Teapot Tuesday

This set is one that my mother in law had in her home for as long as I can remember.  I loved it and now it is mine and on display in the beautiful secretary cabinet that we brought back from Ohio from the “estate”.  That makes it sound so fancy!   It is often referred to, as she did, as a Chocolate Set and even if that was what it was supposed to be in it it can also serve as a perfect tea set!!!   Many happy memories flood back to me when I look at this one!  Enjoy!

I also found this amazing website where you can put together a jigsaw puzzle on line—-this one is a teapot.  Not sure why the header says it might offend—-I saw nothing but happiness here!!! Check it out!  



  1. Ah, my grandmother had one like this. I’ve been meaning to get one so I can remember her every day–not that I need to remember, but it would be an added bonus for the day. Like a hug from grandma.

  2. Well, I know why I like it!!! 😉 My mom had a few sets like this as did my grandma… but for some reason all the (tea) pots got lost in the move across the Atlantic. My mom was so upset about that. Not easily replaced.

  3. It is a beautiful set, Beth Ann. I like the shape very much. I also love it when you have something that has been in the family for a while. I have very little like that—a china plate from Bavaria, and a ceramic soup ladle from who knows where. My uncle says it was treasured by his grandmother, so I suspect it’s been handed down a while.

    I’ll have to check out the puzzle site when I get a minute. Don’t hold your breath. We like puzzles and often try to do one after Christmas on our dining room table. I’m looking forward to it.

    • I agree that family items make things even more special. We have several wonderful things that remind us our our families that are no longer with us and that is a blessing indeed.

  4. Such a work of art. And I really like the pastels and especially that this set holds such memories and love for you.

  5. beautiful set. my girls would love to have chocolate served in this piece of art.

  6. It was obviously crafted before WWII as it does not say East or West Germany..The colors and design are beautiful.. and they were done by human hands, and not computer-generated graphics.

  7. Wonderful of your MIL to pass something to you that you love so much, and that you have such amazing memories of sharing the same lovely pieces. The set is beautiful.
    I have a teapot from my grandmother that reminds me so much of this one, and I cherish it.

  8. How gorgeous! Love the colors, especially. Happy Tuesday, my friend.

  9. This is a lovely set! And it comes with memories, even better. I’ve seen these at the antique mall, and always enjoy seeing the different colors and patterns.

  10. This one is certainly lovely and brings back good memories.

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