A Few of My Favorite Things

From time to time I like to share with my faithful readers some of the great things that I have come across that make a difference in my life.  Today I am going to highlight a few things that are indeed, my favorite things.  Here we go!!!!  (Oh and by the way—no compensation or any recognition from any of the folks that may have any connection with any of these items!!! Just my personal favs!)

1. The Quirky Power Curl cord storage thingy for my MacBook Air!!
This thing is GENIUS!  I love it because my cord can be all curled up and clipped in without any fuss!! No more trying to turn myself into a contortionist as I secure cords!  (Click here to see their website)

2. The Floating Mug!!! I do not actually have mine in hand yet but soon I will!!!!   This was a Kickstarter project that Chris and I helped fund (a very minuscule amount) made by Tigere Chiriga who just happens to be living in Mooresville, NC.   When I first saw this and made a donation to help fund the project I did not realize that this was where Tigere lived and then when I did discover I was thrilled to be sponsoring someone from a town which we called home for 9 years!!! This mug comes complete with its own coaster!!! Amazing.  (Click here to see the Kickstarter page that made me want to invest!)

3. JamboxThis little beauty is AMAZING!!!  It is a wireless portable speaker that you can use to listen to your phone, tablet, and any other bluetooth device.  AMAZING sound and so portable.  I use it outside and for travel it is great.   One side note—not great to take to the beach unless you have it in the little case as the sand gets into the tiny holes……lesson learned but fortunately the sand all came out of Micah’s when he encountered this problem.

4. Modcat Litter Box Holly had to check it out before I even got it out of the box! This thing is very pricey (yikes) but such a great litterbox system!!!  It has a top entry so that the amount of litter that gets kicked out is a fraction of what normal litter boxes allow. As the kitties climb out the litter gets trapped in the top grid and does not get tracked through the house nearly as much. My cats love it and of course I got the red model so it made me even happier. It is definitely an investment but with multiple cats and a small space allotted for the litter box in a closet in the laundry room it is doing the trick.   (If you want to see better pictures check out their website here)

5. My Kindle 
Love love love my Kindle!!!   I did not think that I would love it like I do when Chris got me my first one when the very first one came out years ago but I do!!!  It is perfect for traveling and for those times when you have to sit and wait somewhere.  I have had 3 versions and also have the apps on my phone and iPad but I always go back to the original for traveling mainly because of the screen.  You can read it in the sun, outside and everywhere and nothing can beat that.  No glare and no worries!! So many books can be gotten free or at a fraction of the cost that it is the perfect traveling companion, other than Chris, of course!  They have just come out with new ones so of course you can check them all out at Amazon.com.

So there you go—a few of my favorite things!!!  What are yours?


  1. Very cool stuff. Love that mug… it’s different. And the littler box might be something to look into. I have the Kindle app on my tablet and love it. It’s great for reading in bed at night… no book light needed!!! 🙂

    • Thanks!!! The litter box really is awesome! I waited a long time to get it but with multiple cats who always tracked litter all over the stone floors it has really cut down on that a huge amount! It was an investment….but well worth it in my humble opinion!!!

  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I may have to check out the jambox. Love the cup too. And I love my kindle. I have an original, a kindle touch, and apps for my iPhone and iPad. A terrific invention.

  3. One of my favorite things: my Canon EOS 20D. It’s like my third eye, or maybe fifth if you count my eyeglasses.

  4. The cup is very cool, Beth Ann.
    One of my favorite things is my Nook Color. I watch Netflix on my Nook, while exercising on my Nordic Track. LOVE IT! Oh… I like using it to read books, too. (smile)

  5. I love that cup – where you like teapots I like cups that are unusual. I don’t collect them I use them. I love that I wouldn’t need a coaster! I also love my reader, I take it everywhere because it’s so little & I can read whenever I have a few minutes to wait (like when hubby goes into a store).

    • The cup is very cool, isn’t it?? I have had my share of cups over the years but lately my favorite ones have been ones we have gotten on vacation or my Longaberger mugs!

  6. Helen Brown says:

    Interesting favorites. I guess I do not have a favorite. Yes, I do when I think about it. The chalk painting we got for our wedding gift from a good friend. It traveled all the way to New Jersey, and then several places we have lived in Ohio. It still is as beautiful as ever and it will be with me til I die. She asked what I wanted in the picture and she painted it.

  7. I think I’m going to ask Santa for a Kindle this year. I have finally broken down. Love Holly!

  8. A nice litter box is worth whatever it costs! These are all nice little conveniences.

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