30 Day Challenge—Day 5


Yet another post in my series of the 3o Day Challenge!! This time questions 21-25!!!!

21. How you hope your future will be… filled with lots of love and happiness, time on beaches with family and friends, financial security and a lot of great activities that help others.

22. Your academics: elementary school but no kindergarten which was not available to me where we lived at the time, middle / jr high and high school, graduated from Ohio Northern University and have never really felt the pull to go any further in my formal studies!

23. Name something that you miss:  Tim Tams from Australia

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh:

  1. Billy Jo Bob Beth Ann –my Southern name given to me by my husband
  2. Queery—our youngest used to say his stomach felt queery when he was feeling sick
  3. Stoney Stonewell—a stick we used to use to get the rabbit out from under the front porch when she got out of her cage and escaped.
  4. Hannibal Lampster—-our hamster that decided to become a cannibal
  5. “I am having a junior senior moment” –credit to Chris Chiles

25. Something you are currently worrying about:  I have several people on my mind who are going through health issues or life situations that seem to be very difficult and there is not much I can do other than lift them up in prayer but they continue to be on my mind.

Tune in next week for the final installment!


  1. I loved that Chrisism, “I’m having a junior senior moment..” Tell to watch for the senior prom(pt). Where was I? Oh yeah,,, I’ve already graduated..lol

  2. Oh yes, the rabbit days. Where or from whom, did you get that name for the stick? I may have forgotten or maybe I never knew why you called it Stoney Stonewell.

  3. I had forgotten your “name.” Laughed out loud–again. And “Hannibal Lampster”…too cute…though cannibalism isn’t cute.

  4. Loved your answers Beth Ann! What are Tim Tams? A cookie, a candy, a shoe? Hubby & I are having a lot of “senior moments,” Hubby a little more than me. Sometimes I have to remind him of what he was in the middle of doing 4 times before he gets it done. Part of it is because he gets so easily distracted by another task. His answer always is “I have a great memory – it’s just very short!”

    • Tim Tams are biscuits (cookies) that are chocolate covered pieces of heaven. My favorites are the mint crush ones. Yummmmm!!!! They do a Tim Tam slam where you bite off the corner of one and use it kind of like a straw in your tea or coffee…..messy but yummy!

  5. #24 is super funny. Middle has a hamster and she’s a sweet thing… but she will stay an only hamster after all the stories I have heard!!! 🙂 Also, I know what you mean with #25…

  6. Queery. I love the way little kids get words mixed up.
    My thoughts are with you, as you think about those around you. May you continue to find comfort in prayer, Billy Jo Bob Beth Ann. (wink)

  7. Oh my goodness–I love the “junior senior moment! That Chis is a hoot, isn’t he?!

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