Wordless Wednesday

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Teapot Tuesday, Y’all!

How about this cute bird teapot I found nestled in amongst some great dishes and accessories at World Market in Minneapolis St. Paul??? It is just cheeping for a nice brew !!!     … [Read more...]

You Asked For It! You Got It! Chrisisms Part 5

Can you believe that I have collected more Chrisisms to post???  It has been awhile since I posted Chrisisms--Part 4 so I thought it was time to post a few more.  As always, enjoy! 1.  If you are going to join the circus you want to be at the front of the parade. 2. This train is dysfunction junction. 3. When talking about being married 30 years Chris quipped "if we had committed murder we would be getting out about now." 4. A waitress asked us if we were done with our meal or still … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge–Day 4

Today I reveal the answers to numbers 16-20 !! Hang on to your hats! 16. Something you always think "what if" about....What if I had never gone to that Bible study in Park Hall my freshman year at ONU and not seen the handsome man who would later become my husband?  Would I have met him otherwise ?  What if I had never "positioned" myself to be in the same places as him?  I would not say I stalked him but I was "strategic".   THE best thing in my life absolutely.  (Other than my Christianity, … [Read more...]

Pinning? With Pleasure!

Yep---I love Pinterest and have gotten sucked into it .  I don't spend a ton of time on it but when I first discovered it early on I was pinned  hooked.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with it it is a great social media website that allows members to share pictures of things that they love.  It could be recipes, home DIY projects, crafts, favorite books, clothing and style makers, sayings and quotes, photography---the sky is the limit.  The member "pins" images that link to the website or … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday

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Teapot Tuesday!

A unique one for sure---a Hall Tea Master Twin Spout teapot which allows the brewer to brew 2 separate kinds of teas in the same pot at the same time!!!  Amazing and it awesome shape---this delightful red teapot was found on Ebay and has become a treasured addition to my collection.  I love everything about this pot and am anxious to brew two favorites in it at once!         … [Read more...]

Scarecrows Galore

On a recent visit to Clear Lake we stopped at the Central Gardens of North Iowa  to check out what was going on there.  It is one of our favorite places to stop and take pictures as the land scape is always changing and the flowers are so meticulously cared for that it makes a delightful visit each and every time we stop by.  This day was no exception as there was a scarecrow display.  As we strolled through I snapped some pictures and overheard some of the students who were there who had … [Read more...]

Crying Over a Mattress?

I wasn't going to do a post today because--well--you know---I post a lot.  I don't want to bore you out there in the blogosphere but you know what?  This was too good to not write about so choose if you want to read or not---the choice is yours. Several years ago my sister and I went to a Women of Faith weekend together.  I had my first experience with attending one when we lived in Freeport, Illinois and I went with a great group that I went to Bible Study with.  It was fabulous and I have … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge—Day 3

Questions 11- 15 today to continue on with my Saturday posts of this challenge!!! 11. My family:  My parents--Mom still living, Dad died in 1994 (wow--how could it be that long ago already?), an older sister and two older brothers (yes--I am the baby and that explains it ALL!), husband of 30 years and 2 grown sons aged 24 and 27.  Oh and yes--two feline companions! 12.Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive:  Oh this will be fun!!! Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins from Friday Night … [Read more...]