Teapot Tuesday

This recent find fills my heart with happiness!!! It features my all time favorite flower–the daisy on it!!! It is covered in gold outlines of the flower that never ceases to make me smile when I see it. If hubby wants to see me smile he gives me daisies!!!  Another Hall favorite—love their stuff!!





  1. I look forward to your teapot Tuesdays! Now I need to brew a cup.

  2. I love the teapot. It makes me want to start a collection but I don’t know where I would put them all. I guess a cup of tea is a goodway to start my day. Thanks!

    • Enjoy your cup! I would fully support your wanting to start a collection. There are so many great ones out there now! In Mooresville I had space above my cabinets and and I displayed a lot of them there—–in this house they are crammed in my hutches and are leaking out in other parts of the house much to Chris’s dismay!

  3. This teapot is truly a beautiful work of art.

    Daisies are also one of my favorite flowers, Thirty years ago, my sisters carried baskets of daisies as bridesmaids in my wedding. There’s something about the simplicity of the daisy, its connection to country places, that so appeals to me.

    • Another thing we have in common!!! I had bouquets of daisies at my wedding 30 years ago,too!!! If Chris wants to make me smile he gets me daisies—and truth be known—I often buy a bouquet at the store when I shop!!! They are inexpensive and happy flowers!

  4. This one is so, so lovely, Beth Ann. Gotta love Teapost Tuesday! Hugs to you, my friend.

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    Another beautiful teapot Beth Ann!!! I just can’t believe I didn’t realize you had a teapot addiction when I met you!!! Daisies are definitely a “happy” flower 🙂 Thank you for sharing….please brew me a cup of tea!

  6. It looks so elegant with the gold and black. Love it.

  7. This is my new favorite! I’ll send you my address! LOL

  8. This teapot is a real beauty. Enjoy your tea..

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