Wordless Wednesday



  1. Ah, a nice shot from home.

  2. beautiful!

  3. Is it an eagle? I’m so jealous.

  4. wow. what a great capture – so majestic indeed.

  5. I hope to one day see a bald eagle out in the wild. Beautiful picture, Beth Ann.

    • Thanks—it was really a very neat time for us. Of course we could not seem to get both of them in the same photo but at least I got one good shot before the fog and mist rolled in. They are so amazing!

  6. I never tire of spotting an eagle, although I’ve only begun to see them in recent years. We were traveling Interstate 90 east of Rochester recently when two bald eagles flew across the freeway . Incredible and closest I’ve ever seen eagles in the wild as they were apparently feasting on roadside kill.

  7. Nice, Beth Ann!

  8. Beautiful shot of the eagle Beth Ann.. You know when I was growing up, I never once saw a hawk..No kidding. But today they are everwhere, I don’t know what caused the explosion in their population, but they too, are magnificent birds.. I’ve even had two close encounters with them. One had to drop the squirrel it was carrying in it’s talons to gain enough altitude in order to avoid my windshield…He/she was successful, but just barely..As usual, super post Beth Ann.

    • I know what you mean! I see hawks all the time now–not that I can identify what kind ! I always send pics to my nephew or brother who are avid birders. Last winter I saw one swoop down and snatch a feeding bird at one of my birdfeeders. Talk about traumatic!

      • Yeah, I know, that experience with the hawk coming straight at my car, was eye-opening. Then it hung around and vocalized its claim to that squirrel.. One other time one of my work buddies and I were walking around back of the bldg, on a fire access road to get to the other side of the parking lot, and he just nudged me and pointed, about four feet away on the ground standing on a fresh caught squirrel this huge hawk just glared at us, as if to dare us to try and take that away from him…We kept walking..Beautiful creatures though, majestic is a good word.

  9. Definitely don’t need words for this! Great shot.

  10. I love eagles!!! God speaks to me a lot about them and my name means literally “God’s eagle”.
    Visiting from Create With Joy, have a super blessed day!

  11. Great Picture, I love it!…

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    Hope you had a happy Wednesday !!!!

  12. whoaaa…that’s an amazing shot

  13. Wow, I take it you took that photo? Beautiful!

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