Scarecrows Galore

On a recent visit to Clear Lake we stopped at the Central Gardens of North Iowa  to check out what was going on there.  It is one of our favorite places to stop and take pictures as the land scape is always changing and the flowers are so meticulously cared for that it makes a delightful visit each and every time we stop by.  This day was no exception as there was a scarecrow display.  As we strolled through I snapped some pictures and overheard some of the students who were there who had contributed to the displays which was kind of fun.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow of scarecrows—some scarier than others but each with a personality of their own!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. The Clear Lake Central Gardens are one of my favorite places to go and write.

  2. Beyond cool

  3. I kinda want to make a scarecrow now!

  4. I also have the desire to make a scarecrow. It would look great in my front flower bed. I really thought some of the scarecrows you showed were outstahding.

  5. Rebecca Miracle says:

    Some really unique ones! Looked like a fun thing to do and the flowers are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. what an cool and unique idea! I kinda want to do a scarecrow in my front yard now for Halloween. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Isn’t it amazing the things people come up with? So much creativity out there. The flowers are so pretty!

  8. Always fun to see such creativity. Our local Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf always sponsors a scarecrow festival each year. In fact, your post reminds me that it might currently be on exhibit.

  9. What a fun post, Beth Ann! Of course, my favorite is the one that looks like it’s made of cans! LOL

  10. We have a Clear Lake just North & West of Winnipeg – it’s beautifully clear & cold. Loved some of the scarecrows, they were very creative. Makes me wish I could take photos.

    • I would imagine your Clear Lake is a little different than ours but that is pretty neat to have one named the same thing in Canada!!! And I bet you could take pictures!!! I just usually use my phone or a point and shoot digital and don’t pull out the fancy camera!

  11. Some creative creations here–Cute slide show for fall!

  12. Very creative. Not at all what I would have expected to see.

  13. Some of these are pretty amazing. You can tell a lot of thought went into them. Love the flowers too.

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