Classy Wordless Wednesday


  1. when did you take a photo of me?!

  2. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This helps me feel better about my worst fashion days.

  4. okay… what was she thinking? Or is it even a she???
    Now I know what elephant ankles means!

  5. oh my. I’m a bit out of what the latest fashions are these days…..but I’m pretty sure this still isn’t in fashion. although, having spent entire hot, sweaty summer days in highs, I can’t say that I really blame her.

  6. It’s interesting what you see when you start looking at feet.

  7. I wonder if she was German. They like to wear socks with their sandals!!! ( I know this from experience.) :0

  8. To each his own, right?

  9. I think I’m going to have to pay more attention to my feet, they seem to be a part of my attire I forget. I never knew there were so many people out there “foot watching!”

  10. Hey! How’d you get that picture of me? 🙂 I could easily see myself in those shoes. (Pun intended)

  11. Helen Brown says:

    That isn’t the most pretty I have seen but also is not the worst I have seen either.

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