Friendship Friday—Gratitude

Hilary from Feeling Beachie is still recovering from the superstorm Sandy at the beach.  I have been able to read a few communications from her this week and she and her husband are physically okay but they are enduring some challenges that are horrific to imagine.  Cleaning up flooded houses without electricity, being away from their jobs for a week, relying on others for shelter and food, working non stop to make the house okay to live in, getting electricians lined up without having the constant use of phones and internet—it boggles the mind.  The recent Noreaster also dumped snow on them as they stayed with a relative and once again they lost power there for a period of time.  Their story is not unique as there are thousands like them but these are people that I “know” and my heart goes out to them.  If you know Hilary you know that this has been a particularly difficult year for her as they had to put their beloved cat, Alex, to sleep.  Any and all prayers would be appreciated.

Hilary usually does the blog hop on Friday that I join in but she did not have one scheduled for today (or pulled it) so I am going to jump in on another one that seems quite fitting today.  Friendship Friday is hosted over at Create With Joy and today’s prompt is as follows:

Question Of The Week
What are you most grateful in your life for at this moment?
What small things do you usually take for granted
But wish to celebrate now?

Join me in expressing those things you are most grateful for
At this week’s Friendship Friday!

I am most grateful for my family and friends today .  At this very moment that is what is on my heart and mind.  I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and father and siblings and my inlaws turned out to be not too shabby either!!!  Since my mom is the only living from the parents and inlaws I realize even more how important those relationships were and it makes me want to spend as much time with my mom as I possibly can.  I realize that life happens and that probably when I needed them the most for advice and support I was either too young or too busy to really appreciate all that they had to offer.   The same feeling that I am sure my mom has for me I carry for our own two boys who as my husband and I talked this morning—have become the most amazing young men—-they are certainly my pride and joy and after being witness to the death of a wonderful 24 year old last week it makes me want to pull those boys in even closer to me and let them know how much I love them and how proud I am of them.

I do take a lot for granted even though I say I don’t!   What I do take for granted is a roof over my head and electricity .  While my friend, Hilary, and many many others struggle to cope without these things I am struck by the fact that I do indeed take that for granted.  If I could fashion a huge long extension cord to New York I would do it…..Menards–here I come!!!  

I am a true believer in helping those we can help—-with all that is within our power.  That is the beauty of friendship.  While I can not physically do much for Hilary and others like her at the moment what I can do is pledge my Comments for a Cause this month to Sandy relief.  It may not be the physical hands that they so desperately need right now but perhaps my small contribution will help make a teeny tiny difference.  After all–that is what friendship is all about, right??? So in the spirit of Friendship Friday I urge you to do the same —find some way that you can help out and DO IT!

Head over to join in the blog hop here.  You will be glad you did!



  1. Sorry to hear the storm has impacted Hilary–and that she lost her cat this past year. Having to put down my cat of nearly 18 years was one of most painful things I ever had to do. At any rate, I have so much to be thankful for. And right here is a fine example of something I sometimes over-look—–my blogging buddies–wonderful women like you. This is something my friend Miranda recently wrote about, so it’s on my mind. Thanks for all you share, Beth Ann.

  2. Your heart overflows with goodness, Beth Ann. I am always inspired by your words to be a better person, to reach out, to love, to care.

    And, yes, I am most grateful for the love of my husband and three children and thank God for the blessings of family.

  3. Good for you. I think we all want to help the people that have been visited by Sandy. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to have everything you have, just gone so quickly. We caan pray for them and give money to help out, etc.,but we cannot erase how they must be feeling. We all must keep praying for them and help them however we can.

  4. I lost power for only 8 hours during the hurricane, and I really thought THAT was challenging…I have no idea how Hillary and the others cope with what they have had to contend with during this prolonged period of hardship.. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

  5. Beth Ann…. I am so glad you joined this hop this week. It is extraordinarily difficult to hear about the difficulties on the east coast because we all feel so close to Hilary. I have been trying to keep tabs on her… but it is difficult at best.
    I was going to write a whole post this morning on changing my internal recording… stop worrying about silly things like how much of the credit card can I pay off this month… and start realizing that I have a house, food, three healthy children, one beautiful grandson and the ability to continue living. AND then I received an email that I just couldn’t pass up on…. please hop on over and check out today’s post.
    Love you!

  6. It is amazing how much we do take for granted. Things we never really think about being thankful for until one day they are not there. Prayers to your friend along with all the others. I live in Arkansas and know all to weel how the aftermath of a hurricane can be. Happy Friendship Friday!


  7. Having to spend an extra night away from home this week due to a blizzard, I can certainly sympathize with the people on the east coast. And when we lived in NW Ontario, it was quite usual to have power outages for 27 hours, sometimes as often as twice a week. Unfortunately, when it is happening you get so used to it & it almost becomes standard – but still darn inconvenient. Pass on best wishes to Hilary & our hopes for a speedy return to a more normal way of life!

  8. Beth Ann, this is beautiful. I know, Hilary will appreciate your kind words. And I can relate to what you said about taking things for granted… I think, in that way we are all the same.

  9. We all have much to be grateful for. I’m glad our blog paths crossed, for you are an inspiration, Beth Ann.

  10. Beth Ann,

    I’m SO glad you joined us for Friendship Friday this week! Events like Sandy really make us extra appreciative of the people and the small but mighty blessings we take for granted each day!

    Congrats on being one of my featured friends this week. I hope you’ll join us again this week at

    Create With Joy

  11. Beth Ann – thank you so much for this beautiful post (and of course the beautiful prayer shawl that I have been wearing non-stop). This has been a very difficult time for us, and many others, and slowly we are getting back to real life… knowing that I have such amazing friends helps so much….

    Times like this really make you appreciate what you have, what you can endure and who and what is truly important….


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