Teapot Tuesday

Come join me on my back deck for a pot of tea!!! I have an adorable teaset from Teavana that will serve up a nice fall brew before the snow flies!!! Love the earthy green color and texture of this set!!!



  1. Teavana is awesome. Wish it wasn’t so expensive… This set looks great outside with the greenery behind it. Green for some Jasmin green tea maybe? 🙂

  2. On my way. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m bringing a book to read while sitting on your beautiful deck.

  3. I continue to be amazed at the breadth of your collection. I’m dying to visit so I can see where you keep all these.

  4. Anything green is a favorite of mine. This is probably one of my favorite of the tea sets you’ve shown us. Just a lovely hue.

  5. My daughter is an ENORMOUS fan of Teavana. That is a gorgeous set.

  6. Love this set! Gorgeous!

  7. As you know, I love “Teapot Tuesday.” And what a great pot this week! Love the color. What I wouldn’t do to actually have that tea with you. Oh well, maybe one of these days we’ll share some Earl Grey. Right, my friend?

  8. I so love the color! I’m a big green girl. What a fun way to have a tea party.

  9. I think I’ll go have a nice warm cup of tea now.

  10. Helen Brown says:

    A wonderfull place to enjoy your cup of tea from a lovely teapot and enjoy the day.

  11. I’ll be right over! This is a pretty set, nice color, pattern, and look at that glaze! Wow.

  12. My niece works for Teavana. I pushed her to get the job…I am a little addicted. She my inside tea dealer.

    • That is awesome! I would love to have a family member who worked there!!! I would so take advantage of that!!!!

  13. Oh, I like that tea set a lot! It reminds me of watermellons. I posted about tea last year at some point…though I didn’t photograph all my tea pots…all…as if I have a lot…I don’t have a lot, just three, though I do have several children’s tea sets, which is what I posted on, as I recall…yes…here’s the link! http://afinedayforanepiphany.wordpress.com/2011/11
    If that doesn’t work, you can just search for November 1st of 2011 through my archives!!

    • Gretchen–thanks for the link!! heading over there now to check it out!!! I love children’s tea sets. One of my first ones and definitely most prized is a children’s tea set from my Aunt Ruth who I never really knew as she died when I was really young. My dad made sure I got it and it is one of my favorite ones, of course!

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