Turtle Times Two

On our last trip to North Carolina we spent an afternoon at a delightful shop called Southern Season in Chapel Hill. If my dream comes true to move back to North Carolina I will be a fixture in this place.  Don’t even try to move me.  It has everything that I want here.  I would not even have to leave the store as there is a coffee / tea shop, deli, and yes—even a cooking school! What a perfect place!   And of course–teapots—lovely precious teapots of all different shapes and sizes and textures!   I was in heaven.  Aaron helped me pick out my teapot purchase—don’t you love the turtles????




  1. Now that’s cute!

  2. Sounds like the perfect town for you and yes, I do like the turtles!

  3. You just have to wonder, how do they think of this? Apparently someone with creativity. As we say in Minnesota, “It’s different,” but in a cute sort of way.

  4. Cute.

  5. I love Southern Season! I’m from Durham, but did what I call my “formative growing up” in Chapel Hill.

    • Oh gosh—that place is wonderful! When our oldest went to UNC I always tried to work in a trip there. I never get out of there without spending $$$$$$$$$$

      • Seasweetie says:

        I love that they have their little outposts now in RDU.

        • What??? I did not know that!!! Please tell me where!!!!!!! I know you can order but did not know that they had other locations!!! How did I miss that???

          • Seasweetie says:

            It’s been a couple of years since I’ve flown into RDU, but there were (I think) at least two shops on the main concourse inside security where all the gates are. A bonus if you are going to NC, but not able to make it to the mothership.

            • Oh I think you are right!! I am always in such a rush when I fly in there!!! So next time I will allow more time!!!!!

          • Seasweetie says:

            And you know they have an online store, right?

            • Yep—I did know that…..but I love the whole instore experience there……going back to Raleigh in December and I foresee another trip!

  6. Ha, ha.. Love the piggy-back, so creative.

  7. That is adorable and unique. I really like it.

  8. Quite a teapot. Who would have thought to make a turtle teapot!!!

  9. Oh my gosh that is a cute one! 🙂

  10. That’s a real tea pot? One you can actually use? It looks like a cool garden statue.

    • Yep–it is one of those clay ones that you can kind of season by using the same type of tea in it over and over again. Cute, huh?

  11. Very unusual tea pot. Love the little turtle on top 🙂

  12. Charlene Pitsch says:

    That turtle tea pot is sooo cute!!!

  13. Very unusal and cute!

  14. What a beauty 🙂

  15. That is the most interesting tea pot I have ever seen.

  16. What a unique teapot! It would be wonderful if you moved to NC–within driving distance. 🙂

  17. Now, THAT is great teapot! Hope you’ll come by my place one of these days and have a cup. I miss you!

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