From Diapers to Dogs–Comments for a Cause

It is October 1st and you know what that means here at It’s Just Life!!!!! Time to tally up the comments for the month and reveal the results and time to announce the latest Comments for a Cause for October!!!  This past month I was inspired by a member  of my sister’s congregation who organized a hugely successful diaper drive.  I decided to make my donation this month to the National Diaper Bank Network.  You can read my post here where I highlighted what they do.  I had another great month and will be making a $162 donation to them as a result of the comments here on my blog and comments made on Facebook also. Thank YOU to all who take the time to add your thoughts every day about my ramblings!!!  I really appreciate it and even if I do not get to respond to every single one I do read them all!!!

Drum roll please……I have made a lot of great friends via this blog and one of those is Bernie from One Mixed Bag.  Bernie is amazing and has made me laugh and cry numerous times with her humor and her compassion.  Bernie has found another passion with another fabulous woman –Sheri Aanstad Lee—who is a dog rescuer in Montana.  Not a dog whisperer though I suspect she does a bit of that also.  What makes Sheri so fabulous?? Well, let me tell you!  Sheri has been doing rescue for about 8 years and in that time has rescued over 1000 dogs.  She got into it with another friend, Charlotte Heinie, who has moved from the area and is not able to help out as much as she did so the ball is now mainly in Sheri’s court.   Donations fund their work with the majority of their funding coming from the adoptions that they make.  Their rescues come primarily from reservations– the Crow, Lame Deer , Lodge Grass, and Busby which are Crow and Northern Cheyenne They have a Facebook page here called Rez Dog Rescue where you can see tons of pictures of the dogs that they have rescued.  They also have a Petfinder page where they have all their adoptions listed which you can view by clicking here.  I can attest to seeing lots of stray dogs roaming around on the reservation that I spent a week at in North Dakota a few years ago so I can totally understand that it is a universal issue.  Thank you to Rez Dogs for making the difference!!!!

So this month for every comment made I will make a 50 cent donation to Rez Dog Rescue and even though it won’t be a lot of money it will help with a few items that they may need—like food!!!  There are many wonderful folks who are involved with this and Bernie and her husband, Roy, have taken many puppies into their own home to foster them.  She wrote an amazing blog post about going to the reservation here—don’t miss clicking on this one and reading it.  And make sure you have the kleenex handy.  Below is a picture of Katie–one of their rescue doggies—isn’t she adorable?

(Picture of Katie taken by Kari Witschi Longshore)

I also thought I would post a list of all of the causes that “we” have helped to date with Comments for a Cause.  If I do nothing else with this blog it is my privilege and honor that my husband and I can support some of these wonderful charities .  Thank you to all who take the time to comment and who follow my blog !  It is truly appreciated.

  1. National Parkinson’s Foundation
  2. UMCOR
  3. Meals on Wheels
  4. National Down Syndrome Society
  5. Tree of Life
  6. Hospice of St. Rita’s
  8. Burrito Bikers
  9. West Ohio Food Bank
  10. KIVA
  11. Crisis Intervention Services
  12. Humane Society of North Iowa
  13. Ada First UMC (rebuilding after a fire)
  14. Operation Shower
  15. Amazon Outreach
  16. School Classroom Supplies (Ohio)
  18. National Diaper Bank Network


  1. Congratulations on September’s success, Beth Ann! October’s cause looks great, as well. I so appreciate the entire “Comments for a Cause” effort. Gosh, those puppies are cute, aren’t they? Hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    • Comments were down a bit in September but that is okay!!! Some months are better than others and I am happy with whatever comments are made!! Thanks for yours!!!! Have a great week!

  2. Beth Ann – great cause… I read Bernie’s post the day that she wrote it and it still haunts me…

  3. Beth Ann,
    Thank you for your ongoing donations to causes that are often unnoticed by those not needing them.
    Hugs to you!

  4. Congratulations for September and good luck in October, Beth Ann.. What an adorable picture..

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! We are honored to be featured this month. I have always admired your “Comments for a Cause”! We are so excited to be featured this month. The extra money will come in very, very handy for medicines and food. We are so thrilled to be featured!! You are the best. (I giggled when I saw the picture of Katie as one of the rescue dogs. If it wasn’t for her, Roy and I never would have known about helping Rez Dog. She is a blessing to be sure!)

    • You are so welcome! I am very very excited about this month and what we are going to be able to together!!!! And how could I not steal a picture of Katie to stick up there??? She is such a cutie!!!!

  6. Amy Prentice says:

    Congratulations on September’s donation! What a great cause for October….you caught my heart with the rescue dogs! I finally figured out how to comment to you on your blog again….my ipad was acting quirky with it for awhile!

    • Yay!!! Thanks and welcome back. WordPress is kind of flakey sometimes in allowing comments and it changes daily it seems so who knows?? I am glad you are back commenting!!! I know your heart is in this cause this month!!!! 🙂

  7. Thanks for helping out Bernie and Rez Dog Rescue. At first I was confused by the picture of Katie – she is actually standing still. lol

    • Kelly–thanks so much for stopping by!!!! And for leaving a comment! And yes—-from what I understand that is a rare picture of Katie that I borrowed from Bernie!!! 🙂 Come back often—I ramble on most days about all kinds of weird stuff!!! Love to hear from fellow dog lovers!!!

    • Kelly, you made me laugh out loud with this. Katie’s friend Gracie’s Momma is a great photographer. The only nice still pictures of her are taken by other folks.

  8. Great cause Beth Ann! I hope to give lots of comments

  9. I just recently “discovered” Rez Dog Rescue and am a huge fan of their work, Thank you for putting them in the spotlight this month. It really is a great cause!

    • Nancy–Thank YOU so much for stopping by! I am very happy to add them to the spotlight—it seems like I am not alone in thinking that the work that they do is fabulous!!! Come back anytime!

  10. Thank you for helping Rez Dog Rescue. The organization holds a speical place in my heart. I adore all 3 of the ladie involved and have been inspired by them and their dedictation to this rescue effort!

  11. Another worthy cause, Beth Ann. My heart was broken by a little stray dog that took shelter under our beach chair in Puerto Rico. A lot of stray dogs there.

    • Oh I bet you did see a ton of strays there–it is heartbreaking for sure!!! Makes me want to take every one of them home with me but that is not an option! So glad there are people like these who take the lead!

  12. Helen Brown says:

    Katie is a beautiful dog now and is very fortunate to have a home where someone loves and takes good care of her. I think you made another good choice for you cause as you have done all along.

    • Katie is beautiful, isn’t she??? Bernie and Roy have 2 rescue dogs and have opened their home up to foster other dogs which has been such a wonderful but challenging thing! I love the puppies–they are just so cute!!!! Thanks for the support!

  13. Wow! What a blessing your Comments for A Cause has to been to so many. Wonderful.
    I hope October is just as successful. those puppies are so adorable.

  14. Taryn Case says:

    Great causes. I used to live in mt. I helped volunteer with Charlotte and sheri. She is a very amazing woman. I wanna foster dogs were i am when i buy my house.
    Thanks and the animals thank you too

    • Oh my goodness–another wonderful dog rescuer!!!!Thank YOU! Thank you for what you have done and will do in the future! And thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂 Come back anytime!

  15. This sounds like a great organization, Beth Ann. Are Buddy and Holly happy about the whole “dog” thing? 😉

  16. You are amazing. I love the cause for October… all of my pooches and pets are rescues and adopted. I never understood people who paid thousands of dollars for a family pet!

    • That is awesome that all your pets were rescue/adopted ones.! I got my kitties from a vet clinic but only after looking at the humane society. I think it is a little different with kitties, too–not as many kitty mills as puppy mills!

  17. Yeah! As you probably remember I am a dog lover extraordinaire! Unfortunately, due to our living circumstances now (in an apt.) I can’t have a pet at all anymore. But I truly support anyone else who helps animals. If I weren’t allergic to cats, rabbits & feathers (plus being mobility challenged right now) I think I would volunteer at a shelter. I hope to comment a lot & help raise lots of donations for the puppies!

  18. Sheri , Bernie, Trish, all who are involved do a wonderful job with the Rez Dogs!! They are very special people to say the least, who else would give flea baths, have poop and pee in their purses, crawl in the dump- you name it!! Some are not such pretty pictures what the poor puppies go thru. It is just too bad, someone can’t require spay and neuter in areas that are over populated with dogs that need homes.

    • Thanks so much, Pat, for taking the time to comment!!! Great to meet some fellow dog lovers and friends of Sheri, Bernie and Trish!!! The pictures that are on here are the “pretty” ones–the success stories for sure! They obviously do not show the starting point!!! Thanks again for the comment and please come back anytime!

  19. Congrats on another successful month. And kudos to selecting another fabulous charity. I’ll do my best to help.

  20. Thank you for helping out the Rez Dog Rescue this month, I know they can use the extra help going into the winter months when it gets cold. They all work at making so hard to make sure the dogs are getting what they need even when they aren’t doing a rescue. Sheri went into the fire area this summer to put out food and water for the dogs and cats that were trapped in the area, I was mighty impressed!!


  1. […] cause for October.  You guys rock!!!   If you want to read more about Rez Dog Rescue check out this post where I “introduced” them.  This month I received 414 comments on my blog posts and an […]

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