30 Day Challenge–Day 4

Today I reveal the answers to numbers 16-20 !! Hang on to your hats!

16. Something you always think “what if” about….What if I had never gone to that Bible study in Park Hall my freshman year at ONU and not seen the handsome man who would later become my husband?  Would I have met him otherwise ?  What if I had never “positioned” myself to be in the same places as him?  I would not say I stalked him but I was “strategic”.   THE best thing in my life absolutely.  (Other than my Christianity, obviously!).

17. Something that I am proud of:  This is an easy one. The best thing I have ever done is be a mom and the evidence of my success at that –though it was not totally because of only ME in that—is in our boys.  Hands down the best thing I have ever been a part of.  No doubt about that.  I was happiest in that role and still take a lot of pride in seeing the young men that they are.

18. A problem that I have had: Not believing in myself enough and in my own capabilities.

19. Five items I lust after:  

  1. Becoming a published author
  2. The original John Wesley teapot
  3. Laundry that folds itself and puts itself away
  4. Perfect hair every single day with minimal effort
  5. My husband -though I doubt he would like to be considered an “item”

20.  Your fears:  Hubby dying before me, really deep water and snakes (if they surprise me—okay if I know that they are there!)

Come back next week for the next 5!!!



  1. This looks like a fun challenge, Beth Ann. I’ve missed a lot while I’ve been out of the loop here in St. Louis. I’m trying to do what I can.

    I never knew you wanted to be a published writer. Fiction or non-? Have you written something?

  2. Congratulations, my friend! I feel like you do about the possibility of Sara dying before I do. That’s huge for me. This challenge is so fun.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for sharing my Etsy products on Pinterest. I am so ignorant about technology and social media, I didn’t know enough to know you had done that. I realized you had shared the original article about ornament making, but not the latest. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I would really love to sell some ornaments, so your sharing them really touched me. You’re a good friend.


    • Happy to share your Etsy shop items—always try to promote what my friends are doing because every little Facebook shout out and tweet help!!! Love your stuff!!!

  3. I think if you didn’t go to that class you would have still met Chris. Marc and I almost met a year before we actually met – I share your dream about being published. I am finishing up my edits to my manuscript 🙂

  4. I often wonder “what if” I hadn’t found the ad in the paper and hadn’t been hired to work for hubby’s dad’s company (which I didn’t know until later)… I don’t like thinking of not having him and our children in my life!!! Hubby also often says my one best destiny in life was being a mother and I think, he’s right. It’s what I enjoy the most. All the other stuff is just icing on the cake. Can anyone take these prompts? I’d like to copy them and use them when I’m stumped for something to write. Would that be okay? I do love your answers by the way!!! And I can’t wait to one day read your book! 🙂

  5. When your devotional book publishes, I want an autographed copy.

    Love the stalking Chris story and find myself, in my head, giving many of the same answers you wrote here.

  6. I also met my husband at ONU. He had a class next to mine and I always tried to be out there so I could see him. After we had gone together for a while I found out he also tried to hurry out so we could walk out together. We married and were happy ever after.

  7. Love your answers Beth Ann! I think you may be right about destiny finding a way to bring 2 people together when they are supposed to be together. Hubby used to be in a band & his band used to play dances at my high school. I never knew him then. I met him almost 23 years later when a friend introduced us (a friend I had only known for a year or so).
    BTW I finally figured out how to follow you on Pinterest tonight.

  8. I wondered how you were going to answer #19. A teapot crossed my mind. John Wesley’s? I may have to Google that one. Self-done laundry and perfect hair–perfect choices! I believe you will be published, and I’m sure Chris was pleased to make the list.

  9. I’d have to say that being a mom is my # 1 accomplishment. And…laundry that folds itself – I’m there!

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