Baby Planes and UHauls—We Got It Done!

Chris and I know how to have adventures.  No doubt about it!  My first leg of the latest adventure started out here.

From there (Mason City, Iowa) I went to Minneapolis and then on to Dayton, Ohio where I awaited the arrival of my dearly beloved later on in the evening.  A quick cab ride and we picked up this.

A 20 footer to fill with treasures from our storage unit that we have had since April in Lima, Ohio —filled with wonderful treasures from Chris’s dad’s house.  A quick trip to the unit—-unloading and loading into the UHaul in the drizzling rain and soon we were on our way —hoping to complete the 700+ miles safely.

I made Chris do all the driving this time. It was no big deal to him but I am not quite ready to become a tag team truck driving team.  The trip went well and was quite uneventful which was so fabulous!!!   Made it home safely and turned the UHaul in a day early !  Win Win!   We unloaded all the stuff in the garage and the next day we “situated” most of the furniture that we brought back.  Of course all of the boxes and plastic bins of “stuff” will have to wait but at least we have it organized in the garage.

And now some pictures of some of the treasures that we are excited to welcome into our home!!  A lot of history in these pieces and they are beautiful on top of it!!


Holly has already claimed Grandma Betty’s swan rocker…..



They seem to be quite happy in their new home and I know that we love having them here!!!  Somehow we feel more closure now.  Having all of the Lima details all wrapped up, up of the stuff moved and that chapter closed has allowed us to move on a bit.  We miss Chris’s dad every day but having some of the familiar family things around in our own home makes us feel a little more settled and complete.  It is a very good thing to be able to move on.  It is time.







  1. Glad that you guys had a safe trip and all your treasures made it back too. You are right that it’s good to have closure and moving on is important. My grandma’s house in Germany has finally been sold – 3 years after her passing… my uncle has had a very hard time with it and not much had been done in the house. Even after 3 yrs it looked like she was just out for a bit. Now, finally, he should be able to move on!!!

    • Thanks! 3 years is a very long time! Your poor uncle! We had just a little over a year since Chris’s dad ‘s death and that seemed like a long time! We were very lucky his house sold in less than 5 months. Hopefully this will be a good thing for your family!

  2. wow… what a trip.. Love the picture of holly enjoying herself1

    • It is a good feeling to have it done! And Miss Holly claimed it. I put the prayer shawl someone made me to cover it in anticipation it would become a favorite perch!

  3. Lima Ohio! That’s near where my people are from. East Liberty and Bellefountaine : )
    Glad you have all your treasures home with you.

    • Ah yes—-know those areas well!!! My grandparents lived in a teeny town called Big Springs on a farm and I know all those little towns like Belle Center and Mount Victory, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. These are some absolutely gorgeous pieces of furniture, made even more so by the family connection. I have my dad and uncle’s old chest of drawers in our living room. And in our dining room is a family dresser from my husband’s side, in which I store vintage linens. Give me old and historic anyday over something new.

    What a wonderful reminder these will be for Chris of his family…

  5. Wow, that’s craftsmanship…We knew how to make furniture back then…With attention to detail and handcrafted by skilled artisans..Lovely.

  6. So glad to hear this brought you some closure! The furniture is nothing less than beautiful, gorgeous really. You were only a few hours from me! I live about 30 minutes from Lake Erie.

  7. I have a few pieces from hubby’s mother, 3 chairs I love & a few knicknacks. As we are getting settled in our new place I am lovingly placing these items in our new apt.
    The afghan your cat is perched on, I have made myself but in a steel blue. It’s a lovely pattern to work with. I am lucky I can still crochet – now one of my daughters has it.

  8. It’s difficult for me to close chapters, even though whatever lies ahead is calling me forward. When I finally complete the chapter it’s a much appreciated event! Glad your chapter closed with such an amazing new beginning.

  9. Beautiful furniture, obviously well-cared for over the years. I have a side-by-side, and it might be my favorite piece of furniture. The buffet (?) is really pretty. I would say Holly looks like she’s found a new spot!

    • Thanks, Patti!!! I do love these–Chris’s dad refinished most of these pieces that were in the family for years. The buffet is from Chris’s great grandparents so it is over 100 years old.

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