Teapot Tuesday for United Methodists!

Not just  for United Methodists but my latest Ebay acquisition which I have been looking for for a long time finally came to be!!!   I have not found many of these teapots—I imagine they are being hoarded!!!   This is a replica of the John Wesley teapot made by Wedgwood —made from the orignal found in John Wesley’s house on City Road in London with the first one being made by Josiah Wedgwood in 1761.  This one is definitely one that has a place of honor in my house because of my United Methodist roots which run deep!  Please note the prayers on the sides—-I grew up saying “Be present at our table Lord” around our family table.






  1. That’s a pretty awesome find right there. Love when there is history attached to a piece! Enjoy…

    • Thanks! I looked for one about 4 years ago and could not find any at all for sale. Just did a random search a couple weeks ago and found this one on Ebay—-it was not even too outrageously priced which made me happy!

  2. That’s pretty neat! And I like the history to it. Happy teatime!

  3. Who knew? Somehow I simply love that you found this! It’s just too perfect, not to mention fun!

  4. I LOVE EBAY!!!! and this teapot is so adorable… woudn’t it be cool if it were the real thing???
    Imagine the stories it could tell….

  5. Do you use these teapots for tea? I imagine putting the loose tea in the pot and filling it with newly boiled water and letting it sit for a short time to brew. Ooh lovely thoughts. Thanks – now off to make some tea in my Bodum teapot. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow:)

    • I use some of them for brewing—I have my favorites for brewing and tend to stick to those for most of my tea addictions but I do try to test them all out!!! A Bodum pot is a fine pot—there is no shame in a Bodum that is for sure!!!!

  6. You scored Beth Ann! It is just beautiful! 🙂 How many teapots do you have now?

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I am so pleased you were able to get this teapot and I hope to have some tea with you some day with you using your Wesley teapot.

  8. Love Wedgewood! Beautiful teapot.

  9. Found my way over here from Kathy’s blog. Love the tea pot. As a fellow United Methodist it is interesting to see a piece of John Wesley’s history. I like how you have it sitting on the hymnal and Book of Discipline : )

    • You are the ONLY one who noticed that it was on the hymnal and an old Book of Discipline!!!! No one else even commented on my artful arrangement! 🙂 Thanks for stopping over! Great to meet you!!!!!

  10. I am so glad I found your blog. Our UMC and a sister church are having a Sunday Afternoon Tea. I mentioned to my daughter that it would be nice to have a Wesley Teapot. My daughter found not only the teapot but a set including a serving platter and sugar and creamer. I bid on it and won!! I am using the teapot as part of a children message on Sunday and planned on having the teapot on the Altar, after seeing your arrangement I will also place the teapot on the Hymnal and Book of Discipline. Thank you so very much

    • Ellen! thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my teapot! I love that you are doing a tea and what a great idea to serve from the perfect teapot. I am so glad that you found one. It took me awhile when I was looking to locate one but when I did I was thrilled. There is nothing like our UM roots to keep us grounded. Hope your tea is a fabulous afternoon and that many are blessed!!! And thanks especially for stopping by and commenting!

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