You Asked For It! You Got It! Chrisisms Part 5

Can you believe that I have collected more Chrisisms to post???  It has been awhile since I posted Chrisisms–Part 4 so I thought it was time to post a few more.  As always, enjoy!

1.  If you are going to join the circus you want to be at the front of the parade.

2. This train is dysfunction junction.

3. When talking about being married 30 years Chris quipped “if we had committed murder we would be getting out about now.”

4. A waitress asked us if we were done with our meal or still picking.  Chris immediately answered that we were now grinning.

5. Geezerland Zoo must be opening up!

6. It isn’t easy being a prophet—-I keep seeing bones in the desert.

7. I ain’t digging those Duggars.

8. I think I have Prairie Madness.  (I am pretty sure I have it, too.)

9. You know that you are getting old when the stuff you grew up with is now called retro.

10.  When watching a really low budget movie Chris stated “this must have been done with one MasterCard”.

There you have it—the latest and greatest.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Obviously my husband can.


  1. Chris seems to possess a similar sense of humor to that of my Randy. After 30 years my guy still surprises me with his humor.

  2. Amy Prentice says:

    Thank you Beth Ann for bringing a smile today….with all this Frankenstorm worries involving my family and friends, I needed the Chrisisms!!! I wish I had thought to write down all the Daveisms over the years…lol! You have a blessed day!

  3. John is still laughing – especially at #3 and #10!

  4. Priceless! LOL
    here in Canada, you would have had a chance at early parole/stat release after 2/3 of your “sentence”.

  5. The marriage one made me giggle. I found out that my better half’s grandparents have been married over 70 years…That’s amazing and somewhat scary for me

  6. Oh, these are priceless, Beth Ann. No wonder you love this man! My favorite may be the one about geezerland. But the one about prison release after 30 years is hilarious. How could that ever have occurred to him. You gotta wonder abot a mind like that. There must be SOOOOO much going on in there. Bet you are NEVER bored.

  7. He’s one of a kind, Beth Ann. Always enjoy the things he comes up with.

  8. When we lived in Pickle Lake, when you started to go stir crazy, it was called “getting bushed” & you would see people filing out of town early in the spring to combat “bushiness.”

  9. My best laugh came with number three. It sounds like Chris for sure.

  10. My favorite is # 4. I’m going to have to remember to use that one!


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