Can these be made heat-proof so that hot mugs can sit on them and not leave marks? I can’t figure out how to do that.

    • Marilyn says:

      Just noticed you said to use clear engine paint? So that does work? You can set a heavy mug of hot coffee on the coaster and NO marks?

    • Yes—- as long as you let them “cure” and use the engine paint. I use mine daily and no issues!!!

      • Marilyn says:

        Can you explain exactly what you mean by ‘cure’? Hubby googled engine paint and one guy said it turned his engine grey? I wonder what that was about? So I would spray the engine paint on the same way I sprayed the acrylic sealer? 2 coats, but let the first one dry real well before putting on the second?

        • If you get the clear it dries clear on the coasters . Just give them plenty of time to sit without using them. I think that is the key— I let them dry for a week before putting a hot mug on them . I have had no issues with them sticking or leaving rings . Use the engine paint just like the sealer. It just can stand the hot temps. Good luck ! And thanks for stopping by!!!

  47. Marilyn says:

    Just made the coasters with the engine paint sealer and let them cure 7 days. Put a cup on one with hot water in it and it left a ring. So disappointed….

    • Marilyn says:

      I just put a small cup of cold water on a coaster, that cured for 7 days with the engine paint and THAT left a ring. What is going on?

      • Gosh, Marilyn— I am so sorry and clueless as to why they are not working for you. I am truly puzzled. Mine have worked so well or I never would have put that post up. Sounds as if you did everything just like I did. How very frustrating . If you send me your address I will send you some of mine. Send it to me at

        • Marilyn says:

          That’s okay Beth. I was making personalized coasters for my daughter and a good friend that lost their dog they got from us years ago. They look beautiful, but unusable pretty much. I put on 3 layers of mod podge. Each coat was dry before I put on the next. I let that dry over night and then sprayed them out in the garage, one single sweep of the can so that it wasn’t too thick. I let them sit for 7 days.

          • Oh gosh—-I still don’t know why yours did not turn out and I feel badly about it. Maybe I used more of the engine paint?? I wish I could have fixed it for you. 😦

  48. Marilyn says:

    Can you tell us step by step how you make your coasters?

  49. Jennifer says:

    When I made mine I followed the directions on the back of the high heat engine spray can, which are something to the effect of “spray three coats within an hour, spraying lightly on the first two and spraying a medium thickness on the last one.” I usually waited about 10 minutes in between coats and made sure that the humidity was below what was recommended on the can. I think mine recommends a humidity lower than 60% so in this part of Texas where I am, I haven’t sprayed any new coasters for months now. 😦 But the ones I did before this humid time always worked wonderfully!

    • Oh Jennifer!! Thank you for posting this! I think the key is the humidity and the multiple applications, don’ t you? I did mine in Iowa and they were perfect but I have chosen low humidity days also! Where do you live in Texas? I am moving to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area!

  50. kim zarder says:

    Hi. I have been making the coasters and trivets too, just the way you explained. No problems with coasters, but trivets still havecsticking issue even after the engine enamel has cured for more than a week. Any ideas on how to avoid this.

    • It seems odd that the trivets have issues but I suspect it is because the dishes placed on them are just too hot even though the engine paint says up to 500 degrees. I would think that it should withstand whatever you put on it but clueless as to why it is not working. 😦 Mine have worked fine but I have not used the trivets as much as the mugs so not as much experience. Let me know if you figure it out.

  51. Bobbie Collins says:

    Have a number of 4X4 tiles that I put pictures on that I have hangers on the back. The pictures have been run through a laminator. Was wanting to turn them into coasters and hunted heat proof sealer and found your instructions. Plan on getting some of the engine enamel and see how it works. The pictures were computer printed on full sheet label paper which of course has the adhesive on the back then as I said run through a laminator. Don’t know how the label paper or the plastic from laminating will hold up under the sealer but intend to try. Will try a couple without backing and a couple baked and see what happens. Would it be possible for you to send me one of your tiles so I can see what you did? I am such a “visual crafter”?

  52. Hi – I made the coasters with my own photos to give as gifts. I did not use a sponge brush like I see that you had used. I used a paint brush and can see some streak marks. When I went to the local store, they gave me automotive enamel instead of the engine enamel. I’ve tried to google to see if they are the same ‘thing’ but haven’t had much success. Can you tell me if you think they are the same?

    • I suspect they are similar but not the same. The engine enamel will be able to withstand heat up to 500 degrees or so. Not sure that the automotive paint itself will—the label should tell you. That is what will help seal the coasters if you intend to use hot mugs on them. Otherwise if you are only using them for cold beverages it will probably be okay.

      • Beth Ann – Thank you so much for answering so quickly! I have the feeling it’s not the same… but the coasters look good following your advise. I’ll call an automotive store today and get their insight. Thanks so much! I should post a photo but I don’t know how to do that 😦

  53. Love this idea and thinking of making them favors for my bridal showers. Been working on my first set and ran into some bumps. I want to make sure I am making them water-resistant aswell, does the engine enamel also protect from water stains? Also do you recommend putting acrylic sealer instead of mod podge on top of pictures or paper to prevent the streaks, not a fan. :). Thanks for the tutorial, none on the web touch base on heat resistant!

    • Mine have held up with no stains or water damage using mid podge and the engine enamel. Just give them plenty of time to dry. Not sure how the acrylic sealer would work as opposed to the modge podge— most if mine were streak free using the sponge brush if i esd careful. With photos i could understand your concern!!! Love the idea for bridal favors. Let me know how they turn out!!!!

  54. Thank you so much for the advice. I had made one to try and my cup stuck to the coaster and your advice on the spray was exactly what I was looking for.
    Thank you

  55. I’m so glad you said Engine Enamel. I’ve been trying for years to get my coasters to not be tacky. And, like another poster here, I was give auto enamel, which is different.
    I’ve also used Enviro-Tek, but it is a pain. Thank you Thank you!

  56. Hi, I made some recently and while I’ve been VERY happy that the engine enamel does not cause the sticking that the Mod Podge Acrylic did, it has a bad smell. I used the same brand as you did above. Now, it’s only been about 3 days. First, did you notice a smell with yours? And if you did, does this smell go away? Thanks!

  57. Hi Beth Ann,

    Thank you for posting this! It’s been what, almost 2 years, since you’ve originally posted this? I came across your blog by googling how to make heat, water and stick resistant coasters and yours is one of the first results. So if you’re wondering why after all this time ppl like me are still admiring your expertise and work, that’s why.

    Of course that also means you’ve been given the task, probably involuntarily, of answering all the questions to this process. I too have been SEARCHING for a way to make coasters (Xmas gifts) without the stickiness and heat/water damage. I’m trying to figure out how yours have lasted so long without any problems but others who have followed your instructions to a tee are experiencing problems.

    You mentioned that you set yours to dry for a week after putting the engine sealer on. Did these sit outside perhaps? What were the temperature conditions these cured in? Are you in a hot place like Arizona perhaps where heat could have played a factor in your results? Just trying to figure this out since this is such a GREAT idea that I’d love to do. Your coasters and work are just beautiful! I thank you for not just doing this post but also responding to ppl like me, who have probably and unfairly made you the go to coaster woman, with patience and after all this time.

    Brandy M.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment. Some folks have not really followed all the steps and have problems. I am clueless as to why there have been issues with the ines who did follow them. I live in Iowa and have made them several different times but ususlly in mild weather. I dprayed them outside and brought them into the garage to “cure”. Weather /heat might be a factor but i suspect a lot depends on how long they are allowed to sit before actually being used. I know people might think i sm not being honest but i have had no issues and given as gifys and use mine dailt withno problem. The engine paint coating may have been thicker on mine or somethink– i dont know. I am happy to be the Coaster Woman!!! Good luck and keep me posted!!

      • Thanks Beth Ann! I 100% believe in your process and your results. I’ll be trying your technique and will keep you posted. Thanks for the help and responses. Btw, the engine paint is a really clever and smart idea.


  58. martin walsh says:

    I have a solution to the hot mug sticking to the coaster. Forget sealents and paints etc….
    Use plastic. I cut up those cheap A4 plastic wallets and stuck them over the top. The hottest coffee cup pressed down wouldn’t stick. Trimmed with a draft knife it looks very professional. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks, Martin. Since i have had no issue with sticking on any i have made and i have been really happy but fir those who cant finf the engine paint this is a great option.


  1. […] here’s a link to Beth Ann’s post with directions to make the coasters. Why not drop by for a visit, and leave a comment? It’s for a good […]

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