Teapot Tuesday for United Methodists!

Not just  for United Methodists but my latest Ebay acquisition which I have been looking for for a long time finally came to be!!!   I have not found many of these teapots---I imagine they are being hoarded!!!   This is a replica of the John Wesley teapot made by Wedgwood ---made from the orignal found in John Wesley's house on City Road in London with the first one being made by Josiah Wedgwood in 1761.  This one is definitely one that has a place of honor in my house because of my United … [Read more...]

Exercise? You Betcha!

I am not an exercise fiend.  I wish that I was.  I wish I liked to sweat but quite honestly it is not my thing.  Even if you call it glistening it still is not my favorite thing.  When we lived in Australia I walked the beach by the Coral Sea (yea, I know--pretty cool) every day.  It got to be really really hot at times but it was such a great work out and I loved it.  Coming back to the land of not so temperate weather in Iowa was difficult to put it bluntly. Chris and I have a house that … [Read more...]