Crying Over a Mattress?

I wasn’t going to do a post today because–well–you know—I post a lot.  I don’t want to bore you out there in the blogosphere but you know what?  This was too good to not write about so choose if you want to read or not—the choice is yours.

Several years ago my sister and I went to a Women of Faith weekend together.  I had my first experience with attending one when we lived in Freeport, Illinois and I went with a great group that I went to Bible Study with.  It was fabulous and I have gone to many others in the years that followed. This last one that Paula and I attended was special in the fact that we both decided to sponsor children through World Vision.  I have talked about my sweet little Martin before on this blog . He lives in Zambia, has a little sister and is now 7 years old—he was only 5 when I started to send support to him.

Last month I decided to send Martin a little extra money.  Every once in awhile World Vision will send an email out and suggest that if you can it is really a great thing to give above and beyond.  Well., Chris and I have been so blessed and it is always good to give a little extra.  Today I got a letter and pictures from Martin.  Someone else writes the letter for him but I believe that the words are his that are on that page.  It made me cry.  It was the most adorable thank you letter ever.  But the best thing ever was to see the pictures of he and his mother and sister posing in front of all of the things that they had been able to buy with that $100.   Martin wrote that they bought a school bag, shoes, shirts and shorts, books, school uniform, groceries and a MATTRESS!    A MATTRESS!   Which makes me think that Martin never had a mattress to sleep on before.  All this for only $100.  I wept.  Because I have so much.  And he has so little.


  1. You need to put tissue warnings on blogs like these!

  2. Georgiana Hill says:

    We are so very fortunate! How nice to be able to help others

  3. Wow. We just don’t realize how fortunate and blessed we are.

    • It just got to me, you know???We cleaned closets yesterday and took a load to Goodwill and then I got that letter and pictures and it just hit me like a ton of bricks that we have no idea how most people live.

  4. This is wonderful, Beth Ann. Blessed to be a blessing! Thank you for making life better for Martin and his family.

  5. It is always amazing how doing something we may consider a small sacrifice can bring about such huge blessings to others. There is nothing you could have bought for that $100 that would have made your heart happier and a little boy and his family so much more comfortable. You are such a blessing to others Beth Ann! 🙂

  6. Oh, Beth Ann, so glad you posted this! I sponsored a child through World Vision when I was a teenager, believe it or not. Now Sara and I have a number of friends who work for the organization all around the world! This is the perfect post for Sunday!

    • That is so neat that you guys know folks with World Vision—I honestly had not even thought of that. It is one of the organizations that I feel is run well and when you actually see how your money was used it makes it more real, you know??? I was just so blessed by this.

  7. Sorry, just had to add, isn’t it incredible what we take for granted? This is so sobering!

  8. Martin looks so happy it has to make everyone else happy. It is such a good feeling when you do something like that because we are helping someone else have a better life. God bless you and Chris.

  9. Beth Ann you make me want to be a better person. It is amazing how much you do. And even more so after reading this story. Here’s to hoping he’ll have a good nights sleep.

    • Aw Susi! I didn’t write this post to draw attention to me–really?? I just wrote it because it touched me so much how much I take things for granted!!! And he looked so happy!

  10. When we give, we are often blessed a hundred fold by our giving. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  11. Oh my…I think you received much more than he did. On the other hand…I can’t even imagine not having a mattress.

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