Pinning? With Pleasure!

Yep—I love Pinterest and have gotten sucked into it .  I don’t spend a ton of time on it but when I first discovered it early on I was pinned  hooked.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it it is a great social media website that allows members to share pictures of things that they love.  It could be recipes, home DIY projects, crafts, favorite books, clothing and style makers, sayings and quotes, photography—the sky is the limit.  The member “pins” images that link to the website or source of the idea, picture, etc.  It is amazing.  I have gotten tons of great ideas and recipes and thought that I would share a few of those with you today.  I am not even going to start on the recipes today—-that is a post for another day!  Here are a few that top my list!

1. Line refrigerator shelves with inexpensive placemats cut to fit the shelves. This helps keep shelves clean while adding a bit of style to your appliance!!!!  

2. Use a nice looking wine rack to store towels attractively!  This one is put to use in our exercise room in the event we actually work up a sweat!! 

3. Put a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard tube of the toilet paper roll. Each time you “unroll” you get a nice little fresh scent!  

4. Make coasters out of inexpensive tiles, scrapbooking paper and ModPodge for a customized and individualized gift!!!!  Plan to do a step by step post on this later but it is EASY!  

5.  Perk up a party with specialized theme candles using votive holders, tealights and baking decorating crystals !  This one is in scarlet and gray for my brother in law’s love of all things Ohio State but what a great way to decorate for Halloween with some of those Halloween colored baking sugars and toppings!  

6. Zipper Keeper Upper–Yep–that is the technical name!!!   Take a key ring and put in the slot in the zipper tab of those favorite pants that the zipper keeps falling down.  Pull up and look the key ring around the button and magic!!!  No more throwing the pants out because the zipper won’t stay up! 

If you want to follow me on Pinterest just click on the box at the top of my blog!  I would love to see what YOU are pinning so let me know in the comments below what is your favorite “pin”!!!!



  1. My fave is the zipper keeper upper…say that three times fast.

  2. Totally doing the fridge shelf lining one! genius whoever thought that up.
    When I was first pregnant and the jeans started to get a little snug, the zipper would not stay up and I did that trick – but I used a small elastic instead.
    Love the candle one too. I put shells, sand, potpourri, buttons, whatever in mine.
    Ah Pinterest…..I could get lost in you forever! LOL

    • The fridge thing is awesome!!! I even put some of them in the bins in the doors because there is always unidentified gross stuff in there that I have to clean out–where it comes from who knows???

  3. McGuffyAnn says:

    I loved it too, until I started getting really weird messages, comments, spam, and friend requests from people who didn’t even have pins or boards. It got really weird, so I quit. Creepy stuff. It’s sad that people ruin things. Enjoy!

  4. I love the wine rack/towel holder idea and will have to look into it. I got an empty wall in my bathroom that would work perfectly!!! I love Pinterest but don’t go on it too much because when I do I get sucked into the void!!!! 🙂

  5. I love seeing all the creative ideas my friends pin, but I already waste enough time on the internet so no Pinterest for me!

  6. I have not gotten into Pinterest because, well, it would be just another thing to do online. But I can most definitely see the benefits. Like that coaster idea as I need coasters.

  7. I know – I love Pinerest too. I don’t get on as often as I want, but then again, maybe that’s a good thing!

  8. I’m loving the coaster ideas. That one is fun. Pintrest is an addicting little thing. If only I did half the things I pinned, I would be ahead of the game. *lol*

  9. I don’t use it but both my daughters are hooked on it. 🙂 Lots of good ideas. I just watch their FB pages to get the tips. 🙂

  10. Pintrest is so fun. I get on different kicks. My latest one was to my “Critters” board. One night I pinned a bunch of pictures of baby goats. Last night it was pit bulls. There is nothing like a picture of an animal to make me smile 🙂

  11. I really need to use Pinterest to promote my Etsy site. Need to sell ornaments. Is that the kind of things folks can do? I mean, I’m wondering if their is an etiquette involved. I loved Pinterest when I’ve tried it. I just haven’t stuck with it. I think I follow you, but I’ll check to be sure. I LOVE your coasters, Beth Ann. They’re lovely! Happy Thursday.

    • I will make sure I pin some of your Etsy shop stuff—it looks great, by the way. I have been traveling so haven’t been able to comment as usual and visit—going to try to catch up now!

  12. Okay, at least now I have figured out how to follow you. Oh, Beth Ann, I am so tech-phobic it’s sad. Somehow my brain just doesn’t do it easily! I’m learning!

  13. I like the placemat idea. The placemats would be far easier to clean when spills occur. I may have to try that idea.
    I’m on Pinterest, and I will certainly start following you, but I rarely visit the site. Being that I am not a shopper, crafter, or buyer – it’s not my market. But, I am there to promote my blog.

    • The placemat idea works great! I even lined the bins in the doors which always seem to get unknown sticky stuff on them—I bought 4 placemats but could have used only 3 for my fridge. It is a great idea! Makes the fridge “purity!”

  14. Randi Beckman says:

    Yep.. I will be doing the zipper keeper upper with my favorite shorts.

  15. That zipper thingy rocks! I can’t wait to try that. I’m always worried about my zipper. Thanks for sharing. I’m not a Pininterest fan but glad it is out there for people who do.

  16. I love the placemat idea! I’ve seen those coasters in various craft media, might have to actually try that. The zipper idea is so clever! Thanks for sharing.

  17. So I just went to Pinterest & signed in – you are so bad for me! Now you’ve given me something else to work through!

  18. I have never been on Pinterest and probably will not go there. I spend enough time on the internet as it is. I did like the idea they gave to hold the towels. Really neat.

  19. I did make a couple coasters but used a stamp and water color pencils. Instead of modpodge, I think they were just sprayed with some kind of sealant. It’s a nice craft for sure!

    I like the placemats in the refrigerator idea too! We have so many, I’m going to put some in right now!

    That’s a good zipper solution too although I’ve never had that problem.

    • These are modpodged and then sprayed with a clear coat sealant. I used some from an auto parts store that was heat resistant so I could put hot cups on them.

  20. Creative people scare the “Hell” out of me…Just think what they could do if they put those thoughts into not so nice things…Brrrrr. lol Really good info here Beth Ann. Oh, yeah NOBODY has a refrigerator that neat..Just sayin’!

  21. Tere Lehman says:

    Well several people have tried to suck me into pintrest and so far I have resisted but I must say I like the zipper keeper upper

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