Reynolda Ramblings

Ever been to Reynolda Village, Reynolda Gardens and Reynolda House and Museum of American Art in Winston Salem????   I can now say that I have been!  On my recent trip to North Carolina I met my best friend Ann for the day and we explored all that this great area had to offer.

Reynolda House is the restored 1917 home of Katherine Smith Reynolds and her husband Richard Joshua Reynolds who was founder of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.   The home is furnished in period furnishings and has historic clothing and memorabilia from the family that lived here.  Some of the unique features that we were able to see included the fabulous sun porch (yes, please!), an Aeolian organ , a tea porch (double yes, please) and a lower level that boasted a billiard room, shooting gallery, bowling alley, bar, game room, squash court and yes—a swimming pool.  The house was really a neat place to explore and the extra bonus was the art that was displayed throughout that is a true American art collection and has some very interesting art work.

The gardens were beautiful but VERY bee filled.   Everywhere we walked things were blooming and many bees were a buzzing.  I do not have a love affair with bees so we tried to avoid them but they were everywhere.  Tis the season for bees, I guess.

A quick jaunt around the village visiting shops that were elite and offered fine shopping but not for this gal!  We saw some great things but not great bargains if that makes sense!   The one vintage record store we stopped at had old jukeboxes and records and memorabilia .  When I walked to the back of the shop I saw that there was an entire area devoted to none other than Buddy Holly.  When I told the owner that I lived in Mason City we had an immediate connection and he proceeded to regale me with stories of his trips to Buddy Holly Days and the cold weather and snow and blizzards and all that goes with that!

No photography is allowed inside the house/museum but I did manage to take a few pictures outside in the gardens and around the estate.  A great day made even better by being with a best friend!  Enjoy!

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  1. Joanna graham says:

    Nice story and pictures. Glad you made it back this way. I love reading your blogs

  2. Cool! I admire bees, but I’m allergic so I don’t like to go into the fray.

  3. I am also allergic to bees so that part of your trip is not for me 🙂 but it sounds amazing & I am so glad you had a great trip…

    I think I might have told you this.. I never made the connection with Buddy & Holly with Buddy Holly until I showed marc a picture on your blog… He pointed it out (excitedly) to me.

    • Seems like there are a lot of folks who are allergic. This was definitely NOT the place to be for you folks. Man! Crazy buzzing! And yes—Buddy and Holly are appropriately named for their birthplace!!! 🙂

  4. Wonderful pics as always commemorating your trip. I’ve been following along on Facebook. Glad you had a wonderful time. We have the Edison-Ford Winter Estates in Ft. Myers (where my mom lives)… an amazing place to visit and along the same lines as Reynolda House. For Christmas they decorate both Estates and the tours are amazing.

    • Oh your Edison Ford Winter Estates sounds delightful! I am sure that it is beautiful at Christmas especially. The Reynolda House is similar in time period to the Biltmore in Asheville, I think, but totally different in how they were furnished and built. Biltmore is all about elegance and show and Reynolda is all about family living, comfort and clean healthy spaces!!!

  5. Another enjoyable tour. Thank you. And bees were bothering us on Sunday afternoon, too, when we were relaxing in our backyard, visiting with family. Tis the season in Minnesota, too.

  6. Great photos, Beth Ann. So happy you got to share the experience with a friend. That makes it all the better. Tomorow is teapot day! Can’t wait. LOL

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I enjoyed your pictures. So many flowers which I love to see. So glad you and Ann had such a good time.

  8. What a lovely place! I really like the house and all those windows.

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