It is November 1st and that means time to reveal the results from Comments for a Cause for October and let you in on our new cause for November. First of all–thank you to all who commented—especially those new folks who stopped by from Rez Dog Rescue—-my cause for October.  You guys rock!!!   If you want to read more about Rez Dog Rescue check out this post where I “introduced” them.  This month I received 414 comments on my blog posts and an additional 46 on Facebook on posts so the grand total I will be donated on your behalf to Rez Dog Rescue will be $230!!! Way to go, peeps!!! Thank you for making a difference in these doggy lives!!!!

Hurricane Sandy has dominated the news for the past few days.  Unless you have been cut off you have seen the images.  You have heard the stories.  You have watched the tears and maybe even shed some of your own.  As I write this I am still waiting to hear from Hilary at Feeling Beachie to find out how their house did during the storm.   I know that they left their house after securing it and went to stay with relatives but I suspect they are without power and phones and can not communicate as usual.  I am sure there are others who I follow that have been affected also but I am not aware of them right now.  It makes me sad.  It is something that everyone will be touched by somehow.  It seems only right that November Comments for a Cause will go toward Hurricane Sandy relief.  I have not pinpointed exactly where it will go but it will definitely go toward hurricane recovery relief.  YOUR comments count so keep them coming.

I am going to be trying to recover from being out of the loop for a week and get back with you and reading your blogs over the next couple of days.  I had a marvelous time with my Mom and totally loved being able to spend time with her.  I am blessed.

There are a lot of great places that folks can donate to help out with the aftermath of Sandy.  Please be careful of where you donate. There are often scams that crop up during this time.  One that I know is worthwhile is UMCOR. They are there from beginning to end.  This post also lists some great places and ideas of how you can help if you are looking for a way.



  1. You have the best heart, the best and most generous.

  2. Oh, Beth Ann, we should be thanking you. You’re the one who does the donating. We merely make the comments. I would also recommend Habitat for Humanity. Sara stared their disaster response program, and our friend Kip runs it now. However, there are tons of great options.

  3. Amy Prentice says:

    So glad to hear the rescued dogs are getting a nice donation….way to go Beth Ann and her followers!!! I think you have found another great cause for November. May I also suggest the Salvation Army is another great organization to donate safely to…..when we were flooded in the election day flood of 1985, they were the first people to greet us and stayed with our community helping til we were on our feet again! I am so grateful that we were not damaged with Hurricane Sandy….we were very fortunate! Anyway kudos to you Miss Beth Ann!!!

    • Salvation Army is indeed a great one!!! Adding it to my ever growing list! It actually was what I was going to do in November originally so that I could put the check in the kettle–it may just get rerouted!

  4. Beth Ann you are amazing! I know how much the donation to Rez Dog Rescue will mean to Shari and Bernie, they do so much to help the pups and that money will do a lot of good. Thank you for helping the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. My mom used to volunteer for the Disaster Core of the Red Cross and was sent to many places affected by natural disasters. The thing she was always amazed by was the human spirit. People rarely were concerned for themselves, more often worried about their friends, family, neighbors or co-workers. It is nice to see that you show that kind of caring and concern all the time, it is a rare and very wonderful quality. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much, Beth Ann. This is such a blessing. We have a few dogs that were pretty sick and this will help take away a chunk of their medical bills. Thank you! We all appreciate you making us your cause for the month of October!!

  6. I’m so glad that you did well in your “Comments for a Cause” in October. Hurricane Sandy, was devastating to a lot of people here in the Northeast, the fact that the only effect it had on us, was the loss of power for eight hours, and a few branches downed was indeed a “Gift” from God..
    So I wish you the best of luck with November’s cause, as so many were effected, you can’t pick a wrong group to which to give your support.God Bless.

    • Thanks, Jake!!! I was happy with the response!!! And now with the hurricane stuff it seemed like the natural place to give. Glad to hear you got power back and were relatively untouched. It makes you realize how fortunate you are, doesn’t it?

  7. It’s wonderful that someone can help!

  8. Beth Ann, you are absolutely awesome! Love you.

  9. Beth Ann, this is obviously on most every ones mind and I believe a very important cause for a long time to come. We are still waiting to hear from Hilary or the family and have not been able to do so. I read an article today that in Long Island they are coming in with backhoes to shuffle the sand out of the streets. Some areas are very bad. Middle’s friend’s grandparents have a lot of damage to their home as does her uncle- a tree fell on his house -… I’m getting very anxious and hope to hear something soon!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart. This rescue group is very special to me and I’m so thankful for people like you!

  11. I am so glad you chose Hurricane Sandy for your November cause. It is such a helpless feeling to be so far away from blogging buddies & know they need help & you can’t help. Besides whatever else I can do, it’s nice to know my comments will help out! Bless you Beth Ann!

  12. I’m glad you had a nice visit with your mom. And I can’t think of a better cause right now than the super storm victims. I plan to send a check off to the Red Cross soon.

    You’re very generous, and set an excellent example.

    • Thanks, Christine—I am so glad that we can do a little bit. It is just such an amazing thing to see how people can forget their differences and come together during a crisis like this.

  13. All of your causes have been good and this one tops them all. You cannot watch the TV without wanting to help the people who are suffering as a result of Sandy. We all must help them.

  14. Yes, thank you, Beth Ann for looking out for the animals. A couple organizations I can think of who are helping with hurricane relief are Operation Blessing and Samaritan’s Purse.

  15. I missed most of November (real life and blog) so I just found this now…. It was so hard not being able to communicate for so long…I am so glad that Susi was able to reach out to you…. XOXO

    PS – wearing the shawl!

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