The New Fashion for Biking?

I am always happy to share my eclectic finds with my readers.  I am a giver like that, you know???  When I read this article in the Wall Street Journal magazine I was amazed that I did not come up with this fashionable idea myself.  I am sure these products are going to be leaping off the shelves at approximately $609 each.  Who says you have to have helmet hair?   Who says that biking can not be where you make your own fashion statement???

Two Swedish designers have come up with possibly the answer to that dreaded helmet hair—an inflatable biking helmet.  The Hovding (imagine two little dots over that o –can’t get the keyboard to cooperate on that one) invisible helmet sits on the bike rider’s neck like an attractive ( 🙂 ) scarf until it senses a collision is imminent.  Whoosh—air fills it in a tenth of a second and walaa—the head is immediately surrounded by a cushion before the impact occurs.




The jury is still out on this one but I am doubtful I will be seeing many of these beauties during RAGBRAI next summer here in Iowa.  Call me crazy but I don’t think the trend is going to hit Iowa for quite awhile!  Check out their website for more info at Hovding.


  1. Ha ha. Don’t think you’re crazy at all… Ahh, those weird Europeans!!! 😉

  2. I think I need one just when walking through my flat. I’m always whacking my head.

  3. My Son and Daughter-in-law just started biking! I will have to pass it on to her. They live in California now so maybe she won’t look so out of places with this on her head?

  4. I am not sure that I would entirely trust this “Senses an imminent collision” technology. What if it was just a sneeze? I don’t think I will ever trust the safety of my head to something that inflates. LOL But as a scarf? pretty darn cute.

  5. Perhaps I’d stake a bit more validity in this produce if a biker, and not a stick thin model, was sporting this “helmet.”

  6. Correct “produce” to product. Apparently my keyboard is not cooperating this a.m. either.

  7. How handy & stylish – not!

  8. Great! Air Bags for Air Heads. What’ll they think of next? The only “protection” for biking, way back when, was common sense… They left bike riding to the kids.

  9. They must be kidding if they think that will help. I think it would knock you off your bike when it fills with the air so quickly. I don’t think it will be a great seller but who am I to judge.

  10. I can always count on you to be on the cutting edge of fashion! Thanks for sharing your latest find.

  11. I don’t know about the helmet, but I am definitely going to be wearing a dress like that next time I go biking.

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