You know you never know what you are going to read about when you come to It’s Just Life.  All the blog advice is to stick to one genre or one target audience and you will achieve success.  I have far too many interests for that.   There are teapots.  There are Wordless Wednesday pictures. There are those devotional offerings that I love to write, There are the travel pictures to post. There are the everyday occurrences that I somehow turn into a post.  My world can not be limited.

Which is why today I offer you………Woodiees.   In the effort to take care of my beloved I am always looking for products that will make his life better.  Enter Woodies –the underwear made of wood whose claim of being “non-binding” was just what this wife was looking for for her husband.  I don’t quite get the binding issue but I have heard that it is a problem.  Without going into much more detail let’s just say it is not a comfortable feeling to experience said problem.

There you have it–Woodies.  When they arrived Chris was out of town so I just put them on his dresser.  He tried them yesterday.  I told him it would be a blog post.  He was not thrilled.  All day long I kept asking him questions about his Woodiees.  That will teach him to work from home, right?  The claims on the box were something to behold.

Soft, comfortable, attractive???  Wrinkle resistant?  Stretch to fit ?  And my favorite—drape attractively!   Now who does not want their underwear to drape attractively???  I mean really–when I pick out a pair to wear each morning that is the question that is foremost on my mind—do these drape attractively under my clothing???   Seriously, folks, that is a huge selling point!

At the end of the day when the Woodiees came off my husband was a little less than impressed.  I don’t think that they will be his go-to pair of underwear even if they do drape attractively.


  1. I got to get a pair for marc!

    • I guess it is a common husband complaint–the binding issue—but quite honestly—they are really thin and instead of a “flap” there is a pouchy thing. Chris was unwilling to model…..

  2. You really had fun writing this post didn’t you 😉

  3. Joanna graham says:

    Oh my goodness. Poor Chris, you mean he didn’t like the way they draped attractively? This is too funny and if I find a pair for women I will see if maybe it might makw me look 20lbs lighter. LOL

    I so love your blog! Thanks for starting my day off to a fantastic start

    • I would buy up the store if they made me look 20 pounds lighter, too! I did not see that they came in women’s sizes…more research is necessary! Glad you tune in to It’s Just Life—glad to have you along for the ride!!!

  4. Most worthy of a blog post even if Chris was not thrilled because this “review” is hilarious.

    • Thanks, Audrey!!!! It was too good not to write about—of course he would not “model” them and quite frankly I think I would get traffic here that might not be what I was hoping for with that picture posted!!! .I am a little worried as it is to see what searches bring folks to read about Woodies! 🙂

  5. Amy Prentice says:

    Oh Beth Ann you gave me a great laugh for the day. I bet Chris was just thrilled about the blog! That makes up for all the time you have to be “quiet”!!! Thanks for getting my day off to a great start!

  6. OMG, you have no idea, how much “material” that you and the manufacturer provided for an R or X rated post. I will spare you the details though…Grinning ear to ear,, Thanks.

  7. Must not ask inappropriate questions about “woodies” Must not resist the urge.

    They sound lovely.

    • Oh Bernie—you disappoint me!!! I thought you would come up with some great questions….you can imagine Chris is not real pleased with me….at least I did not sneak a picture of him in them……he should be thankful!

  8. Well I was kind of wondering if his Woodies gave him splinters in his naught parts?
    I was also wondering if the term Woodie is also just for the underwear itself or if it makes everything it touches “wooden” *snicker*

  9. Ohhh it would be HARD to resist undies made of wood! Okay, that was an easy cheep shot but I have been out of the loop for awhile. So glad Chris made it to the end of the day with out having the feeling of sliding down a banister. 😉 Thanks for the chuckle Beth Ann.

    • Good one, Michele–I knew you guys would rise to the occasion and provide even more hilarity with this post!! Thank you for not disappointing!! And I would have had to have photo journaled him if he had slid down the banister!

  10. That cracked me up.

  11. well at least they are wrinkle resistant…i mean that is one of the first things I worry about…will my undies be wrinkly by the end of the day? so no splinters?

  12. I seriously think he should have been willing to model them for us! Afterall, you went to all the trouble to get them for him! ‘Howling’!

  13. Oh, Beth Ann! This post may make you broke my dear! The tongue-in-cheek nature of the name is too much to resist! Drape attractively? If that wasn’t a thinly veiled approach at ego stroking, I don’t know what is! LOL

  14. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I will pray for Chris who may need it after wearing them a full day.

  15. I am so glad they have finally found a resolve the the drapping ish! 🙂 You gave me quite a laugh today! BTW – the reason I love your blog so much is that you do write about the most interesting things!! 😀

  16. Rebecca Miracle says:

    Loved it (sorry Christopher Columbus!) !! I can just see the eye rolling now! LOL I also loved the “draping part”, but my favorite was that they are “absorbant…..?????? We’re NOT talking Depends here!

  17. Charlene Pitsch says:

    I can’t stop laughing. I need to tell my Manfriend about them!! Anything to help out the environment. LOL

  18. Just the Christmas gift for the guy who has everything.

  19. Now this is something I never thought I would see – especially not on your blog Beth Ann! I don’t know what to make of this at all. Why wood – because it’s a natural resource? So is cotton. And no fly? Why not?

  20. this made my day!! love all the comments! wood for woodies, what will they think of next??

  21. Now Mr. Bernie wants me to find him a pair. He thinks they sound comfy. He also said, “And if you are camping and don’t have wood, you can set them on fire and they should burn nicely.”

  22. That’ll teach him to work from home and mess up your day! And now off to look for some woodies – would my son or son in law like a pair?

  23. ROFL! Oh, Beth Ann, I would loved to have been there during your interview sessions! Maybe if Chris had been happy with them, he would have modeled. We are to conclude they don’t drape as well as expected.

  24. The name alone in relation to men’s underwear is worth a chuckle. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this post!!! 🙂

  25. Beth Ann, this is down right hilarious! Who knew you had this in you! I promise–this one is priceless, my friend. And good for Chris, for even allowing you to write it. I don’t think Sara would tolerate me writing about her underwear. What a hoot!

    • Chris may never be the same after this post, let me tell you. Especially if he sees anyone who reads my blog who might ask him about his Woodiees….but chances of that are pretty remote—not many people who live here read it so hopefully he is safe! Glad it made you laugh a little today!

  26. Sorry had to add——-who even knew wooden underwear existed! How did you find them? Still laughing over here!

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