The incessant dripping of our shower head has me about pulling my hair out.  It started as an infrequent and somewhat calming sound a couple of weeks ago.  Just the occasional plink of the water droplet on the floor of the shower in our bathroom.  We had recently replaced the shower head as it had gotten beyond nasty looking and was over due.  Then the drip started. And it has gotten worse.

I told my husband we needed to get it fixed.  It wasn’t bad but it had gotten a bit worse.  He looked at it and decided that it needed a little more than he could tackle and that we needed an actual plumber to take care of it. We were gone for a week so that got put on hold.  Somehow when we were gone it got worse.  Much worse.

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip turned into DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP.  The incessant dripping is driving me bonkers.  The cats love it as they think that the water on the shower floor tastes much better than the water in their nifty recirculating water dish tastes.  They are always in there and if their litter box is any indication they have been drinking a lot.  I have closed the door to the bathroom and my super sonic ears still hear it.

I hate to waste things and seeing the water just dripping like crazy is driving me crazy—or crazier than usual.  All I can see is the face of my little World Vision sponsored child, Martin, who lives in Zambia who has a job of carrying water for his family .  So I started putting a bucket under it now since it has gotten so bad.  I can recycle that water to use for my plants and for other things around the house that need water.

The plumber/HVAC company that we have used since we moved here has been very slow on the draw the past two times we have needed them.  Their customer service has not been all that great for whatever reason and so we are trying out a new company .  The call was made today and we are scheduled for 2 days from now.  Hopefully by the time this post goes live it will all be resolved and we will live in a drip free house again.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned in a dripping shower head.  Left unattended it will not get any better.  It will continue to drip– wasting precious resources and  driving me increasingly crazy as the days pass.  Kind of like a relationship that needs tending.  Relationships are not always easy.  Sometimes we need to do a little work on them.  They don’t always function smoothly.  Sometimes there are drips.  Sometimes those drips are minor and just need a little tweak.  But sometimes they need a lot more attention and tending to get them back to the right place. Here’s hoping that your most important relationships today are drip free.  And if they aren’t –that you have the right tools and skills to get them back to perfect functioning again.


  1. Great post – love the tie between dripping faucets and relationships!

    Dripping water makes me crazy – as does going into the bathroom in my office building to find that someone left the sink partially running… Really?

  2. I hope by now all is well and the dripping has stopped. You are right left unattended it gets worse… that goes for most things in life!!! I’m with Hilary, love the analogy! Hope you have a drip free day. 😉

    • All better now, thank goodness!!! The repairman showed up EARLY and was able to fix it without having to replace the whole thing!!! So happy that I don’t have to listen to it…the cats are a little sad, though! 🙂

  3. Good post, Beth Ann. I know what you mean about something driving you crazy. I hope you successfully get that shower head fixed soon.

    Meanwhile, have you tried earplugs? That helped on my daughter’s high school European trip when I shared a room with a woman with sleep apnea. 🙂

    • Thanks, Christine! All fixed, thank goodness!! I just saw money going down the drain!!! Earplugs are a great idea—-we only have a million pairs around the house from Chris being at plants!!! Fortunately I could close the door at night and it wasn’t too bad.

  4. Oh the stories, I can tell you about plumbers, just within the last two years, would curl your toes..Okay, just one. How about 576 dollars,,,to shut off a gas stove, while a wooden floor was being put in the kitchen. Only, six hours later they weren’t sure if they could make it back that day to turn it back on…Solution threaten to stop payment on the, “paid in full”, check..They came back…According to my rough calculations, that was $57.60 A MINUTE…Nice work if you can get it..

  5. I love the compassion to dripping water and relationships. A unique take on it.

    I bet the cats do love the dripping water. *lol* Good for you to find a way not to waste the water. You are so clever.

  6. sandy batt says:

    My hose in back leaks a bit. My favorite plumber tried to fix it last year. He said if it starts again he will have to go down to my crawl space and re do everything. I know this would cost a lot but I also know that there is no way he can fit in the crawl space. He would get stuck and I would have to call the fire department. So I just move it to different areas of the yard and pretend it is a drip line.

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I am glad you were able to get back to normal and not go crazy. I am sure it would bother anyone to hear the Drip, Drip, Drip all the time.

  8. I hope it all works out. I hate wasting water as well…and the sound is aggravating.

  9. Glad you were able to get that fixed! Drips drive me crazy too. We have a drip, drip from our air conditioner – it is supposed to do that but it is right outside my bedroom window and it makes me nuts! Hopefully with the cooler weather, I won’t have to listen to it!

  10. Amazing how something so small can be so irritating, isn’t it? Smart girl saving the water for plants–and thirsty kitties.

  11. I remember watching a show a few years ago, where someone used a drip in the middle of a person’s forehead as a form of torture. I can imagine it would drive someone nuts in a very short time! We should all take care of the little “drips” in our lives before they become full out problems. Great post!

  12. Miranda Gargasz says:

    As I ready my family for the surprise 40th wedding anniversary party I’m throwing for my in-laws this Saturday I am reminded of your constantly dripping shower head. Why? Its incessant dripping reminds me of the needling worries running through my mind. If only I could replace my brain to stop that! Here’s to hoping your dripping problem ends soon, lady!

    • Oh the inlaw party would be a huge thing to have dripping in your mind!!! Yikes!! Here’s hoping all that works out fabulously!!! I am sure it will be wonderful!!!!

  13. My cats would have been in heaven too. We have one cat that insists she is too good to drink from the water bowls. Her water must be freshly dripping out of one particular sink faucet in our home. Funny yet also bothersome!

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