Steadfast Devotion

Earlier this year I went to visit our oldest son in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  He is a busy young professional and had to go to work while I was there so I had a couple days to just chill out in his apartment complex. He has a great place and it overlooks the complex pool.  One quick open of his door and I was in  the courtyard with a beautiful swimming pool so you can bet that I took advantage of that on the days he was gone.  Armed with my Kindle, iPhone, earbuds and beverage I was happy as could be.

Every day that I was there there was a constant visitor to the pool other than the anoles.  A young woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s and her dog came religiously.  The dog was one of those beautiful lab mixes I would imagine and just so gorgeous and attentive.  The young woman was in a wheelchair and obviously did not have use of her legs.  She would position the chair close to the edge of the pool and lower herself out of the chair and into the water.  She swam a good 20-30 minutes daily—back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  The dog watched.  He never took his eyes off her.  He was her guardian and took his job seriously.  As I watched from behind my sunglasses I saw his head go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth as his owner completed her exercise for the day.  I have to believe that if she got into any kind of trouble he would have immediately left his spot and jumped in to assist.  It was such a touching scene to me.  Total devotion and love.

It got me thinking about love and devotion.  Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling of love and devotion?   Have you ever felt that someone was as attentive to you as this dog was to his owner?  Have you ever felt that someone could not take their eyes off of you?  Not in a stalker way but in a good way?  Have you ever felt that you were the object of someone’s devotion?  What an incredible feeling.

I think that is how God looks at us.  With love and devotion.  Understanding that His creations do not always understand the vastness of His love for us and loving us despite it.  I hope you feel steadfast love and devotion today, my friends.



  1. These dogs are amazing aren’t they. Only if I could train Miles to actually pay attention and not dart after all the squirrels and birds and rip my arm out of my socket when he does.

  2. Great story, Beth Ann. In fact, my post today is a tribute to one mental health professional who demonstrated incredible care on my behalf during the 1990s.

  3. The images alone this post evokes. Dogs are such wonderful creatures… It’s a lot of devotion to live up to. I’d like to think that hubby and I are devoted to each other but it may not quite be the same thing!

    • I wish I had taken a picture but I never had a good opportunity to do that plus I did not want to invade her privacy, you know??? It was a pretty amazing thing to watch. I am sure you and hubby are devoted to each other!!! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful story… this young lady was so lucky to have such a devoted friend…

  5. Beth Ann, this is a powerful piece which deserves publication in a devotional. Go online or find a copy of Writer’s Market or Writer’s Digest and find a print market for this piece of writing. You’ve written a great devotional here. Let me know when it’s accepted for publication and where because it will be accepted. Just a great, thoughtful, powerful and well written devotional. Thank you.

    • You are my biggest fan, Audrey!!! You always seem to give me the affirmation that I crave! I have considered doing a short book of devotionals like this post so who knows….that is my goal…I just need to make it happen. Thank you so much…you are a very sweet and supportive person!

      • You are welcome, Beth Ann. I’ve written and had a few devotionals published, so I recognize a publishable piece when I read one. You are especially gifted in this type of writing and I would encourage you to pursue this. Start by submitting. Once your work is accepted somewhere, and it will be, your confidence will grow.

        • I will seriously look into it—–I have quite a few over the years that are along that vein and I think that is my goal for now –to actually get something published!! Thanks for the love!

  6. Touching post. I got a puppy a few months ago — my first dog — and she is becoming the companion I had hoped for. I love to hear about the connection between humans and animals.

    • Aw…I bet your puppy is bringing you much joy!!! I think the bond between animals and humans is simply amazing!!!

  7. What a beautiful sentiment and analogy Beth Ann..

  8. What a sweet story.

    My husband gives me that feeling of “watched over” love.

  9. Amen, Beth Ann.

  10. Miranda Gargasz says:

    What a touching and sweet post. I shared it on my Facebook page in hopes of passing on a little of the light you bring to this world, lady. You rock!

  11. The most devoted pals I’ve ever come across are dogs that are trained to help their special needs owners in whatever what that person needs. It is hard to imagine a human having that much devotion 100% of the time but I know that I have it for my kids. Of course, as parents they don’t want us watching their every move so it is a double edged sword. I too feel that devotion from my Lord though!

  12. I am so glad you had the chance to see this touching scene. If we take time to relax and think about the people around us, we can see devotions. We have a man here who takes his wife for a ride in in a cart almost every day and seems so happy. She doesn’t walk and I don’t think she even talks. He is so devoted to his wife and we all admire him for the loving care he shares with you.

  13. I’ve been MIA from reading your work lately , my bloggy friend(sorry…). How ironic that I felt led to share my post today and read yours within hours. Thanks for your insights!

    • Thanks, Debbie!!! I have been off my game when it comes to blog reading, too!!! No real reason but sure need to get back into the regular flow of things—reading all those blogs I love like yours!!! Thanks for the comment!

  14. This is a beautiful post, Beth Ann. What a great companion she has, and yes, unconditional love.

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