My Front Door May Be A Teenager

Chris and I had a work day on Saturday.  Never mind that it came about 2 years —no–wait—a year late.  Let’s not make it any worse than it actually is.  We needed to do some outside painting.  We contemplated hiring someone to do it but decided that we were able bodied and almost in complete control of our faculties so why not try it and be productive.

The project:  paint exterior areas that needed touched up or just totally redone.  I got elected to do the mailbox post, window sills on the sunroom and the real project that needed to be done was to paint the gap between where the old deck used to be and where the new deck (as of one year ago) ended up being.  There was a gap as our new deck made of the wonderful Trex composite was significantly lower than the original new deck.   Chris got the job of painting the columns and front door and man door to the garage.  Two trips to Fleet Farm for paint and a near disaster when I discovered in the check out line that Chris had had the ‘paint expert” mix up Kodiak Brown instead Dark Mocha and our adventure began.  (What was he thinking, btw?  Everyone knows that I would want Dark Mocha!!!).

All supplies were assembled and Chris dives into his assignment.  I had more time spent taping and preparing the areas by using the wire brush so when he was happily working away I was still doing prep work.  Oh and fighting off wasps.  You see MY area of painting ended up having 3 wasp nests to combat.  I am NOT a fan of wasps.  Fortunately we had spray and I was able to douse the nests generously but not without an epic “leaping from the ladder and running from wasps and falling on the ground” episode which I hope and pray no one in the neighborhood saw!!!  The last nest I had him spray and as he sprayed the mother of all nests he reported that it was a foreclosure as nothing seemed to be in it anymore.  Lucky me to get the ones that were multi family dwelling units….

My painting went well and I am happy with the results.  Chris’s painting, on the other hand, went well but we are not happy with the results.  Sometime during the drying time in our 400 mile an hour Iowa winds something less than magical happened.  Chris reported that our door had zits.  Not just little pimples but full blown acne.  And it isn’t pretty.  Anyone got any Accutane for doors?   I am feeling a bit spleenful about this whole adventure.  (Had to use my word of the day somehow!!!)



  1. Oh man… the door does have acne!
    you and I are so spiritually connected. I posted about home improvements today too!

    • Yea, now I think we will have to sand it and redo it—I think it was the combination of the sun and the wind on it but whatever it was it looks horrible!!! Sigh. At least “my” part of the project went well!

  2. Years ago, I painted houses for a summer. I enjoyed the work, but it was tough. I never painted doors, though. They gave me smaller jobs, with no responsibility. Good luck fixing the door. And I admire your determination to paint your home.

    • I think it is going to require some sanding and stripping down now…extreme sad face since we had carved out time to do it this past weekend not sure when that is going to happen. It may just have to be that way for a bit….

  3. It appears to me the problem started with the purchase of the wrong color. Not really, but something has to be blamed other than the Iowa wind. What a day you had, especially with those wasps.

    We are in the process of accepting bids for reshingling of our house. We shingled it only 13 years ago and within less than 10 years, the shingles were curling and bits of them falling off every time it rained. Turns out they were defective. The local lumberyard where we purchased them would not stand behind the product, so we went directly to the company. They gave us $100 and a token discount toward purchasing their shingles. Are you kidding? Why would we buy shingles from you again? My husband can’t do the job this time as 13 years more of aging leaves him much less agile.

    Isn’t it fun sometimes owning a home. Our kitchen also needs a complete redo, basement needs work, there’s a hole in the dining room/kitchen wall where we removed a chimney three years ago… The joys of owning an older home…

    • Oh my goodness—what a story!!!! The whole defective thing would be a nightmare. This will be fairly easy to address—just have to work it into the schedule!

  4. Don’t you hate when stuff like this happens after all the work you put into it. Hope this little breakout can be treated!!! 🙂

    • It is definitely sun related. This morning when the sun is not on it the zits are a little deflated….still there but not the massive break out that was there in mid day sun! Hmmmm… thinks there is some sanding and repainting in our future.

  5. Dark mocha? Dark mocha? What about a lighter shade,,, say a Jamocha?..

  6. Well, that IS annoying! Especially after all your work. Bother! Sometimes I feel that our houses control us.

  7. On my screen your door looks battleship grey instead of mocha. I wonder if the trick you use with wallpaper would work with paint – where you use a pin to pop the bubbles & then they shrink on their own? Especially with the sun & wind coming & going – it may be worth a try before sanding & re-painting, especially when you don’t have time to do it anyway. Give it a try – what do you have to lose?

    • That was exactly what we were going to try. I think the bubbles will still kind of be there—but it is worth a go. It is a grey brown—-I would not really agree with the name of their paint color but hey—it was the closest match we could find. Thanks for the good tip!!!

  8. How hilarious, Beth Ann! But wait, you didn’t paint the front door red? If anything was ever begging to be red, it’s a door! I suspect the door must have had latex on it and you painted an oil based paint on top. Is that possible? Looks like an oil-latex problem to me.

    • I think you are exactly right on the oil-latex problem—-I am sure the door has been painted at least 3 times and the last guy who painted it had a couple small bubbles so we should have known….ah well. Chalk it up to learning!

  9. Helen Brown says:

    Sorry you had painting problems. Glad you did not get stung by the wasps.

  10. I’ll bet it looks lovely from the street! Do you want to come over and paint my front door? We really could use a whole new door. It’s one of those things to “get around to” one day. Other things keep popping up–like the downstairs a/c quit this weekend. Thankful the temps have cooled to the 70s, and the upstairs unit for where we sleep still works.

  11. Oh no! All of your work and now zits too! 😦


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