Wordless Wednesday


  1. Hahahahahaha! Very cute. Hope they taste good as well. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  2. So funny. I just saw this on someone else’s blog. We don’t have Trader Joe’s here but I have a feeling I’d love it!

  3. I do miss Trader Joe’s

  4. You just have to wonder where the marketing team may have been when they came up with this packaging concept.

  5. What is that Beth? a kind of snack I presume.

  6. Word of wit from Trader Joe’s ….Go “figger”!

  7. Whoever thought of that on the package should get a bonus. Very creative.

  8. Amy Prentice says:

    Good one Beth Ann…..they are opening our Trader Joe’s very soon…..applicants were wrapped around the building the other day…..and we have a Whole Foods close to that area too (near the mall)…….I am anxious to see Trader Joes….Tara loves hers in Pittsburgh!

  9. That is too funny. Did you buy it for the blog factor, that you could make a post out of it? 🙂

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